: Super Lag
Typically have 30-40 consistent ping, but just today I've had two games (one doom bots the other normals) where the ping spikes from 700-1200 for the **ENTIRE** team. I'm not sure if the enemies were experiencing this, but it seems as though everyone on our team agreed to just leave the game.
: What about a specific cursor for every champ you play? -A violet shimmering hand for Morgana? -A syringe for Mundo? I think it wont be possible for each champ but i think it would be a bit funny
That sounds like a good idea in theory, but in practice it would probably be hard to balance the visuals of each cursor with the map.
: Can you not bring this up? it's the only old memory I have left of League {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
Old League is dead. We had our laughs, we had our fun, but mostly it was just frustrations and cursing the names of AP Tryndamere and AP Master Yi and looking at old Annie's animations and wondering what the design team was thinking.
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: Caitlyn Gameplay Update Feedback Megathread
Please make Caitlyn stop saying, "Boom, headshot," after every headshot. It just gets annoying after a while, honestly.
: Cait and Graves Rework Artwork Issue
I hope they do change it. Now it's going to bother me each time I look at it.
: Executioners Calling too strong VS Vlad, WW, and Aatrox
I think a possible solution could be to buff them to the point where grievous wounds is a NECESSITY against them.
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: In your 2nd edit, that's the Lobby screen BEFORE you hit Queue Up?
ANOTHER crash... This time it happened while clicking "**DONE" after locking in Taric. http://imgur.com/P4lyS2G EDIT: Not sure if it's worth noting, but I got the "Reconnect" option despite crashing in champ select. I AM able to connect if I'm locked in, and don't close the client while it's crashing (waiting long enough for the game to start up).
: In your 2nd edit, that's the Lobby screen BEFORE you hit Queue Up?
That's right! I can't wait until this is all polished up. :) LOVING it so far, even if I can't get into a game. Very atmospheric.
: Thanks, super helpful screenshot since we can see the exact timing and phase. Did anyone else crash in your 5-man, or just you?
Check the second edit for the second crash! And yes, my friend GarfieId crashed. Not sure about the other three. EDIT: Also not much of a bug, but the man on the right just friend requested me and I accepted. The "send friend request" button does no disappear, but that isn't a big deal. http://imgur.com/fuxKqiK
: Help us bugtest the new Champ Select!
Crashed. We were a 5-man. Pic from the moment: http://imgur.com/8H6jOsK EDIT: Also couldn't scroll down the chat, but that might have been because we were in the midst of crashing. EDIT 2: Second crash while trying to select the preferred role (while clicking primary): http://imgur.com/acJry6c
: Is the 'Oppressor' mastery proc'd by frozen heart AOE?
Well, frozen heart doesn't impair movement, so if it does proc the mastery then it's most likely a bug.
: The description of Thunderlord's Decree states it has a 30 second cooldown. Sona shouldn't be able to trigger it every 8 seconds.
I found out yesterday the mastery is bugged. It's never on cooldown, so that's why it's so overpowered at the moment. Guess that makes this thread irrelevant!
: Minions are insanely difficult to walk around.
I read a suggestion once that said ally minions should be able to be walked through, but enemy minions (and monsters) should still have collision. I think that was the most balanced suggestion I've seen on the topic of collision, because it doesn't make much sense as to why your allied minions would stop you from going past them.
: Miss Fortune's base AD is so low
I'm pretty sure this is due to her new attack passive, which does physical damage. So early game this is pretty similar to gaining X amount of bonus AD (only thing is it won't crit). And new MF hurts significantly more than old MF, at least from what I've played.
: [Bug} Bots still buy sight wards (in customs)
Saw this in normal bots too, but that was 2 days ago. Not sure if it still goes on.
: Sonas mana issues are now so awful on PBE that she is oom by level 3 without using W once
I've actually experienced the complete opposite...thanks to the Meditation mastery, my mana sustain is through the roof.
: Let's be clear here (and I've posted this on numerous other places). The mastery trees are not the same as the old. Resolve is for sustained/DoT play patterns. Cunning is for burst play patterns. Ferocity is for defensive patterns. All 3 trees currently contain elements of the old Utility tree. From what you say, Sona is definitely a contender for Thunderlord's Decree alongside Windspeaker's Blessing. After all, she is one of the best examples of a poke/sustain mage support.
Think you mean Resolve is for defensive patterns and Ferocity is for sustained/DoT play patterns. :P That aside, if Cunning is bursty as you say (though it has more utility than the other 2 mastery trees), then Sona can be played viably as burst, poke, and sustain. Bot lane is a rock-paper-scissors game (burst counters sustain, sustain counters poke, poke counters burst), and if Sona has access to all three, she'll just snowball regardless of the match-up (theoretically). I am no professional, so we'll have to see where this leads high ELO to, but isn't the point of PBE to discuss these changes anyway and garner opinions of both people who are for and against them?
: Caitlyn's Passive seldom works at double range with the trapped/netted units
I just played a bot game to confirm this. My net worked for AAs, but not my traps. Though people seem to be saying it doesn't work for both.
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: Victory banner missing art assets
The victory banner used to be animated, so maybe it's a glitch from them attempting to replace it with the animated one? I liked the animated one too. :(
: A list of DJ Sona bugs
Thank you SO much for the megathread! Was about to report the "still see default Sona effects on enemy Sona" bug, but I'm glad I clicked here first.
: New Possible Summoner Spell?
It's an interesting concept, and definitely worth experimenting on the PBE. **BUT**, it's only worth experimenting. Whether it works or not we'd see from there. This isn't something we *need* on Live, but if it brings something new, balanced, and arguably "fun" to the table then it's something that Riot would consider, possibly.
: Need clarification on 2 things on DJ Sona (could a Red poster plz read and confirm?)
Nice researching! And I haven't turned off Sona's VO (and don't want to, it actually fits well with the music), but if this is a bug it should be fixed ASAP. I assumed this is how Sona's music evolved throughout the game as well. Imagine an AFK DJ Sona with just the basic section 1 music playing over and over, lol.
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: ? ... I think I see what you're talking about but you should probably describe it better lol.
Look at the upper left corner of the picture. The background doesn't fill up the whole camera. There's a large black space.
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: Leona AI
This is probably due to Riot's limited abilities to make AI. This is reasonable for bots to do. If a bot goes legitimate support, they pick up Ancient Coin. Never Spellthief's or Relic Shield, probably because making AI proc the passives for those items is too much work and doesn't contribute much to helping newer players learn in the first place. The way AI are built now, this isn't worth putting time into. But for the future when bots are reworked again (if this happens, anyway), it'd be a nice addition.
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: I tried with the root too and it grants no assist anyway
Then it's definitely a bug! Good thing we found out about it. :)
: [Bug] Soraka's E Does Not Grant Assists
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: [Suggestion] - Option in champion select to change ward skins
: Sona's TU should be upgrade to a VU
VUs require a lot of time and are normally planned months and months in advance. They can't just deter from the schedule. I would love a Sona VU but that's not going to happen for a looong time, if at all. I think they should give her some new animations and that's about it, honestly.
: Why even bother with Sona's shield?
Everyone has to realize that these changes are *tentative*. They need to know where the middle ground is between overpowered and useless. If you guys would be less hostile and instead promote a positive, happier vibe, they'd probably read these posts more. A Rioter said before that seeing hostile comments deters them from wanting to respond or read. And it's a sign of immaturity, which says, "I don't know what I'm talking about." And you know, I don't disagree with them. Acting rude would turn me off from reading feedback as well. Be a bit more professional. Be more pleasant. We need "Regarding Sona's shield nerf", not "Why even BOTHER with her shield". And Riot definitely knows what a "buff" is, no need to be sarcastic. How you present opinions/information means a lot and we need to understand this is a testing ground. These are tests. This doesn't mean that this will make it to live *at all*, and Riot has stated Sona will be on the PBE much longer than normal reworks. So relax. I know you aren't as hostile as other forum-goers, but I really can't post this anywhere else and I'm sick of seeing people be so rude towards Riot. If I was working with Riot, this isn't the kind of tone I'd be interested in reading. We'd probably see more tests for champions and items on here if people would be nicer and realize ***nothing here is definite until they say so***. And they haven't said so. So I know Sona isn't coming to live like this. All of that aside, I agree with this post. I just wish it wasn't written so harshly.
: Sona's E suggestions from the community. Please contribute guys.
I'm not going to contribute an idea because while I know Sona's E is hardly worth ranking up after level 4 (which you only use for the powerchord anyway), I can't think of anything to replace it with. The armor/MR sounds decent but it clashes with the movement speed (neither of which work together well for one ability), and then it gives Sona 2 defensive abilities. She only needs one. But I disagree about her other abilities. Her Q is fine, her W is fine, and the auras for both are great. The W shield has saved countless people and counters ignites very hard. Flash-shields has become a recent play for me and has saved many players I've played with. Her Q's damage nerf was reasonable as the aura with the active alone are strong enough to do as much damage as her old Q. And her power chord still does insane damage. The aura sizes could still be increased a bit but they're much better than they were before on PBE. I'm a Sona main. Right now, she's heavily improved. But her E still needs to be changed, still with what, I'm not sure. Though I'm a fan of Hörraiken's suggestion under #2, with making it similar to Orianna's W. But I wouldn't call it a "sonic wave", that's not what Sona does haha.
: 1- UTILITY (to herself): E makes her dash as RIVEN,VAYNE ,GRAVES "Active: sona does a quick dash in the direction of your cursor" 2- E makes her have the same effect as ORIANNA W: "sona release a sonic wave around her, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. The wave leaves behind a sonic disruption for 3 seconds, lowering enemy movement speed and increasing ally movement speed for 2 seconds. This effect diminishes over time." 3- LISSANDRA E Ring of Frost Freezes an area around Lissandra, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and snaring them for a short time. 4-KARTHUS E +mov.spd active: Drains mana to deal magic damage to nearby enemies each second,max 4 seconds,also increase mov. spd in XX % during 2 seconds,This effect diminishes over time. but I prefer the dash (1), a grinding sona would be the best. sadly,the managers of this rework dont want to hear us...
I think 2 is the only viable option here honestly. Everything else is just too strong.
: Not a bad idea, but I personally don't like it because it makes her again more focused on the Support role. We all know that's what she is primarily, but not everybody likes her that way and we rely on her passive to increase her independent damage. With no teammates to tag, well, mid Sona just wouldn't exist.
Meta-breaking is a somewhat controversial topic, because yes it's fun, but Sona mid-lane isn't a viable competitive pick. This game is essentially based around the competitive scene and high ELO, and bringing certain champions out of their original roles can sometimes break the game and lead to a painful nerf (Lulu and Soraka are two). This can avoid that situation.
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: no not me didn't experience this on PBE maybe a glitch
Were you on purple side or blue side? Or both? Could've been a small mishap or maybe something to do with the champion picks.
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: Sona's E now the worst ability in the game?
Agreed! Her E is almost useless. Or at least add some sort of passive to Sona on it, like "Sona permanently gains +2/4/6/8/10 movement speed" or something.
: My Poor Braum, Please Don't...
I disagree. The nerfs they did for him on PBE are fair balance changes. Braum is very versatile and he's still top tier with these nerfs. His ultimate was too strong at level 6 and it's a good thing they make it rank up as he maxed it. This creates more pressure for late game and better teamfights.
: No love for support Lulu?
I actually think Lulu is fine where she is in terms of support. She's still a mega lane bully and has great peel.
: Newest Sona Update!
I'm very happy about the Q nerf (in terms of damage). She did way too much damage, regardless of whether or not she built AP. Her bases were insane. However, I really, really, *really* wish you guys would buff her W! It was fine the way it was before and I'm not sure why it was changed. She feels very weak and like live Sona right now. Before you were able to max Q or W first as necessary, but playing today it was only viable to max W first. The heal is too weak to leave at rank 1, and max ranked Q doesn't give as much "oomf" as it used to. If her heal was buffed back to her old values, maxing either Q or W depending on the situation would become a thing again. So, you guys are sorta headed in the right direction, but if you buffed the W and maybe toyed around with her auras, I think she'd be ready for live fairly soon. EDIT: I'd also like to thank you guys for giving Sona a rework. I main her on Live (or I used to anyway) and she's what got me into supporting. I adore her and while most would probably bitch and whine about their favorite champion getting changed, I encourage it. I think this is great and I love what you guys do, even if everyone else says otherwise (because they're just being stupidly nostalgic most of the time anyway :P). I hope Sona gets what she deserves. :)
: Thanks for making this post. I was going to do it and now I don't have to, haha. Riot, the model is modern and up-to-date, that's agreed upon. But you can't expect us to shell out 1350 RP for a skin with the old hair. At this point, even Guqin is better than Arcade.
It is certainly a huge improvement from the old model! Don't get me wrong there. However, in terms of consistency, it still looks outdated with the hair. I was so excited to see the new hair and it's just the same, but a bit smoother. But that isn't saying much. I really hope it gets changed!
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: I agree that his E does need to have the CD fixed. However, one of Lucian's perks is that he is hard to keep down, so the removal of slowing effects should stay.
If the CD was fixed, I'd be fine. But if not, the slow-removing perk needs to go.
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