: https://pastebin.com/6JD0ujRq
Riot are you guys Working on it? Its still not fixed..,
: I have solved the connection error (Unable to connect to the server. Please check your network connection and attempt to reconnect your game.) with disabling IP Helper which is in computer management. I shared some photos that show the steps. Click on numbers to see the photos. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} [1.](https://imgur.com/XL0M3qT) [2.](https://imgur.com/T5Z0rqe) [3.](https://imgur.com/LvT3ZRr)
1 User, How can I find Computer Management? if you would give a img that would so GOOD. TY
: Swain Icon Bug
Happend to me also
: Weird. If you can get me your r3d log (of a game where this happened) I can have an engineer take a look to see what the problem might be. Going to copy/paste some steps for how to best get me your r3d log a. Navigate to the folder where you have PBE installed on your computer. For me it is: Local Disk (C:)/Riot Games/PBE b. Navigate to Logs c. Navigate to GameLogs. For me it looks like this: Local Disk (C:)/Riot Games/PBE/Logs/GameLogs d. Open up the most recent folder (you can sort by date modified to find the most recent one) and open the text document that ends in 'r3dlog'. e. Copy the text document to your clipboard (hotkey shortcut is press ctrl+a and then ctrl+c f. Paste this to pastebin. Go to https://pastebin.com. Click in the text box just below ‘New Paste’ and press ctrl+v g. Click the ‘Create New Paste’ button towards the bottom left of the screen , and then copy the URL from your browser. Here is what an example url will look like: https://pastebin.com/t1t93uZK h. Provide that URL in your post
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: Looking through your match history it appears you have been able to connect to and complete games. Are you DCing more than usual and needing to reconnect, or am I missing something else?
Yes, and I have to wait for like 20 minutes to reconnect I have to press that that reconnect button atleast 10 times to reconnect.
: FPS drops tremendously as game time extends
Same to me as well I was playing Nasus There was a enemy Swain too when ever i get close to him my FPS dropped
: Why isnt there ranked?
Agree I wasnt able to be in the tournament too....
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