: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
I tried taking Perxie/Aery on Fizz for my first time testing the runes. Typically after Aery helped about 25-29 times, it would disappear entirely and I would no longer gain any benefits from the rune. I'm not sure how this triggers but I suspect it has something to do with Playful/Trickster? Feedback: I was really looking forward to something like my favorite keystone, Deathfire Touch. I'm a massive damage over time fan, and Scorch is absolutely no replacement. That rune is an absolute joke. No scaling, ludicrous cooldown for something that deals an additional 10 damage at most in the early game, and at endgame a couple of minion attacks will contribute more. there's absolutely no reason to take this. Please add some scaling to it so that it can benefit on-hit builds and consider making it a DoT effect like Deathfire was. The cooldown is fine as long as the effect is strong enough to be worth existing.
: Hybrid Yorick
I agree. If he just had one more ap ratio, or his ghouls were allowed to proc on-hits, I think he could have a fun niche AP build. Try building him full AP + gunblade and lich bane. He actually still does quite a lot of damage and can function, but it just feels bad that the most interesting part of your kit, the minions, benefit absolutely nothing from it. If he had even a small ap synergy on his minions, that would be so much more enjoyable.
: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
So I really like this rework so far. His overall fantasy is great. When I'm not playing assassins and bursty champs, I tend to do best on objective-oriented pushers. I'm the kind of player who takes Ziggs and builds Banner of Command and ZZrot portal as my first two items, so the prospect of a split pusher who can run two lanes at once was very appealing. however, testing him myself, he's got some problems both in gameplay and feel. On the PBE right now, everyone is playing Riven and trying to lane has been an incredibly frustrating experience. Aggressive resourceless top laners like her can easily zone him away from being able to summon his minions and out trade him every time, and the minions are so weak that when they are sommoned, they're cleared with a single AOE, making it feel like you just spent all that time and setup for nothing. Your W also does such a poor job at CCing these mobile champs. I'm going to keep bringing up Riven because that's 90% of the time what I was facing in top lane on the PBE, but every single one of her jumps lets her get through Yorick's only form of protection and engage. If you managed to summon creeps and E her, she just has to casually walk away and she will avoid all of the damage. The ghouls take too long to react to E's mark. By the time they leap and start attacking, a majority of the slow has already worn off. I've found it really hard to get them to stick and harass because of this, and that's even assuming the opponent doesn't turn around and clear them with a single skill cast. I'm also really disappointed by how un-fun the minions are. Can't proc on-hits, can't proc spell damage, can't do anything other than black cleaver shred and death's dance lifesteal, which is really boring and bars him from enjoying some build flexibility. He has an AP ratio on his E, but is so heavily penalized for building AP that it may as well not even be there. Can't we please have some AP scalings somewhere else on his kit? Maybe a small AP scaling on the minions or maiden to enable hybrid builds at the very least? I want to build Banner of Command for obvious reasons, but it feels like I'm wasting an item slot by doing it. Sometimes it's really hard for him to even start safely pushing a lane because it takes him too long to set up three ghouls, and if you step out of lane for just a moment they'll die. It would be so nice if they perhaps decayed over time like a zzrot portal minion so that you could dip into lanes, lay down a few ghouls, then retreat to do other stuff without having to use your ult for this purpose alone. Overall, good work so far, but please consider giving him some way to either generate graves passively or deal with hyper mobile resource less top laners, because W seriously doesn't do jack against most. And PLEASE consider letting him actually have some fun building something other than AD and HP. Like seriously, Kled having no AP ratios at all was bad enough, but this trend of forcing players to build champions a certain way recently is detracting from why I love League of Legends's item system over other competitive games that don't offer such choices. (also, his E's scaling is bizarre and while it's a great idea to prevent it from being too bursty, it really feels bad to build around it. %HP damage that only applies if the skill's damage floor isn't checked? He already sacrifices so much for going AP, it's not fair that his one AP nuke isn't even going to be applying the shred) Edit: Also, as someone who's supposed to split push, he's very very VERY vulnerable to being ganked and teamed up on while pushing. His one form of escape is kind of a joke in the presence of more than one person.


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