: QOL Indicator for Sett Passive
Agreed, it honestly makes a big difference regarding trades, last hits and animation cancels
: Punishments to people ruining games by abusing the lunar bug on purpose
I've been using it in order to see how the bug functions so I can report it. Maybe a little extra info would help them find out what specifically is causing the bug. Like the fact that Zyra plants become permanent or healing will cause your units to die or that gunblade only sometimes causes a unit to heal and then die. But yes, I agree a majority of people see it, think its funny and then keep it but some do actively hunt for it just to win.
: Uh, no lol. You're missing the part where the punch tries to go off during the tiamat animation and it makes that repeated sound.
Animations have 3 parts, a wind up, a hit and a follow up. That's purely the wind up animation and sound, no damage was dealt. There would be literally 0 reason to fix a purely visual bug that you can only see if you slow it down and even then for a quarter of a second.
: are you sure? but on pbe you change something so i think i talk to the right rioters on that other forum you only talk to 1 board NA EUW etc and mostly to players
he's right, the live boards will serve you better
: Let's talk about TFT Lunar
the 'dream' comp imo is 3 Light 2 Wardens 2 Mystics 2 Soulbound 2 Luna in the form of Lucian Nasus Soraka Senna Leona Karma. A 6 unit comp that has flexibility, late game, tanky frontline and good carries is VERY strong
: Massive Lunar TFT bug
has been reported, however since its the weekend there will be no fix until monday at the earliest. I suggest adding your comments to the previous threads so its easier for riot to track
: Shop problems
Try relogging, sometimes it's just you getting disconnected from the server and it will give you the RP back or the items you bought
: TFT Unkillable Units
been reported, theres another thread here https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/eb6n0EQN-pbe-tft-gamebreaking-bug I suggest you add onto this thread so it has more visibility instead of a bunch of tiny threads
: PBE TFT gamebreaking bug
Will update as I find more, currently testing different things to hopefully help solve the bug sooner - Attaching a Warmogs WILL also enable your unit to die. I just had a Leona regain health with the regen and then she died to the enemy team - Gunblade healing seems 50/50 sometimes a unit with Lunar and gunblade will never heal, sometimes it will and then die. - A unit will still be counted as 'taking damage' for the purpose of Titan's Resolve - Ghost round units will NOT become invulnerable but will visually 'level up' like they do in normal rounds. IT honestly doesn't look like it activates at all for the ghost team - Hopefully obvious, but shields being destroyed will not enable a unit to die - Zyra plants will also last forever with lunar buff
: Issue of the decade, Support Item and Gold/XP Generation
Not a support player, but a jungler mostly and have used top/mid/adc as my off roles at differing points in time. I completely agree, esp with how powerful dragons are adding to the priority I need to put bot lane and how far you can fall behind off a gank or two I find more consistently than not supports are 2, 3 or even 4 levels down even when they are doing well. However I'm not sure how to fix this. Adding XP generation would only create abuse cases for late game mid laners who want to hit level 18 before anyone else. Tribute procs to poke the enemy out of lane, achieve lane control and just zone the enemy off cs into an xp lead. So I'll spitball -XP bonus from minions allys kill -Reduced penalty for sharing XP, similar to what bot lane Morde had but not as severe -Giving support items better scalings -Tailoring more support centric items for when you are ahead. Remember when they did the mage item rework and they hit mana? Flat mana is for mages and mana regen is for supports? Maybe we need a new distinction, like ____ for supports who are even/behind and _____ for supports who are ahead. Outside of Ardent, no real support item helps you push a lead. Closest is maybe Zekes, but that's still reliant less on your ability and more on someone elses. Now I'm not at all qualified to talk much about support, but as a jungler since the end of Season 3 I CAN talk about how gold/xp across the entire map can be abused. I feel like Riot backed themselves into a corner. While yes, the idea that 'sharing resources put you behind' is valid and a philosophy I agree with it does put pressure on the already starved role of support when they decide to nerf shared expirence. How they tackle this? I honestly don't know, but I hope they do something soon.
: 10.1 - Sett bug
No, that's his tiamat animation going off, most champs who are designed around it's existence, (Kled, Darius, Irelia, Jax etc) use one of their specific auto attack animations when using tiamat instead of cycling through them as they normally do. He did a left punch into a 'left punch' because Tiamat is not an auto attack despite resetting your animation, but because tiamat uses your champs animation as its own. So this wasn't a bug, it was left punch - tiamat using left punchs animation - right punch EDIT: You can clearly see only 5 damage numbers popped up, which means there isn't an extra auto.
: Sett's "Heart of the Half-Beast" passive needs to add to his *base* HP5, not give bonus HP5
Agree, in early lane it feels great but every other Juggernaut has some form of sustain. Sett only having regen feels really bad.
: Sett's Ult needs a Gritt Shield as well
Agree, as a Juggernaut he has no innate healing. His W shield is overtuned % wise IMO, but making it lower and adding the same thing onto his ult would be great. I'd love for him to be able to use Shield Bash reliably since his W has such a long wind up.
: Sett's sit-up speed on his dance needs to scale with an in-game stat.
Fully agree with this, this would be the biggest buff to a single champ since Singed laughing when he flips someone.
: Sett Color Correction Classic Skin
I mean the splash art is us viewing him from what's essentially an Ionian crack den. Of course there is smoke that makes it looks white washed. But given his flamboyant, full of himself nature his saturation makes sense. I do wish in game he had the gold tips on his fur, however.
: Sett's face in his splash is very odd looking
He's one of the few champs looking head-on to the player. That, combined with how zoomed in it is makes it feel off. At least as an artist that's my inital impression, being so different.
: We thought the same thing. He looks like a dancer. Otherwise, I do like his model.
Oh I agree, he looks great! Like what you expect a half vastayan mob boss to be. But still, he needs to be thiccer
Rioter Comments
: Senna: A hyper healing problem
You DO realize there are a thing called 'skillshots' which typically do more damage than targeted abilities. Also you DO realize that Senna has to remain stationary for a longer period of time in order to do her basic attack animation. She does not actually have that high healing. Compare her to a Sona, a Soraka or any other healer and she actually has very low throughput. Think about standard play patterns. For this example we will use a Cait/Senna lane (Lane A) vs an Cait/Sona lane (Lane B.) Also for reference we are assuming decently competent players on both sides. There are 3 main states of a lane. Either Lane A is winning while Lane B is losing, A loses while B wins or A and B are about equal in power. Now for which ever lane wins the losing lane should be playing back. This denies the winning lane opportunities to poke/harass them in the exchange for (typically) being further behind. Now what happens in each lane when they win? Senna has to auto minions to reduce her Q cd. If she can't then it's such a long cool down that your entire post goes up in flames. Now if she does auto she has to push the lane, and unless the players in question are literally LCK level mechanics gods that's going to result in a stacked wave that will crash into the enemy turret giving the losers a chance to catch up. And damage that has landed in this phase either will stick because Senna only has the cd to heal twice per wave or will force Senna to push the wave faster, throwing the advantage and allowing the losing team to catch back up to get more healing. Now, take that same scenario but make it a Sona. She doesn't have to auto to heal and her heal is on a normal cd. So any poke damage you land won't stick. Basically you have opportunities to abuse Senna. Clear windows of vulnerability where she has to stand still to have even close to decent healing throughput. The main issue is her damage relative to her safety. She can poke you pretty hard. But where a Xerath pokes you with a skill shot with a cd Senna pokes you with a guaranteed auto who's only CD is her attack timer. You aren't supposed to play the long game with her where she can poke and heal. You are supposed to hard engage on her from different angles so her main defensive tool (her W) only hits 1 person. You saying her healing is too high honestly sounds like you just haven't understood how to play against her properly. Sure she may outheal and out range other adcs but she does not out burst them or out sustained dps them. Have a Senna and a Jinx trade autos and tell me who wins that. TLDR: If a champ plays to their win con (Senna maintaining proper spacing) and you don't abuse their weaknesses (hard engaging properly, not taking 1 auto trades etc) then they SHOULD be rewarded. Get good and learn how to counter a champions kit properly.
: cant play what i want
This happens literally all the time. It's a new champ, people want to play and test them. If you want to play on the pbe ONLY to test 1 new thing then you honestly shouldn't be on the pbe. Imagine everyone had the same mentality you did. Bugs wouldn't be found, numbers changes wouldn't be found to be terrible and so many other things that make it onto live wouldn't have the testing they needed.
: Senna Q Free Aim
It's not completely free aim, but she can also target wards with her Q. So for the SUPPORT Senna's (where she was intended) it will be a potentially cool play to drop a ward for a clutch heal. Also since her Q range goes past where she can target it allows her to essentially extend her heal's range. If your main thing is mastery expression then that exists and is there. But making her Q drastically different in functionality from Lucian's would not only lack consistency but also remove mastery expression. The added strength from just being able to hit enemies and removing an aspect of counter play would only negatively impact her.
: (Store Bug) Eternals Showing Wrong Skills
This has been reported multiple times and has constantly been ignored. I first reported it 3 weeks ago. They probably scrapped the system. Good riddance imo
: Runes being randomly changed
Also encountered this issue, 2 games in a row now
: No icons champie for the champions of the void
This is actually pretty big since Riot themselves have branded Kai'Sa as a mascot for league, citing how popular she is in both pro play and normal level play and that she is flashy and fun to watch. She has quickly become a favorite adc and for her to not be represented is an issue.
: I'm actually fine with the 0.2 base AS. With a normal attackspeed scaling Senna would be broken af, but this low base value keeps her DPS in check and allows her passive to give her the insane value it does without it being too strong. I say keep the 0.2 base AS, but adress it more clearly in her passive so that you know it from the start and not after buying an AS-item and wondering about the low AS-value.
that's why you read champs abilities and numbers before you play them. There IS a practice mode for a reason
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pulsefire Thresh
This is honestly not a 1350 skin. His visual effects on the abilities now those look good. But the skin itself is terrible. Head tentacles look way too choppy, his hands look awkward, not like he's trying to hover his chain and actually hold his lantern instead of the reverse which is normal. Honestly this is like the sewn blitzcrank/amumu, this needs to be drastically redone if you want me to consider buying it.
: Senna's curse of the black mist interaction with sudden impact
I think it is, since she doesn't technically lose the 'stealthed' tag when she attacks since the buff is still on her bar.
: [Senna] Q range does not scale with Rapidfire Cannon
UNIQUE – ENERGIZED: Moving and basic attacking generates Energize stacks, up to 100. When fully Kircheis Shard item Energized, your next basic attack deals 60 − 140 (based on level) bonus magic damage on-hit. UNIQUE: Kircheis Shard item Energized attacks gain 35% bonus range (+150 range maximum), charge 25% faster, and function on structures. Taken from the Wiki. Key is next BASIC attack gets the range. So yeah, this is intended
: Senna interaction between ulti and Ardent Censer
It's because it isn't targeted while her Q is
: I have tried this on live with every supp i know and it doesn't work that way. For more reference. Senna's Q DOES NOT give her the ardent buff. its not intended and not how the item works. Read the items description.
It's because her ult isn't targeted while her Q is
: Senna's abilities keybinding
No, just you. This isn't Warcraft 3 where hotkeys are bound based on ability names, they are based on kit mechanics and Riot has said this multiple times. Q is usually a champs spam ability in lane/for clearing W is for either passives or long range poke/wave clear. E is for mobility/utility or auto resets if applicable. Aatrox, Ahri, Akali, Annie, Ashe, ASol, Azir, Bard, Blitzcrank, Braum, Caitlyn, Camille, Corki, Darius, Ekko, Elise, Eve, Ez, Fizz, Galio, Gnar, Gragas, Graves, Hecarim, Heimer, Illaoi, Jayce, Jhin, Jinx, KaiSa, Karma, Katarina, Kayn, Kennen, Kha, Kled, LeBlanc, Leona, Lissandra, Lucian, Lulu, Morgana, Nasus, Neeko, Nocturne, Nunu, Orianna, Ornn, Pantheon, Poppy, Pyke, Qiyana, Quinn, Rakan, RekSai, Renekton, Rengar, Riven, Rumble, Ryzem Sejuani, Shen, Sion, Sivir, Skarner, Sona, Soraka, Swain, Sylas, Syndra, Tahm, Taliyah, Talon, Taric, Teemo, Thresh. Tristana, Trundle, Tryn, Udyr, Urgot, Varus, Vayne, Veigar, VelKoz, Warwick, Wukong, Xayah, Xerath, Xin Zhao, yasuo, Yorick, Zac, Zed, Ziggs, Zilean, Zoe and Zyra all follow this rule. And more but I don't want to look up every champ name and kit just to refresh my memory. Now there are plenty of examples against this, some for obvious reasons some not so much. But this is the general rule they try to follow and Senna falls in with it.
: Queue "accept match" bugged & Eternals
I reported the eternal thing like a week ago, still nothing, not even an acknowledgement. It's like they are just going to ignore them because of the backlash. Which is good, make a better not pay to play system Riot!
: We will have to see how it plays for a while, but personally, I am doubtful about both the exp and terrain changes. Imho, the additional terrain features and bushes will make mobile champions even more dominant vs. immobile ones. Now add nerfed botlane exp to that and it will hit ADCs and the non-tanky support champions twice as hard. Theoretically, at least for ADCs, the buffed ADC items would help compensate for that, but several ganking champions can equip those as well. I must say, I can't see the vision the balance team has for this yet. I also really hate the loss of {{item:2053}} which i loved to build as a mobility item in midlane although I would usually not build it further until the very last item or so.
The loss of ZZ'Rot will be harshly felt. Champs who want to create side lane pressure will either need to be a duelist or Yorick who can just demolish towers.
: > -her kit feels more support like "SUPPORT" Marksmen. > -Her passive is neat but the 3 extra gold feels like a big advantage in high elo if played in adc mid or top They wish to add gold to the SUPPORT role to the SUPPORTS kit. This is the biggest thing that should be staying in her kit. > -Senna feels like she can do every role viably. Interesting, champions should be able to play multiple roles effectively. In a balanced way. However what's making her too strong is only due to the fact that the stacks give too much per 1. Needs to be nerfed down to how thresh gives only 0.25 per stack (if I remember correctly.) and shorten how many souls you get so you dont get 5 from 1 wave and hitting enemies during that wave. > -Her R feels like very little time to react so maybe a channel or delay would be nice There is a channel. A pretty large one and if its global theres lots of time to flash. Your just not used to it as of right now just like I am. So it feels frustrating. However, practise. > -Her E feels good Love how you complain about everything else thats pretty balanced then don't about the most broken part of her kit... Needs to be a 60 (level 1) - 40 second cooldown pretty badly. It's too strong and should be "I have to think about when I use this very carefully" especially with 45% cdr being on every item. > -Her W is a little too strong maybe shorten the root or increase the cd You're definitely right here with the root. Needs to be 1 second for all levels I think. > -Her Q maybe needs a longer CD Its perfect as it is. As a support you'll be hitting your players instead of the enemy most of the time. > -Give her a scaling passive like the more souls she get the stronger the healing on her q. How her passive is, is fine. We should have carry supports that are suppose to be support that isn't awful {{champion:99}} {{champion:555}} > I would be happier if she felt more solid as support. She does feel solid. You're just not used to her. Or her kits not for you. Not every champion is right for every player.
Yeah. pretty much agree with most of what you said
: Opinions on Senna
> [{quoted}](name=Yonggon,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=nKMt7YWE,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-31T01:22:32.013+0000) > -Senna feels like she can do every role viably. Have you tried jungling with her? Her clear is so slow and she doesn't scale that well like a Twitch does. Top, Mid and ADC also gate her scaling due to her passive. > -Her passive is neat but the 3 extra gold feels like a big advantage in high elo if played in adc mid or top I mean if shes being played in those roles shes solo laning which is giving up other parts of her kit. Also she gets souls less often if she kills a unit, so this advantage won't scale how you think > -Her R feels like very little time to react so maybe a channel or delay would be nice I agree but I don't. Like you REALLY don't have much time to react since it travels so fast, but I'm not sure the ability to deny her of her ult would be that impactful. > -Her E feels good Almost too good, I love it thematically and i think it's one of the elements that says 'hey look, she's a SUPPORT' and makes her incredibly strong with roams either with her adc or the jungler. The duration feels a bit long however, I'd trade a lower cd for reduced duration of it. > -Her W is a little too strong maybe shorten the root or increase the cd If anything I'd say nerf the range but give it range from her passive at a reduced percentage > -Her Q maybe needs a longer CD That would take away her main utility as a support and would be very bad for her > -her kit feels more support like > -Give her a scaling passive like the more souls she get the stronger the healing on her q. she does have that, its called an ad ratio > > Other OpInion > > I would be happier if she felt more solid as support.
: [Senna] Q range does not scale with Rapidfire Cannon
I noticed earlier that while the cast indicator was not going the full distance the actual cast of her Q itself was going further than the indicator. Maybe this is purely visual? Not sure
: why would it?
because her Q specifically states it's increased by her auto range
: 3 Suggestions for Senna
> [{quoted}](name=FlyingArrow,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=uXo1xOz0,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-30T12:28:17.465+0000) > 2. It would be nice if her passive cooldown (the part where if she hits an enemy two times she deals bonus damage and gets a soul) on enemies was actually visible (like eg. Sejuani). This would make it easier to know when trading is actually worth it and who was already hit with it in a teamfight. IIRC there is an indicator, it's a visual aura effect on the champ. It's not like Yasuo's dash indicator or Udyr's stun, its a black mist effect
: PBE and live are to resemble each other as much as possible. The current system requires only server-side changes, no client-side. The mode you suggest is possible, but would require client and mode changes, and would therefore technically be a different mode. This mode can have different issues and bugs that won't necessarily occur on the "normal" modes, and we couldn't differentiate them until the changes hit live - which is too late. Edit - for Senna's release Riot has temporarily reverted back to regular Blind Pick, but they mentioned Draft will return once Senna testing is through.
> [{quoted}](name=Amy Sery,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=BEGgrpAj,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-30T20:14:53.664+0000) > Edit - for Senna's release Riot has temporarily reverted back to regular Blind Pick, but they mentioned Draft will return once Senna testing is through. well fuck... guess im not testing anything else now, blind pick is too cancerous
: Senna's ult is way too fast.
Wait so you are saying a beam of light travels fast? Excuse me sir but may I introduce you to a thing called 'The Speed of Light'
Seriously, it's really bad because people just pick Senna or the new True Damage skin champs, argue who gets to go mid and then dodge because they feel cheated. At least with draft there is SOME sense of order
: RP Price of the newly released content
This is intentional, to encourage people to be active on it beyond 'oh lets just see the cool new thing before others do' By gating how much RP you get and making things normal cost they not only are setting the expectation for when things go live but also trying to get people to log on day after day to keep testing stuff. Do you think playing 1-5 games is enough to find all the bugs? No, it's not. So by making people log on more often if they want to test everything they are actually achieving the goal of the PBE, to get stuff tested before it goes live.
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