: Kai'Sa Bug PBE Bug Thread
"Kai'Sa can sometimes go invisible until death if your client dysncs when she is respawning or using E." This happened to me in a game, I used Kai´sa Bullet Angel with the black chroma and the first time I died I became invisible for me and my whole team but NOT for the enemy team, I became visible again when I died the second time... but the third time I became invisible again for the rest of the game (except one time I became visible without dying but using an E, wich I think is weird) {{summoner:3}}
: Game not loading properly.
The exact same thing happened to me... Twice. The first time I couldnt reconnect and apparently my team did remake, (I noticed this later in mi historial). But the Second time I was able to reconnect by re-loggin in, the game was at 2 minutes so I played that game, and had a bug with Kai´sa (im gonna talk about it in its respective thread) Its really weird, it happened to anyone else? Im affraid that this will happen in all my games :/ (Just played two times since the patch){{summoner:4}}

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