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: Hi Zielmann - I can help answer those questions, but I guess the heart of it is that if you have a PBE account associated with your LIVE account, it'll give us an option to provide benefits to both accounts, if the opportunity presents itself. To your questions: * The linked account is a complete different login * The credentials will be chosen by you during the approval process, so it's up to you to determine the new PBE account login * It does not automatically have the same summoner name as your LIVE * Yes, you'll have to use something different if the current PBE and LIVE are already the same Remember that this is completely optional; however, you're essentially opting out of any future PBE/LIVE interactions. Hope that answers your questions.
What possible benefits could we receive if we link these accounts since it's optional and not even available to every PBE tester? Obviously since this is a testing environment and not a trophy case we should help out if possible, but to go through the hassle of reunlocking everything we plan on using, including all our runes and rune pages seems like more trouble than it's worth for some unknown nebulous 'benefits'.
: Losing Content When Merging PBE Account?
I don't get it either. If they want us to do this optional procedure they should incentivize it somehow, rather than punish it.


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