: Midseason Update - Utility Contribution
Curious about how exactly y'all handled the CC rating - I've attempted to quantify CC before and it turns out that it's pretty rough >.< You wrote that you tallied hard crowd control as higher weighted then soft CC, but I'm not sure that's actually the correct way to go about it. Arguably, crowd control actually comes in both offensive and defensive forms, so talking about it in a broad 'this is how long you made the opponent stand still' never seemed tell the story I wanted it to. Have you thought about separating it into two categories, one that talks about the amount of damage the opponent took while CCed, and one about the damage mitigated by something like a blind? Obviously I'm just trying to toss ideas around but I'm just slightly worried that just a rating based off of some variation of (Time CCed)*(Strength of CC) isn't really that useful as a stat.


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