: Evelynn Update - Questions, concerns and overall comments!
Ok, Im sure someone has said it by now, but what happened to her AD scaling. I get that she has % now but come on! i cant be alone in loving using burst items like gunblade or Titanic and duskblade on her. Not having stealth til 6, annoying but ok, i get it. But really. shaco has ap and ad scaling and everyone knows if you go ap then you have no pushing, no damage with no mana and cant seige at all. Oh and where did her mana regen on invisi(demon form now) go?
: Please give Evelynn back her ad scaling
I agree 1000%. I currently love titanic/lethality eve. The tanky burst that can dip out and come back. Honestly i prefer it. better clear speed with tiamat, better burst and if you get focused you dont explode like ap eve does.


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