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: Yuumi changes are bad, don't encourage defensive play on her.
You're completly right! I am main Yuumi on live server. These changes are crazy, if these changes goes on live i dont think i will pick Yuumi on ranked at all. Riot revert these changes!!!
: The PBE boards (as well as the normal boards) aren't the right place to report other players. As long as you reported them through the in-game system, there's nothing more you need to do. I suggest you just mute and report these kinds of players, and avoid speaking to them at all. That being said, I'm sorry you had to deal with those kinds of people :C.
Ok thanks! Sorry for posting here :)
: Report them, block them and move on. Contrary to what many people believe, reporting works on the PBE and penalties are stricter than on live. So please make the best of it and use it! Reporting through boards is useless, [as is written in the universal LoL boards rules]( This forum is for bug reports and feedback, not to start a witch hunt. Since you're not in the game anymore, sending a ticket to [Riot support]( with evidence is your best bet. PBE accounts cannot create tickets at the moment, so instead please use your live account and specify you're talking about PBE in the ticket.
Ok thanks, I will do it! I didn't know we can open ticket with our live account for these kind of things. Sorry for the post here on the forum! :)
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: Match Accepted - Waiting For Other Players
Try to close the client is the only thing you can do... or maybe wait for a miracle... {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
: Queue timer bug
I love it! No ones is exiting from the client so is going to be more buggy! xD
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: Yea. They need a more severe Punishment directly and not just after doing it several times. We are on testing Grounds. We are Supposed to try stuff. And not ragequit like babys because WE aren't the ones being able to "test".
: Why Ludens Bug is STILL HERE ?? you may ask - Answered
Thanks RIOT, it's finished, all of these people abusing this bug! Bye Luden Bug!!!
: People Dodging Games
I agree, who does more than X dodges p/day needs a good punishment, it's frustrating. I dont like who just says IT'S PBE, PBE doesnt mean ANARCHY.
: but i think, then it should be like a refund, based on the hp?
Mine was an idea, i didnt say to make a copy of pyke'ult.. I mean i would like to see a change on his ult something like pyke but not pyke's ult.
: The Mordekaiser rework is OVERPOWERED
I think, his passive is too much than others champs' passive. I Would like a change on his ult, maybe a different timer for every champ ulted . It's more like if i ult you i get the kill anyway. If i just touch you three times my passive will take you off all yoour health. They must change something, becase like that is too easy to get kills.
: An unknown error has occurred. Please try again in about a minute. Cant Login to support Please help
: Dark Cosmic Jhin Voice Bug
Hi, i can confirm this, everywhere on the map you can hear his voice, and I think is too high too than others champ's voice!
Hi, I agree with the feeling of being stressed while he keeps using his skills and you're under tower. His passive is too much, and yes when he ults means you're dead in mostly cases. I got many mordekaiser used on support or ADC, he was keeping ulting the support! It was so frustrating 😤. You can use banshee against his ult, or zohonya to take more time for escape. I think after he goes on live, he will be nerfed.
: Do you think that MORDEKAISER needs a nerf?
The nerf will come, don't worry, wait after he comes on live. 😂
: [BUG] Dragging items in your inventory drags the item's image and not the item itself.
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: [in-game] lux's w (shield) does not refresh on her
I can confirm, tried different skins.. same problem.
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