: Dj Sona - Ethereal soundboard bug + Overall feedback
I totally agree with you and i confirm the first bug that you write about.
: i don't understand what there the bug is..
Look at the control board its purple.And the helmet is also purple.
: DJ Sona's music is too soft!
Hello everyone i can't post a discussion and i don't know why but i need to post this bug please somebody post this for me this is important. When you play as DJ sona and /toggle into kinetic from ethereal , ethereal's conrol board stays on etwalh for few seconds.I hope somebody will try this and confirm if its true.I cant upload an attachment but here this is a ss link about the bug : http://i.hizliresim.com/JXWRBn.png
: DJ Sona's music is too soft!
: Custom Game Lobby Bug - 'The game has been changed by another player'
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: Azir's E is blank on Champion Select
: Same issue, Windows 8. It also happens in the normal client (Not the PBE client)
Yes its also happens in the mormal client
: Braum login page has blacked out sections
Same problem on my HP Pavilion g6 (Windows 8)
: [Bug] Upvoting Comments and Discussions
: Debonair Ezreal Suggestion
Its a 750 RP cost skin they don't even change the skill effects what makes you think that they can make sunglasses toggleable. (In 750 RP cost skins the only change is in game character desing ) :(
: 1 month IP and RP does not load my account.
I guess you are new in PBE and you should know that there is no weekly IP/RP. It's removed because people were using PBE to play with skins that they want to play but PBE is for testing new things.I hope that i helped you have a nice day :D
: I can't find anyone of them :/
If you have the same problem please tumbs up so they can notice us.
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: Haven't gotten to all the skins yet, though she'll be getting updated much more lightly, as she's already pretty awesome.
Oh Thank God I tought you won't update Arcade Sona because it is pretty good rightnow :D
: Sona Update is back! Feedback and changes here!
Why there is no Texture Update on Arcade Sona?
: (Starting screen bug?) The login screen pic does not fit fully
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: Thresh on Targons
Targon's passive only works when you are melee or when you kill minion with a spell.When Thresh's E's passive is max it counts like a spell.
: [Feedback] New Summoner's Rift
Man you are awesome and really impatient as i see.Its not even come to PBE -_-
: Inside the store does not display in my ......The old Soccer Skins Please make them available again!
PBE is for testing not for using skins that you want to use.(Because of this Riot remove the weekly RP/IP so it is a really serius thing.)
: PBE language
: You can read patch notes at http://www.surrenderat20.net/
You are a PBE tester not a normal player so act like one.
: Client will not open at all
In windows 8 there is no problem(Not 8.1).
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Primetime Draven!
This skin is awesome but there is one problem is he fake blond or something because his beard is brown :D
: [BUG] There is a visual bug (at least I'm assuming it is) where when RSN turns around, the particles on her mirror go off from the staff to the side, then return. They separate from the staff about a minion width away. I've also noticed a bug where if you Q a bot that is near minions, sometimes the bot will not be carried upward by the bubble. They will still be stunned, but they stay on the ground. I was able to recreate it a couple times. This bug is fairly inconsistent but still noticeable.
: It's a bubble, bubbles don't break ground, they splash :3 Anyway they won't change it since the skin has just been released in Live
Yeah they wont but it dosent matter that its a bubble you can kill a man with bubble but you can't break the ground it is not normal at all :D
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: Atlantean Syndra taunt has purple effect from default skin
I report it 10 hours ago and not just taunt the laugh effect is purple too. Link: http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/vMmNPUxR-visiual-problem-atlantean-syndra-laughtaunt
: Master Yi missing and Atlantean Syndra bugs
Its true it happend to me too.I was playing as Syndra and ı was trying to recall then a minion shot interrup my recall and my orbs was missing.
: I download it,and client don't start ;/
Don't forget you should open a League Of Legends PBE folder near the League Of Legends folder if you don't do lile this it wont start.
: Bringing back the IP weekly bonus.
Disagreed.There is too much people that use PBE for skins and champions.In PBE we should test new things. We can buy them only with 1 IP and we can test them.I think the system is going very well...
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: PBE Extended Downtime
I hope its because of Atlantean Syndra... {{champion:134}}
: Atlantean Syndra
Tthank you Riot. I want a new skin for syndra for too long but it was just not enough for her... Please work on it very hard and give it back to us very soon.
: thanks for the report! will forward to the skins team
Your welcome its our job. {{champion:115}}
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: [Feedback] - Atlantean Syndra, Thoughts and Alterations
Im tottaly agree with you her particles are really good but her body looks not good enough i think Riot should work harder everyone i know is hate this skin i say them "İ hope it will be like Lunar Goddess Diana when we see her first time we dont like it at all but now we love her i hope it will happen again." So Riot please work harder and make it a really good skin...
: Blue vs Purple team side.
I agrre with you ı thing there should be a camera wiew changer thing...
: Custom game Bug.
I try it and its true i can confirm this post.
: Can't Go to the Shop
I think its happening because there is so many people whos trying to buy Vel'koz so the server cant afford it.
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: That's so weird. I don't know why it kept happening to me. It happened three times in a row.
: [Anivia] - Enemies can walk through Crystallize.
I test it but its not happend... -IWantCupcake(Kuro Shitsuji)
: [Anivia] - Enemies can walk through Crystallize.
: New in-progress skin: Heartseeker Ashe (Up for testing!)
When she opens her q there are purple sparkles on her bow but i think it dosen't look good at all they are just too big i think it should be look like the Celestial Soraka's staff's sparkles. -Thaks for reading
: New in-progress skin: Heartseeker Ashe (Up for testing!)
OMG! I just got home and see her its awesome Riot its more then awesome <3 !!!! <3 {{champion:22}}
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