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: Kayle and Morgana bug report thread
Kayle still gets the bonus AD from Steraks even after becoming fully ranged.
: Master Yi has gotten a mini rework on this patch. Please read the [8.3 patch notes on Surrender@20]( before posting. > *Meditate (W)* Cooldown lowered from 35 to 25 Healing per second lowered from 30/50/70/90/110 to [20 - 80] _[Removed]_ No longer amplifies healing based on missing health _[New Effect]_ If full channel succeeds, next 3 attacks restore [30 - 50 (+20% bonus AD)] health and reduce the remaining cooldown of his other abilities by 1 second
I have read it, and it's still a bug. Healing per second was lowered, not removed. And the onhit heal is a new effect. The bug is that the healing per second is completely gone.
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: I think this will be fixed in the next build! ^^ I will check tomorrow!
Thank you, it's good to know that Rioters are actively monitoring this thread, even if posts aren't getting up-voted ^^
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: Doom Bots: Bugs and Feedback Thread!
The warp curse is a nice mechanic. However, whenever it activates it causes the screen to flash and a mini freeze which makes fighting almost impossible.
: Shen sword mechanics feedback
In theory the sword would allow Shen to protect the backline with W and Q slow (for anyone running past Shen to get to the carries) while using his taunt and damage in the frontline. In reality, it's almost impossible to use W effectively from the frontline; sure you can activate it beforehand, but it's up to your carries to activate the actual shield and make use of it. Now combined with your Q, which you want to drag through anyone running past you, and suddenly your carries are unprotected. In the end, Shen's has the tools for peeling, and engaging, but he can't do both effectively. Unless he taunts and ulti's to his backline, he can't protect them once he engages. On the other hand, he can't make the best use of his W without using his Q to keep the spirit blade near him.
: MY Special skins GONE :(
I'm not sure what you're unhappy about. It's the PBE, you got all those skins for free anyway.
: Combining Champion Essence and Cosmic Essence into one simple resource: Essence is the easiest fix. You can just dump all the champ shards into Essence and go for a skin upgrade.
I highly doubt they're going to do that, since in that case noone will use the champion essence as champions can be acquired for IP. It's not like everyone on the live servers have all, or even most of the champions anyways. Personally I think that champion essence and cosmetic essence should have a conversion button, with maybe a tax or ratio to encourage people to use each essence for what they were intend for.
: [Crafting Feedback] When you own all champions, you should stop obtaining champion shards.
The extra champion shards are probably to facilitate new champions that will be added to the game. Getting 3 extra champion shards means a guaranteed reroll for the new champ.
: as a diamond tank player, how do you feel tank itemization measures up against the onslaught of armor penetration and % hp that riot is waving about? dont get me wrong, tanks arent doing thier jobs lately, becasue they're doing damage, but on the other side of that, we arent getting rewarded for being walls, because ADC's and the like toast us in a few auto's. thoughts?
It does feel like the new ADC's are shredding us really quickly (Looking at you Vayne). Unless you're a specialized CC disrupter tank (sion/malphite) who can itemize against one particular type of damage - bruisers and tanks without powerful steroids are just shredded within 3/4 seconds. {{item:3053}} Might save us for another second or so, but overall - tanks just don't feel... tanky. On the plus side, AP items are getting nerfed, so for now - we're more likely going to deal with powerful AD damage rather than AP mages.
: Could Graves just 'slap' someone with his gun while out of ammo?
Would have to be a very weak AA (maybe 50% of total AD) for it not to be totally OP, but otherwise its a great idea. Only problem I see with the system is AS calculations. I'm pretty sure reload time and the firing of the two rounds are based on two different AS models, so maybe a static AS?
: Login Status
This hardly ever happens on the PBE, my guess would be the new accounts riot is letting in. Though tbh, there really were a lot of PBE accounts that were just inactive - the new preseason might just entice them back.
: Skip waiting for stats causes permanent 'assigned to existing game' message
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: Darius Ult fears nearby minions after killing a champion
Ah right. Only glanced at the patch notes sorry.
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: Still not lvl 30
How the XP system works: It checks for players under lvl 30 EVERY 24hrs. So if you started playing on PBE a few mins before the check, you'll instantly get to lvl 30. If you're still not lvl 30 by this time tommorrow, then it's a bug. I'm sure this is all in the forums/PBE page on main LoL website, so read it carefully.
Currently, the meta i won the most hexakill games is like this: 1 top, 1 mid, 2 bot, 2 junglers. One jungler is either a offjungle or have some sort of utility skill and is not THAT blue dependent (should be able to sustain quite well), while the other is usually a very bursty, high DPS jungler. One jungler is responsible for helping the other get blue, red and wolves at the beginning (he takes golems and wright for himself). After this phase, the two junglers can either gank (Since only one jungler needs to take smite, the other can take exhaust to help ganks) or counterjungle the other jungler(s). The advantage is that junglers this way can take either double smite for quick dragon or neither take smite for more ganks, 3v1 certain lanes and counter jungle safer.
: My (Extended) Team Builder Feedback! Ver 2.0
Currently the main problem I have with teambuilder, is the lack of certain roles/lanes. For example, as a team captain i often have to choose support (surprise surprise [even in season 4 :/])or marksman/women to make sure it doesn't take 20 mins to get into a game (the one time TB worked was when i had to go thresh adc). While in a normal server, this time will probably be (at least) halved, its still going to be a pain in the ass to find lesser picked roles. While this may lead to more people going support/adc to get into a game faster, it's still quite frustrating having top,mid,jungle and adc and then join the 3 million other team captains in chat looking for a support....
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: Verified bug reports (Updated Jan 27)
The tooltip for Xerath's W still shows 0(0) even if you lvl it up once. Screenshot: you can clearly see that W has had one point put into it, but it still shows 0 dmg.
: Queue not returning to matchmaking after failing.


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