: People do NOT want Program LeBlanc.
Program Leblanc is a well desgined great executed skin, and mafia Leblanc nothing more than a dumb old mafia costume and a staff. You have no taste just like the rest, and also stop being like spoiled brats leblanc mains.
: I hate bone plating , but tanks dont need another free dmg rune , and 80% of fighters (maybe dives) cant proc the shieldbash rune alone And revert overgrowth, and I do not like the idea of ​​having a yasuo or a vayne with 5k Hp in SR with 6 AD/crit items. cinderhulk is giving more HP than overgrowth with over 1200 cs (25%max hp << 15% bonus hp ?)
Shield bash barely deals from 6 in early game and in late game it deals 90 like damage, the damage so low its not broken incrasing shield size maybe become broken thats it also the thing about bone plating removing it makes an entire rune path useless for champs like grasp swain{{champion:50}} and gangplank{{champion:41}} aftershock galio{{champion:3}} {{sticker:sg-janna}}come on this hard for me to think about riot removing those playstyles. I get an idea edit:remove grasp permanantly gaining 5 hp everytime you proc, make overgrowth incrase percent health the amount of time you spend in combat. I am not sure about the math with that.
: New Celerity: Non-Decision
Dear Riot please revert celerity and bring back bone plating.
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