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: About Graves' changes, just leave out the True Grit part if you go through with them.
: > [{quoted}](name=Snooli,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=yX4A82BF,comment-id=001e00000000,timestamp=2016-03-09T14:24:03.060+0000) > > Does "New Tech" imply by any means the possibility of a Linux client within 2016? > AFAIK the only problem so far from porting the OSX version was the use of Adobe's products. This should be removed by the new client. We're only planning to support Windows and MacOS at this time.
: > [{quoted}](name=EpicFailtality,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=yX4A82BF,comment-id=001e,timestamp=2016-03-07T23:15:58.133+0000) > > Just curious. By client do you mean pre-game client, in game client or both? Will this fix the "spaghetti code" that has become ever so popular? The client refers to everything you experience outside of the map loading screen and gameplay on the map. Re: "spaghetti code" -- Yes, we're building the updated client in new tech: > **New Tech ** >We're abandoning the legacy client's tech framework and building the updated client from the ground up, so players will finally have the more reliable, responsive client they deserve. Bonus: teams at Riot will have an easier time developing and delivering new features.
Does "New Tech" imply by any means the possibility of a Linux client within 2016? AFAIK the only problem so far from porting the OSX version was the use of Adobe's products. This should be removed by the new client.
: Ok, but for example since my acc is old on the PBE i'll not have rp and ip to rebuy all the stuff later on =\ And i work with spotlights on youtube + general content creation. How can i solve this problem?
I got wiped only of champion. When I go to skins and filter not owned and unowned champions, I see only 5 skins, the rest has remained purchased.
: I haven't had the time to log in and test the new HUD in-game myself so I'm just posting based on the screenshot. > Instead of having a streamline bar of low priority information in the top right, it's connected to the minimap now adding more bloat. I completely agree with you on this one, adding cs, clock and etc to the minimap just clusters too much not so important information into one place. > Smaller ally panes, harder to click on when say you're shen and you need to quickly ult an ally. It's even harder to see their health when laning. I like this change myself, in the current HUD allied champion status is too far apart from the minimap. Minimap is the main source of game flow and now ally health bars are closer to it, not a screen apart (with map on right side) and I feel it makes tp plays and Shen ults slightly easier. On the negative side the enemy death timers in the same area just serve to create confusion in my opinion, perhaps they could be moved to the left side where current ally status is displayed.
clustering minimap and team stats is fine, as long as it is done correctly. The minimap should be tested in top corners. I think I way more of the map than I need to in top corners, while seeing little to nothing in bottom corners. But the minimap has to be chopping of bottom corner... Top-left is propably the best minimap placement, as no lane is played in that direction.
: New HUD Feedback
With the way perspective works, could you please move (or add the option to) the minimap to the top side of the screen? You said that the goal is to clear the GUI, but the minimap is obstructing a large portion of my view. I cant even scale down the map as it would be useless at that point, moving to top-right/left corner would make more sense.
: Lol thanks for the reply and the numbers maybe a little high. A 120% to 220% ability power based on 3 stacks is alot. Maybe basing his ap stack ratio to something similar to Ziggs passive maybe? Or just lower it by 5 and lessen the rest of his skills accordingly. But I do agree {{champion:6}} needs some love and a rework/Vu, same with Sion {{champion:14}} . Even though I don't play them I can still say they are in a place no one ever plays them. I mean, when was the last time they received a skin.
We are here, on PBE, to test those new values. So you should not worry about them. Maybe we should just make a whole new thread where the community will put up those updates. There are also many people that are working on some VU in their free time, so they could help with that. The only thing we need, is official YES from RIOT.
: [Skin Concept] A Halloween Skin For Syndra
Riot should give a full SDK that will work only on PBE, so you could EASILY make your own skins and then RIOT will just come and make them official. (maybe give the author the skin+champion on any account/server)
: Is it me or is Ardent Censer horribly weak at 2200g?
I never like support items anyway. On {{champion:43}} , I start with 2 {{item:1004}} which I rush into {{item:3028}} and some wards/potions. I might try some games with it, but seems like the price is too high and has nothing to upgrade into.
: @Teemo The swift scout?
The numbers are mad and can't imagine what will happen, but that is why does PBE even exist. And if this idea ends up being rather worse than good, it can just last as an idea. The attacks dont need any visual update so maybe if RIOT listened to community more... {{champion:6}} needs it more tho.
: All Icons are now Urf, Happy Urf day!
: A BIG PBE RANT, ehm i mean *constructive criticism* (HELLO RIOT)
Rarely I have to agree with someone flaming PBE, most PBE players come from EU even over all those latency problems. Moving PBE to Europe will also have some indirect impact on the main server, such as shorter login que, since some people will choose to go on PBE. Another change that got me mad was the RP update, however with as I found out, it is not bad, as many people read it from the official post. (You can still get your skins, only have to wait till the champ get reworked) The concentration of RIOTers may seem small, but I would say that it is sufficient. Anyway it is awesome to see you react to people┬Ęs reactions (Pantheon changes)
: Idea for next special event
: [FEEDBACK]What my friends think about Atlantean Syndra ...
Personaly I had problems hitting my W and E because I did not see my boubbles. (playing on very low)
: That ult change is ridiculous. I don't usually use the term 'gutting' or 'Olafing' but I think this qualifies. You say you go overboard, but you're not overboard, you're still on the pier. This completely kills any Pantheon. I mean, I get you got a lot of that when you removed the global part of his ulti, but this is...stupid. It's basically a ground targeted version of Elise's Rappel at this point, and that's a normal ability. If your ult is equal to someone's normal ability, something is wrong.
{{champion:80}} is, was and I hope will be balanced and so there is no reason to DESTROY him like you are sugesting. I stick with the idea of Pantheon being same as before. The fact that he got into the top 10 junglers is no need for you to put him back into bakery where he has no use. The changes of his passive and W are reasonable and very good indeed, but what you did to his ultimate, is like cutting off a leg and hand from an average person. {{champion:80}} was never overpowered, recent jungle changes make him more usable, but I still think that {{champion:60}} is the best jungler. Basically you are destroying offensive {{champion:80}}, while you award risky players by buffing his "ultimate escape". {{champion:80}} was always about planning a good gang, not about sticking near a lane and jumping in quickly. Old ultimate had landing time that short, that you had to flash from it, when it was aimed correctly. Maybe this could be counteracted by giving his W a short time range buff after landing ultimate.
: that makes sense =) but i think they will take a while to start on it, because developing a brand new client isnt that easy =p although it is a pretty big company, i wonder if tencent has any influence on their decisions now.
It wont be a new client, Mac runs similar programs to Linux. Also I don't see many problems that will need to be rebuild, just some directions renames.
: The Black Marshes and Deathmatch (Suggestion of new map with new game mode)
When you made this thread, maybe I could one gamemode too. What about the "hardcore mode"? When you die, you are automaticaly kicked into the spectator mode so you can see how you were killed, and how will the game end, because you cant respawn. This could be another variation of the regular 5v5 where once anybody dies, he dies forever.
: Maybe we could let the yellow trinket ?
Maybe, but need some RIOTers to be serius. However the yellow trinket would give free early vision for assassins without the need to sacrifise any resorces dedicated for damage items.
: The third is obviously not an option (at least for me, a game is too long on it), they are already investigating it. Linux will likely get its love later IMO, but it is one of the smaller portions of the market, thus Riot has yet to devote any man force and capital on it. Just be patient (I know 1 day is a long wait), but they will figure it out eventually.
After many changes on the market, one must say that Valve is opening worlds eyes. The Microsoft's API changes, WinXP support end, Linux's virus proofness and lower memory usage, OpenGL performance, Valve's D3D to OGL porter and many more factors are starting to make Linux viable option for everyday use, including high end bank transactions and gaming. So, RIOT is realy not going to be investing into a black hole, but into a worm hole. And I know from my experience, that the warm hole ends in a universe of many planets. (users)
: If someone get disconnected, afking a bit, enduring lags, get camped by the all ennemy team or buying stuff, he'll get killed by his own foutain again and again. (There's a short time of respawn) Maybe with a longest time it could work, but I'm not sure.
there should be (players)+1 spawn poins on every team (maybe more teams?) giving the enemy points when you AFK is stupid, I will let the wards trought, but with no pinks, and only 1 ward per player.
: Blue vs Purple team side.
As a jungling {{champion:80}}, I need a lot of {{item:2004}} to get top at full {{item:2003}} so that I can gang. However, the viewv is really bad and the option of camera rotation is very good.
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: I feel like Vel'Koz's ult should give vision of the area around the laser
: [Suggestion] Make it possible to invite a whole friend group, It's nothing major but I feel like it would be nice to send out multiple invites at the same time.
Did you mean like inviting all players from one group in your chat client? EDIT: for example I sort people by language they speak and by ranked teams we make.
: (2/11 edit) Summary of PBE leveling, IP/RP and pricing updates
OK, with a real sittuation example. Vel'Koz was added to the game with his first skin. as always. Everybody buys him with the skin for 2IP total. Goes live and Blam! default skin is bugged terribly. How did that happen? since everyone had 2IP, everyone got the second skin and nobody tested the default because they used the skin. Now to what it was before: Everyone has the IP to buy the champ, but they have to wait till sunday for RP to come. Still there are people that will rather buy a skin for a support than for his new midlaner...So much more balanced testing. RIOT, wake up! Make EU servers! Act logicaly!
: [Suggestion] Make Zhonya's Hourglass a Toggle
Seems interesting. {{item:3157}} will get a different meaning as you say, should be tried out.
: [Howling Abyss] Chain bug.
Most likely a bug spawning chains attached to turret towers instead of towers outside the walkable map
: You do not actually need to test all the skins. Many of them have been out for a very long time and are not being changed. At Riot, release managers such as Riot Feithen know much better than anyone else what needs to be tested and can therefore adjust those items to the 1 IP price until testing is complete.
: Mystery gifts are tested and works fine.
No reason why a new bug should not pop-up. Same as the Mecha Kha was tested.
: Maybe you guys could hand out RP in the same way as IP after matches. I believe that would provide a sense of motivation. I guess it would be a good compromise, but I'm generally ok with this change.
I personaly would like to see RP as a "payment" for work you really do. That means Bug reports. However it is hard to create this connection of game server with forums.
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: [Bug] water textures missing/water is black
Happened on Very Low, Tried switching onto Very High and the river was fixed.
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: Yeah, there most likely won't be any EU PBE servers. PBE is for testing and a small player base. I'm from EU and playing with 200ping isn't as fun and is harder, but it isn't impossible either.
We should make a demostration some day when LCS is on in their new place. PS: May be the reason why I could turn onto DotA2 (have their beta servers key)
: I think it's nice that we can test this (again), the time frame could be a bit bigger so more people have a chance to join it.
: Actually... I didn't get any e-mail about this. The usual junk folder, etc,etc... troubleshooting didn't allow me to find it.
: Server support for EU and the rest of the world.
According to RIOT official page, new workplace have been estabilished in [Cologne](, this could mean EUPBE servers comming but no mention about the time. Anyways PBE servers are not mentioned to be used for daily gameplay, but for testing of new content and searching bugs. {{champion:77}} Snooli


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