: Problems with reconnection
I ended a game roughly an hour ago, which had an endless "Waiting for Stats" at game end, went out to get a haircut, and now I'm seemingly still in a zombie game that I can't reconnect to but that also prevents me from starting another... Guess it'll go away at the next maintenance, at worst.
: ---We've heard what you've been saying. We're in talks about what we can do here. See SapMagic's post above.---
Hello. Just wanted to add my two cents: Making a rune page in blind is terrible. If I start creating one, save it halfway done, pick/lock a champion, then open it again, I land on a preset page (most likely because my previous page was unfinished, and time was running out, so I got assigned a preset rather than an unfinished one? - Not sure if this happens only when everybody has locked in and 10s remain before the end of the select) If I lock my champion early, hoping to get plenty of time to get it done, I'm still at the mercy of the possibility of every other player locking in, starting the 10s delay until the champion select is done. It might be just because I play exclusively draft modes on live servers... But making a rune page in blind pick has been a nightmare for me. So... fine with me to keep blind (I'd prefer draft, but I can deal with blind) if a few QoL changes are made for runepage creation during blind picks.


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