: Queue broken
I;m having the same issue and contacted player support. Let me know if you find a solution.{{champion:17}}
: I know,that PBE is for testing.. But I don't think that players,like these,should be allowed to access PBE.. There should be more criterias to be passed to play in PBE.
Don't worry they will just get banned over the course of time and hopefully you will see a PBE cleaned from toxicity. IMO I believed that this time requirements have been as low as it could have ever been as Riot badly needed more feedback due to massive changes.
: Tilted
Public BETA Environment was meant for BETA testing . How players behave on PBE is another thing all you have to do is report them and if they continue with their bad habits their account will be banned indefinitely.
: I was replying to "quitting league if i have to play with these" It is both unclear and unhelpful.
The health bars are way too big for my laptop screen and killing and kiting jungle camps, killing lane minions.. does not feel good as it used to be with old health bars. I believe that health bar is a big factor of my game play experience which is amongst the factors why I find league stimulating. IMO to get comfortable with new runes is already a thing as players surely will find it frustrating to get used with broken stuffs used against them.,. Making new changes like the health bars/adding new champion..will only add weight to players' frustration. Lets use me as an example : I convinced some my friends to get into league in 2 weeks time when my exams are over, promised to myself to get serious about improving, to find a main and many other things..Many of these I cannot do which only adds up to my frustration{{champion:17}}
: New healthbars are less concise and less satisfying
Quitting league if Im going to have to play with those health bars next season{{champion:32}}
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