: Same, turn off overwolf, fixes fps problem. Had 30-50 fps, turned off overwolf and back to 200
Oh my god thank you so much that worked
: Low Fps on PBE
Bump would really like a solution
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: Downloading super slow
Thanks to completely no one cause no one commented, but I ran as administrator for the third time and it magically started downloading at normal speeds
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: Can Riot give me that level 7 i'm tired af
: banned...
Riot Lyte: "Oops, my bad"
: Rune Bundle
I think that's a great idea, I think it would also be good on pbe, but maybe on live they could have something like an ad rune page or ap rune page instead of all of them.
: [Mages and You!] URF has been Enabled for Testing!
When will we be able to test this stuff out. I wanna try out that thresh buff and I think you guys should make yasuo better. Maybe make his e like .5 instead of 5 seconds on the same target, or make his q like 0.5 second cd, he's so terribly terrible compared to every one else.
: Is there any chance that you bring back the old Twisted Treeline as a RGM like you did with this map (Dominion Map)? I really miss the old TT, it brings me back so many good memories :'D
Knowing riot they wouldn't do this, and they probably don't even have the old map anymore and they most-likely wouldn't remake it.
: "Definitely Not Dominion" game mode live on the PBE for RGM queue testing.
This is a boring gamemode. There is a reason no one played it when it was out permanently, it was sooooo boring. It's no different now, if anything just looks for a place for more tryhards then it was before. Did riot already forgot why it was deleted? I'm probably gonna get lots of hate for this but I don't care, it's a boring gamemode nonetheless and people are already getting mad for bans they don't think are necessary like fizz and morgana. I honestly think this is gonna be one of the most if not the most unplayed limited time gamemode yet. People have already played it when it was permanent, and only played one or two games before saying "this is boring asf" and never playing it again.
: U.R.F coming Agian ?
I wish ;[ I read the same comment, but someone (not a riot employee so probably not true) said that urf was on for 12 hours and it'll probably not be on again. I really wanna test out taliyah aswell, knowing there are proably glitches in her ult, and I just wanna play urf like every one does, but won't admit to it lmao
: Riot has said they won't do this. First off, with such a mode you would be finding bugs that would be specific to customs then, making it very hard to test bugs after finding them in a normal match. Then people would probably abuse it to make their own URF or MEGA URF custom games. Honestly besides getting gold and levels faster for bug testing, it would still be useless because it would cause a whole bunch of bugs itself.
I don't think they should be adding it, it's kinda useless but the state you pointed about urf or mega urf is kinda dumb for riot to say. Like oh my god, the horror of playing urf when it's not out! That can never ever happen in a trillion years! (Not tryna hate on you at all, catman)
: There's about to be a maintenance for 2 hours. Is that a clue to adding URF back for testing?
: It was a day and a half, not an hour.
: Are these URF suggestions going into Play?
They're bringing urf back soon on pbe, they only had it on for like an hour because realized they need to bring back DnD to see if any more bugs were on it. Idk about the suggestions though.
: Definitely Not Dominion Is a Quality Mode with 1 Problem
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: Hextech Crafting Feedback
I agree that it's way too time consuming, they just want it to look pretty. ;)
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