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This is a bit late, but just want to put here that this fix worked for me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7I15j7jaaX4
: Incoming update for match history in the client
With these changes to match history, I would like to see some changes to ranked team match history and statistics. As it stands, statistical information about a team is very limited, especially after the ranked reset. I think it would be advantageous to create a system where there are individualy player stats for every player on the team. Information about the players would include, but not limited to: what champions each player plays the most (to determine their role), What percentage a champion is used throught the teams games and maybe an indication of which matches are 5v5 and which are 3v3. League of Legends has a massive competitive scene, spreading all accross the world. When teams participate in tournaments, against a team they barely know, having extra statistical information will really go a long way. Thank you
: Readability and clarity are always big concerns for us when creating a new skin. We can't change certain things, whether it be color or design because it may interfere too heavily with game play. For example, we can't change Kayle's ultimate too much, because it's a game play read that whoever has that golden orb around them is invulnerable. In Orianna's case, we have to be careful with how we change her skills because she has distinct skills, that aren't super particle heavy to begin with. Adding a ton of particles to them could potentially change how players perceive the skill to function.
As much as I agree with this, I have to say that the colour outline fo the abilities are very suficient. Her ball's location is pretty easily seen by both the enemy and ally team, leaving a lot of room for major colour and minor particle changes. This has already been achieved with this amazing skin, thank you :) The point I am trying to make is that with regard in adding particles to Commad: Dissonace and Command: Shockwave, there shouldn't be a huge clarity issue because both these abilities rely on the position of the ball, which is cleary indicated. Of course information is only achieved through testing and knowledge so I will leave that to the experts :)
: [suggestion] Scuttle Crab
I like this, maybe they can do what they did with the inhibs on SR and make a ring that disappears after a while.
: The holidays are just around the corner
imho, it is really not neccessary becuase all the new content can be bought with 1 IP so that it can be tested.
: I absolutely love you guys just for the sake of making a new Orianna skin... but she seems very plain aside from the ball/effects. I feel like some detail to her textures/model would make it go from "Orianna dressing for a cold winter day" to "Orianna's here to blow you up with sparkles and winter magic". Its more like Winter Orianna than Winter *Wonderland* Orianna at the moment :( Lulu's is a perfect example, lots of detail there, even though it's a 1350. Personally I kinda wish you guys would just go all the way, and make it as awesome as you can. I have a feeling most people wouldn't mind paying 1350 for a champ that's never had a skin above 975, or even one with any particle changes (until now), so why not make it her first?
I cetainly would not mind paying that extra RP for the simple reason that it has been quite a while since she received a skin. The bladecraft skin she got was in April 2012 afaik. It would be cool if Command: Dissonance wold have a saturated icy effect with snow on it :D
: [SUGGESTION] A new command
Although this seems like a good idea on the surface, the fact is that this will create many consiquences. In a normal game, you have your mid and bot lane carry, if you can share gold and items, you can give your carry all the gold whch will imbalance the entire team. A good idea would be to just be able to share HP and Mana pots with other players as well as wards, but not not gold or otehr items.
: Preseason 2015 Experimental Jungle Changes
I would be lying if I said I wasn't sceptical of some of these changes but overall they will seem to benefit the jungle role immensely. My main concern is that because of these new secondary objectives, the jungle role will overshadow the others. This may cause disruption is solo queue because every person wants to carry and what better role than the one with the most influence? My point is that the lanes should also be looked at, specifically, bot lane. The reason I say this is because imho ADC (marksman) is the most uninfluential role. Don't get me wrong, a game won't be able to progress without an ADC, but all an ADC does is shower the enemy with damage. My suggestion is adding mild utillity to the ADC role by; for example creating items with utillity actives that will be usefull for the entire team. There are obviously other roles that may also need looking at after these jungle changes, which look awesome and will provide a wider perspective in terms of stratagy.
: yes please. sometimes my connection is messy and I need to reset the router. An indicator like this will help against unecessary and avoidable wait times.
This. I have a 2Mbps line and there are quite a few times other people are using my internet, which is why it would be nice to see the speed.
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