: Star Guardian Lux was the first in this particular skin line. As skin lines evolve, styles change, and we, as the team, continuously strive to raise the quality bar and outdo what we did previously - this goes for any thematic/work that we do. Star Guardian Ahri is also legendary, so she's naturally going to have more bells and whistles than Star Guardian Lux did as a 1350.
Hey Katey maybe little off topic but I would still like to hear your opinion (not granted you will or you won't, your personal opinion on the matter). If others star guardian squads will be made (which I hope they will be since this skin line is awesome and there are still several characters who would fit nicely represented as guardians), will the original squad (Lux and co) have their recall updated to fit or will they remain "old generation"? I'm talking mostly about the particles in the recall (the animations are nice already), the "classic anime transformation " particles. Cause you talk price but even Ez, Mf,Soraka and Syndra are 1350 and they have it but Lux Poppy Lulu Janna haven't it. And Jinx is legendary too but she lacks it. Would it be possible to just take the texture and attach it to the existing recall animation or a complete rework of the recall would be required (ugh I hope not since no way that much resources would be put in renewing something that is only old compared to their fellow skin line but is still great by itself in the game general environment)?
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Ahri!
Hey Katey! This skin is gorgeous. From animations to particles to model. It's a masterwork. I have only one thing that troubles me: the running animation is.. strange. Particularly the position of her arms in it, something feels wrong on how they move in that position . ps: am I crazy if this reminds me a lot of Asuna ?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Janna!
I love it. Totally great job... the only thing that left me in doubt at beginning was the sound effect, I thought it could be annoying.. but I just finished a game with it and they are not bothering at all, instead they are quite a nice addition to her voiceover. Great :) 10/10 for me.
: PBE needs to be as similar to live as possible. Otherwise we might have bugs live will not have, and vice versa. Also, believe it or not, some bugs occur while banning certain stuff. Gotta catch that, too.
uuhm didn't think about it honestly :p Still, playing when new content is out is really hard..., I thought in draft it would be easier since the system assigns stuff on you but people keep dodging even there..and there are even more dodges then back in blind cause of the bans :c
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: Speaking of SKT Skins... it's time for an update!
Love them all. I think I may learn and buy Kalista just to use this skin for how much I like it. But, more than anything else, good job for the decision of listening to your community Riot, these are the actions we customers appreciate from you. PS: just saw that Ryze's tumble.... <3
: Hey IFedTheZed, Thanks for taking the time to leave all of this feedback! > So happy about a new Nami skin, as she is one of my favourite champions. I'm super glad you like her! <3 > Soo.. I have to say 2 things: the first is I agree it could have been more on the "dark and scary" theme, but I read Katey's explanation and I'm fine with it.. let's hope for a new one in the future! We could absolutely still do something in the future that's dark themed - Void, perhaps? ^-^ PS. I'm a Nami main, and I have been so excited for this skin. It was so hard not to spill the beans on this one, haha. Literally me: http://gph.is/VwN2IC
xD excitement is real :D hey you skipped the compliment part on purpose, didn't you? :p
: Why is Talisman not an appealing option for Janna or Soraka anymore? If you're playing a passive support, Talisman supports this playstyle fully and having a Point Runner passive + Talisman Active and the stats it provides are not even at odds with these champions. So why do you say "Talisman is now for roaming tanks and where does this leave me?"
> Why is Talisman not an appealing option for Janna or Soraka anymore? Because we are paying for stats we might not want always?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Deep Sea Nami! (!!!)
So happy about a new Nami skin, as she is one of my favourite champions. Soo.. I have to say 2 things: the first is I agree it could have been more on the "dark and scary" theme, but I read Katey's explanation and I'm fine with it.. let's hope for a new one in the future! The second thing is I absolutely love this skin in all its aspects. I like the splash art, she is so beautiful but still feel very lethal to me, like a "deep mythological siren" should ( really show the concept as siren=seduce to kill, which fits light-fishes too :p). I really like her being a light fish and I love the color palette chosen. Yes, it's true, maybe it's not that original as it matches her other skins, especially River Spirit.. but know what, it's so amazing to look at, and it gives me a very different feeling thanks to the different shadows of the colors, I will like insta-buy this, even as a happy owner of River Spirit. The animation effects look amazing, the ulty is so creepy, and the jellyfish is an original and classy touch. The E is maybe "meh" in originality but it fits very well and looks good. The Q has a fantastic design and a perfect execution imho. The model is quite well designed and has nice details. The only thing that doesn't makes me crazy is the recall, as I think it could be more, but still it's ok. So overall, great job on this from my side!
: I hope you're joking, the new leopard is 101% better Own leopard nidalee on live server
Idk maybe it's just my taste. But it's the one I like less now.
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: Taliyah feedback thread
Hi! Just had some games with her, I have to say imo she is a wonderful champion, and she is very fun to play. I played vs her too, and found laning vs her a very fun experience too, she feels very balanced. My main struggle is I don't understand how to avoid being pushed in when I have some worked grounds around and can fire a single q. I had terrible issues against malzahar, not being able to survive at level 2 as he took his w. The other thing is doing a E-W combo feels very hard and unlikely unless you are getting chased and can setup from a no-vision point. This may become better with experience though, idk.. I love her concept and her visuals
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Freljord Taliyah!
Hi! While I think aesthetically the paler skin looks really good, I think it would be nice to turn the skin into a "Tal passing through Freljord" , as this is part of her release lore. Maybe just try to tan the skin/possibly hair and see if it doesn't sound too weird Katey? I think with lighting a little her outfit the result could be quite nice looking, but can't be sure xD
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: Possibly the biggest problem that's held Zyra back as a control mage is her plant targeting. Her plants tend to all target the same enemy, for reduced damage and redundant effects. Buying Rylai's for defense isn't much help when your plants all target the tank, leaving the rest of the enemy team free to do as they please. Sure, she still has AoE abilities which can apply the effect, but if she waits until she has the chance to hit multiple enemy champions with the spell AoE, that probably means the enemy tank has already stomped her seeds, and if Zyra's spells were sufficient without spawning plants, she would be insanely OP when she did summon plants. Here's how I think the targeting AI should work (each step only considered if multiple targets remain after all previous steps): 1) Prioritize champions over (aggro'd) monsters, and monsters over minions. 2) Prioritize targets to which a spell effect could be applied by the hit. 3) Prioritize targets which would not suffer from the 50% penalty for being attacked by multiple plants. 4) Prioritize the target Zyra has most recently autoattacked. 5) Prioritize the target closest to the plant.
This sounds like a so nice idea. Hope 20thcenturyFaux could consider this.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Black Scourge Singed, Iron Inquisitor Kayle and Cursed Revenant Noct!
Tried the Kayle's one, and I have to say for this price it is wonderful. Couldn't find any issue, every color perfectly matches the others and the shape is gorgeous. Superb job team! Ps: a changes on particles with increased price could be fitting, and those skins would be totally worth it imho, but even as they are they look sooo good.
: MYMU - Zyra discussion
Is using the seeds of an enemy zyra intended?
: > [{quoted}](name=IFedTheZed,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=clpMWqyp,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2016-04-17T15:01:00.712+0000) > > Let&#x27;s hope they took at least the negative feedback on quality to don&#x27;t make the same mistakes in future works. ofc they won't do any mistakes when they will do x-th Ahri/Sona/Syndra/Vi/Leona/Jinx/etc skin... and after 2-3 years when they decide to "bless us" (cough cough) with another Diana skin they again will make something odd/rushed/messed up and won't give a damn about Diana players opinion
As a Diana main you are salty, and I understand that, but I don't think the problem is in the champion. I am an Ahri main and lover, so I should be please with skin situation right now, but I won't forget anyway the mess they created with this.. If they did a good job I would have definetely bought this q.q.. just the creation team totally screwed up
: > [{quoted}](name=IFedTheZed,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=clpMWqyp,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-04-17T11:39:11.659+0000) > >** I don&#x27;t understand if everyone is blind,** or maybe it&#x27;s really that we were expecting too much and became too incline to criticism.. **or maybe the hype was just so hig people will buy it no matter what just for the subject without looking at quality..** It's the blindness/syndrome of "after 3 years we could even accept Diana covered in mud, wearing stinky paper bags. etc and pay 2k RP" of gray mass/mindless people/kids that started playing her recently is the major problem. When majority of customers have 0 standards/demands to new contend then why RIOT should even bother? Look at SKT skins. Everyone were aware that e-sport skins are usually low quality but still after uproar of SKT fanboys and mostly Faker response RIOT **INSTANTLY** decided to scrap all skins and make new ones. They probably will even have all this stuff that people asked like Ryze eating broccoli or doing tumble, etc. I won't be even surprised if **REWORK OF SKT SKINS IS THE MAJOR REASON WHY DIANA DIDN'T GOT TOUCHED/FIXED/CHANGED OR EVEN DELAYED** And now look at Diana. RIOT received GIGANTIC detailed feedback and they just ignored it. They treat Diana dedicated players/mains as trash/air and ignore everything we say. The same story happened 3 years ago with Lunar Goddess Diana and here we go again. 2 and half year of waiting for nothing... not only RIOT is showing middle finger to us by not making Blood Moon Diana, Eclipse Diana (one of the first fan made ideas that became popular) or other popular fan ideas but now they just throw in our face disgusting, rushed copy of Wildfire Zyra, ignore our feedback and wants us to pay 1350 RP for it... 2012 - 2016 - RIOT still trolls Diana mains/dedicated fans. Nothing changed.
I honestly don't think it's SKT skin's team fault... the only "fault" here is from who designed the skin in the first place, because he/she/them could have done a better quality product in the first place. I can't blame Riot for deciding to don't change it though ( even if I am very sad about it ), Riot can't work for glory, everything they do must be a worth investment, if the money you gain from x people buying the skin after the changes (who are not buying it as it is ) doesn't cover the cost of basically re-making it ( many critics were so massive the amount of work needed to satisfy them would be quite big ) they simply can't do it, and we can't do nothing about it. Also, fire theme is very general and there will be always players ( even the future ones) that will buy it ( so, even if they don't manage to please the majority of intended customers right now, the chances of gain the intended profit in the long run are very high; instead SKT line is directed to SKT fans in season 5, so the customer number is overall very smaller in the long period, and if you don't manage to please the actual audience it is very likely you won't gain a profit from these, and time passing just will make things worse. The only thing us, as customers, could do about it is universally agree the product lacks quality and so show we wouldn't buy it, but this would have needed an agreement in our community that just couldn't be done, again because the part of community "targeted" for skin feedback is immensely more high then SKT's , and the theme can be interpreted in many different ways ( I expected a "drown in flames" burning warrior, you expected a normal-looking girl who can manipulate fire at her please, others expected a hell-theme with dark colors reminding to nasus, others just thought at some fire reminders and cool particles, and infact they are happy with this version..), SKT theme can have shades, sure ( for example I didn't like headphones, and another users disagreed strongly with me, saying they are a component in team's skins ), but the most important things we were asking for were overall the same, and noone could be displeased by them ( I honestly don't NEED a Ryze tumbling or eating broccoli, but if it is made I cannot disagree with it, as it strongly reminds of Faker )... Basically our own condition screwed us I guess, just shame to original creation team on this one. Let's hope they took at least the negative feedback on quality to don't make the same mistakes in future works.
: Hello Scripting Shaco hope your morning is well! About the IP and RP it is just a bug and ive seen it before where it takes more then a week... I'd try sending riot a support ticket. Sincerely, Nurf Zed(lmao)
The Zed is strong is this thread.. xD
: Since Infernal Diana won't get touched/fixed/polished/changed than can the price be reduced to 975?
Sadly it seems the majority of players didn't see at all the problems this skin is carrying. On NA boards every thread/comment on how ugly it is right now is mostly getting downotes, Riot can't finance work if there isn't an economical return, it seems there are not many players that would buy the skin JUST AFTER it get some adjustments, so their profit will just decrease by making it better. I don't understand if everyone is blind, or maybe it's really that we were expecting too much and became too incline to criticism.. or maybe the hype was just so hig people will buy it no matter what just for the subject without looking at quality..
: When should i expect to get the rp and ip?
Mmmm that's strange, it usually adjust after the first game. Exit and re-log and maybe they will be there. If not, farm 450 ip and then buy a 450 champion in the shop. This should make everything synchronyze and your money should appear.
: The worlds skins are all esports themed they always have headgear and computers and other equipment esports players have.
computers are fine but that model of headphone was bad imho, too big and not fitting good champion profile in some cases
: That tends to happen primarily because it's a different edition, not because of the cover. Different editions tend to have edits or other commentary, or maybe going from hardcover->paperback or something. That would be similar to how if they changed some in-game particles for a skin that already existed and potentially changing the price. Even if they changed the artwork then, the primary thing is the in-game features.
Mmm not necessarily. For example there is a new Harry Potter version, with better adapted translations in my language, which the same editor did in 2 versions: both got a plastified cover, but one is simple and has original drawing on it, the other has an Hogwarts version on the cover, which is made in a way that having all books will lead to their spine to form an Hogwarts image when you put them in the proper order. This last one costs from 5 to 10 euros more for every book, and the only difference is literally the design of the cover. This one jumped to my mind cause it's not much time I gifted one to a friend, but I'm sure there are other examples.
: No, you're paying for the in-game recolor. I don't understand how someone can fail to understand this - the splash is minor as hell compared to in-game model. The splash is nothing more than something like the cover of a book - the important thing is the model, not the splash.
Infact there are plenty of books in which a different edition, with a different cover, changes the price, sometimes even a lot.
: I have tried this however to submit a ticket you have to select a language, and if you select PBE as a region, no languages pop up.
Ho! I sent a ticket for a flame case some days ago and used my region and my language: They replied me an investigation has started, so you could try doing the same.
: > what do you want the core build path to look like on those supports? Honestly, at the moment - I'm not sure but I'd like there to be more options to enhance your ability to contribute to the team - rather than simply becoming more durable. Being more durable should always be an effective route - but some specialization in the enchantress space to give them some unique item outputs that the tank supports don't have would be desirable.
> Honestly, at the moment - I'm not sure but I'd like there to be more options to enhance your ability to contribute to the team - rather than simply becoming more durable. Nice. As a lover of utility mages too, may I ask a thing: won't be a good idea, especially after Athene changes, to put a hand even on supportive AP items to get a line of average AP, mana regen, heavy utility items? Some items on the line of {{item:3504}} fantasy.. when can we expect some work in that direction? I saw nerfs incoming for FQC, and I was very disappointed : supports are now feeling overall very weak, and just have to build tank, and one of the few items they are getting as ap-item is getting nerfs. I know targon's got tuned too, but they still use normal tank items well, while aps can't afford an ap build, and they have too few items directed at them.. So, will their itemizition ( being ap after all ) be looked at in this period or we have to wait for a future "support update" ? If done, will you be the one working on them?
: > This may bring items like Ludens, Rabadons, and Void Staff to be seen on every champion, every game. Is this an issue? Potentially. One of the things that we've seen about CDR is that it tends to lock in item builds if their isn't enough of it. If there's a single path to 40% - that becomes a fairly common path. By over-infusing CDR into the item system - each CDR item can be individually stronger (as we know that you can't stack all of them) - but a lot of other items start seeing play as well because you can 'finish' your CDR items and then consider from all the non-CDR spaces.
> This may bring items like Ludens, Rabadons, and Void Staff to be seen on every champion, every game Won't AP non-mana items be touched too in the time to come?
: How Youre saying that Kata Is nerfed? She is of course buffed in utility, yeah, she doesnt need it to work, but it still help her a lot. In both cases, of course the removal of Spellvamp is a big problem, I never say it isnt, even if you read my comments Im against it, but notice that Several main players of manaless Champs, as the used on the examples, dont even care about Sustain, so they dont use any Hextech or WOTA, and can still play ok. Of course the reduction of AP on Zhonya and Abyssal, as in other Items Is VERY BAD, I never said is not, but Im comparing only AP vs AP, of course all this changes are a massive nerf to all Mages, but Im talking of Manaless vs mana Mages, and the downside for being manaless is None. Then As I said, Check all the items before keep just looking for{{item:3146}} ....there are new Items which indeed can give some type of sustain coming from AP, so think of changing Hextech for some of those and there you go, you have the sustain, then rush again the items which assasins SHOULDNT have to obtain, as zhonya or abyssal, (cause the trade for being assasin is to be squishy, thing that indeed is not fullfilled at all....), and there you go, OP MANALESS... Then, even if you talk about Akali, you should think about both, cause if Tankali became OP, until the rework that will be the way the META enforce her to be played.
> She is of course buffed in utility, yeah, she doesnt need it to work, but it still help her a lot. I strongly disagree with you. points of view I guess, I don't think Kat makes use of utility at all, she needs raw damage imho because that target MUST be dead once she's done with him. Utility won't save her if she jumps in and found herself in cooldown because she didn't manage to kill. And aby and zhonya were nice first buys when you were in a difficult lane, now buying them will put you severely behind for the loss of damage..but we all know Kat is not a so great laner so she could have used a bit of defense if it came with acceptable damage.
: Theyre not just nerfed, theyre Tweaked, of course Hextech line is indeed a nerf, but now you dont need to rush it, now the build is: rush{{item:3001}} +{{item:3157}} in any case, first rushing the one you need...If you know akali, She is used as "TANKALI" now, and this change is a straigh buff to that build, Picking{{item:3146}} as a Third item or fourth would make it way stronger, but some players tend to not use these ones (sustain items) since she already have innate spellvamp. The point is that all the mages are suffering a massive change on the gameplay, maybe you feel is a nerf, but indeed you must take other approach, adjust your build and you probably will end up way stronger than it was before...Its impossible to negate that the free 20% of CDR with surely the same build is a massive powerspike difference in both builds....
Of course I was talking about assassin Akali, not tankakali.. and she can't choose to go hextech as 3 item cause she needs it badly in the lane. Both her and Katarina don't care at all to have cooldown reduction ( the first can't spam anyway or she runs out of energy, the second... well, i don't think an explanation is needed), they just want to max their ap and penetration so they can oneshot stuff, so this is is a straight nerf to them.
: As I said in other ocassions, even in a Post, dont touch the grail{{item:3174}} . Reading all the Feedback, is easy to notice that the removal part(On WotA, or reducing things on FQC or Grail) is unneeded, unwanted and several players are Unhappy with it.... Add what you want but keep several items intact, as {{item:3174}} and{{item:3092}} , and then keep WOTA! If SpellVamp is hard to Balance, then keep it...If no one cares about it, then theres no point on remove it,since some players seems to like it... Also, Note that those changes, again,are a straight buff To MANALESS, and a Massive nerf to Pure Mages, "Immobile mages"...But then, Those "Mana" concepts will be a Joke to any {{champion:55}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:68}} on mid...which all gona have a minimum of 20/30%CDR and wont Have these Mana Issues, instead just rush{{item:3146}} in the worst case and just Spam until pentakill or something... Still, I will keep thinking of this, as A TEST, Which WILL HELP to PROVIDE FEEDBACK, and nothing more....and several explained facts will be taken into account and some changes wont happen...(Remember{{champion:82}} ) cause this is too radical, and Neithers ADCs or TANKS got their items massively changed ~~destroyed~~ as in this case.
I hope you are seriously kidding because {{champion:84}} found herself with a nerfed item on her first buy ( {{item:3145}} ), and all 3 have some core items nerfed to them {{item:3001}} {{item:3157}}
: thanks. Sadly I made huge mistake by creating this thread during weekend so it wend quite deep on thread lists + RIOTers from skin team don't work so they now may miss it :( hope that you are right and with a bit of comments and/or upvotes it will bump on top
: Remember What We're Here For
Nah you will get downvotes to oblivion, even players who never entered pbe and don't give a shit about testing are here these days, making for us impossible to play normals or even login at all. Rip AP items preview.
: [Riot] Please DISABLE URF On The PBE (Context Within)
I totally agree. They could have even waited until today to implement urf so weekend could be used for testing AP stuff. Besides, even with the desire of testing finding a game that is not " guys I haven't ip I just want to play urf pls ff at 20" and like 3 agree it's almost impossible, given even the awful length of normal queue.
: SKT skins will be reworked/remade but RIOT won't even touch Diana skin after getting feedback?
Good job, you collected like every found problems and reunited them. I hope comment's authors will upvote and maybe comment so the thread arrives to be seen..
: Splashes: Unifying, Updating, and You!
I still don't understand why you didn't let us players select which version we preferred ( unless in case of censor problems of course ). Even if many will be changed again some of them feel so distant from us they prevent us to use and buy the skin. ( for example I was thinking of getting Annie goth after trying her here on PBE... God forbid me if i 'm considering it now!! )
: So, about those SKT skins...
I think this is a great decision, and thank you for keeping our opinion in count! I hope you will choose the 2015 colors of uniform for them, doesn't make much sense they are dressed in 3 years ago uniform... If I may add some purely personal aesthetic considerations: - I don't like headphones...why they were chosen as style? - Sivir's and Renekton's weapons were really nice imho - I liked the "athletic" impression Sivir was giving... even if I still don't understand why poor Bang didn't had his Kalista. - Elise's spider form was awesome, I hope that you will keep that line even changing colors. - Elise's human form was pretty ugly and her hair were awful q.q please change her! She's still Elise, she should sound lethal through being sexy, not through being ugly! And the addition of Azir is awesome, Easyhoon just deserves it so much :D. Wish you a good work, do your best ^^
: ok you will rework/change SKT skins based on feedback {{champion:131}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:131}} but what about Diana skin? people literally pointed like 20+ things (skin color, face, hair, SFX, particles, walk animation, etc) about that skin that need to be changed/fixed and you haven't said a word about it :( don't rush with that skin... we can wait just like with SKT skins. We waited 3 years for a Diana skin and I doubt that someone wants unfinished rushed product that also is mostly called as Wildfire Zyra skin or big mass of yellow color -_- at least make Chroma if you want to keep the Wildifre Zyra **COPY**/Flame Atronach from Skyrim. For example: skin color that looks like more human like, normal face with pupil, eyebrows and lips, different colors on her armor (black? red?) for better contrast pretty please don't leave that Diana skin as it is now.... send her back to dressing room or spa for improvements {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
> big mass of yellow color That was me... except it wasn't "mass", it was literally "MESS" :p "messed mass" would be the most appropriate description of her right now xDD. I totally agree with you, but maybe we should open a thread about it and not invade SKT's one..
: Dude, Listen. This is a PBE server. We are supposed to test new features, champions, skins, bugs, whateverthefuck you want. The community management is not a priority in this server, and probably never will. You can't expect riot to change this just for the sake of your complaint. They need testers. That's what matters
And how a competitive player flaming his team for choosing to try new realised stuff instead of op and already knew stuff is helping in testing exactly? A new skin is released for a champion he never used, he won't try the skin cause he care for win and not for test and choosing a champ he is not confident with will probably lead to a defeat.... even more, he will make the game unpleasant for everyone who chosed to test stuff they can't be sure to do well with, turning testing new things in a bad time. Cherry on the cake, if the open places are 100 ( of course I know they are more, just to have an easy number ) and let's say 30 are occupied by this elements you just have 70 effective testers.This 30 toxics will likely discourage some of tester by actually testing, cause it's not fun having to be flamed or have to mute all the team in a testing server, like you are sometimes forced to do in live servers, more in rankeds game, where you find really toxic teams ( but at least there you can prevent it by doing good in game) . So, let's say 20 testers just say " fuck off why I should spend time in a bad way, being flamed or having anyway to get nervous, for doing the task i was supposed to, while I could just go play to have fun normally?" and they stop working constantly on testing new stuff. 20 testers will probably be the classic players who requested pbe back when a particular champion or skin they wanted to try came out, then they didn't give a damn of keeping testing and just remeber they have pbe when something op-looking or urf is up ( ye...always same 3 cats on here but tonight hours of log-in queue... where are all these players in post-patch days??). So you have 100 places but you receive the work's result of 30 places. So, community DOES influence a lot the testing work, I didn't think it was so difficult to grab it. Have you ever seen a fabric that keeps workers who aren't properly working and even if this wasn't enough are influencing in a bad way other's work because " hey here we work, we don't have to manage our fabric population". We are not getting paid of course but i suppose PBE's server has a maintenance cost, and these kind of behaviour is literally wasting some of this investment, and causing bugs, unbalanced stuff and such to more likely pass to live because PBE is often not reliable enough, cause it's not working at its full capacity.
: You do realise that it takes time to punish people right? Although I do appreciate that you care, Posting this on these boards won't get you very far.
I took this account pretty seriously, waited months for it and I 'm trying my best, even with my very few experience on the game, to contribute to improve the game I love. I hate people like that being here replacing players with intentions like mines.. I reported him, sent a ticket with screen and even posted here hoping to deliver at least a reminder that something needs to be done about it.. And I 'm quite tilted about finding the same 2 toxic players in 5 games in 3 different days.. Flaming every single one.
: I'll say this again. You're getting mad over someone on THE INTERNET You can chose to care, and not to. You cared. You brought this whole annoyed attitude to yourself. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} No one is going to report him with that "Intentional Feeding" thing, because, as you said, he was testing champ/new stuff. That's ok. People is not stupid to report him for that. And about that Kindred. You chose to read. You kept talking to him and he started talking more shit. You read it. YOU BROUGHT THIS ON YOU. ITS YOUR FAULT. He is a dick, but what if you didn't read the things he said? what if the toplaner left the lobby, and he didn't get affected by everything Kindred said? Everything would be fine. He ceases to exist. This whole thing of "Online Harassment" its stupid. It makes no sense because that's why Mute is in-game, to avoid the whole trash talking. If he continues to harass you or someone else, you block him in the client
Riot clearly says you as a summoner should report toxic players because they ruin our community. No way flamers should get away with it because the existence of the mute button. And no way I should deprive myself of an instrument that could be needed to improve the team's game because one of teammates is an uncivil and uneducated. This are the rule and people should respect them or leave. If rules should change in a direction like the one you say then I will be leaving because I 'm not enjoying myself in a toxic environment. And yes, people are most likely reporting, especially for feeding. Overall I experienced more toxicity here then on live, maybe because the community is smaller and so we meet constantly the same people flaming.. But why are them still there??
: There were plenty of better things you could have said than "u are really stupid dude, grow up" or name-calling.
I just noticed I got downvoted.. And realized my reply could have been ambiguous!! Of course the" you must be a kid" part was not referred to you but to the kindred!! I hope you got it even if my language sucked xD I'm not coming to the boards to call random users kid and stupid xD
: Well, get out of there. If you're supposed to test stuff so Riot can get feedback, why would you bother being in the post game lobby for that much? To read all the toxic things he said? This is PBE. Community feedback is not a priority. Gameplay, bugs and general experimental features feedback are the top priority. Go and play more games so you can test more stuff. Ignore the fact that this guy existed and don't read what he said. You're getting mad at someone over the Internet for calling someone autistic, and you CONTINUED THE CONVERSATION WITH HIM. I would blame myself for the things i read if I kept throwing more fuel to the fire. You asked for It
So he can get away with being a dick but our poor toplaner can be reported for intentional feeding because he was struggling with new champion / new stuff? ( yes, the discussion started with the kindred asking to enemies to pls report top for feeding. I replied" he just had a bad game and kindred harassing him all game" and the" I hope he's poor" part followed). So testers are risking a punishment ( I have no idea how system acts towards intentional feeding when you have REALLY bad scores, he was like 2/13 or something ) but flamers can happily continue their toxicity-spam. Seems fair.
: Who says Riot tolerates this?
The fact he didn't get a punishment yet. This is not the " noob" that you need to repeat several times to deserve a punishment, these are serious statements that are supposed to count even on first time.
: why didn't you tell him to mute him? its as simple as that. if he started talking shit, the best thing you can do is mute {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
This chat was in post game lobby..
: There were plenty of better things you could have said than "u are really stupid dude, grow up" or name-calling.
I just didn't think of any, I was just without words... I still don't know what one should reply to a person who talks with you in such way. You must be either a Kid who doesn't understand what he is talking about or a very stupid person who lacks education and acts like a kid, so I just told him what I thought
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: URF SUCKS!!!!!
I feel you. I even did an urf game, just for curiosity... man, he really suck. I don't understand what everyone who dies after it see in there. A bunch of massacre of both minions and champions, with non stop abilities that make your ears beg for mercy without any strategy beside " what's the most op champ?". And now I have to wait 10 minutes in queue cause of "urf lovers" that never even shit on pbe but now that urf is up runs here, and I can't try my mage's items!!!
: Can't log in....
Same here.... uff I had stuff to do with new items :C
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