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: The PBE Won't level me up to 30
It doesn't always happen the first night. I believe it took about 3 days before my account was leveled up and given ip/rp when I first joined the PBE. Just be patient, it's not a bug and it will happen soon. Riot just let a whole new batch of summoners into the PBE who all need ip/rp and levels so just give it another day or two and it will happen.
: Level 30
Yes, it doesn't always happen at your first midnight. I believe it took 3 days for my account to be leveled up and given ip/rp when I first joined the PBE.
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: [IDEA BOT] Create a new level
I agree that it would be nice to have a "hard" bot mode but I know that creating more complex code to make better bots is very difficult. I agree with your ideas that for a harder mode they could have runes and masteries, then we can make a stronger bot without having to write new code for them. I've also always had another idea for a harder bot. As we all know the bots essentially get items based on game time and level instead of gold farmed from cs and kills. So my idea was to decrease that time, this means that bots would be able to build items faster and allow them to keep up with the players. Another possible idea is to give them increased experience. For example, if a monster would give a player 100 exp then it would give the bot 125 exp (assuming player and bot are the same level, etc.) This would give the bots some level advantages. Essentially because the bots are only bots and can't think for themselves, give them item and level advantages as their handicap.
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: New Font on PBE
I agree, the current font on the live servers is much better (in my opinion)


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