: Hi! Please post ideas on live boards such as [EUW boards](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/), [NA boards](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/), or [Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/), or other similar websites that attract Rioter attention. You can get more visibility there because the community is larger. The PBE boards are meant for feedback on content *currently* on PBE, not for suggestions. The Rioters you wish to reach to not read the PBE boards.
Hi Amy, Thanks for your advice. I don't understand why this does not qualify for feedback on what's _currently_ on PBE. I mean, URF is only on PBE right now and this is something I genuinely believe would make the live experience better. :/
: I've been talking about this to my friends as well. It would require a system to determine playrate/winrate and in conclusion tiers, though, which is not easy to implement and would require urf to stay as a permanent mode with constant patches. It would still not solve the problem as a whole, but at least you could deal with metas of a lower power creep while trying out unorthodox picks. I agree with your idea and think that it would make urf much more fun as it would actually promote off-meta urf champions (e.g. yorick, swain, sion) and builds that are currently very hard to play (e.g. ms voli). I sadly do not think that riot are going to try to take this approach to keeping urf balanced. Alex stinkt / Ghaast
I don't think it has to be this good of a system. Since the event is limited in time, the list of removed champions can be hard coded. If I remember correctly, they once removed a few god tier champions in the middle of an URF event.
: Personally, I think I enjoyed a bit more the AR URF, having everyone random makes it a very casual fun, whereas with the pick/bans, you can only expect the same 20 top champs every game.
Unless we make [this](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/zsK42lNq-urf-low-tier-underused-queue) happen. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
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: That's not my point; I'm referring to how quickly this game mode will become stale due to an even smaller group of 'viable' champions. I predict marksmen & assassins, though only a portion will end up be played, with little else from any other class. Not interesting? Never played chess have you? It's not about moving as fast as possible, it's about outsmarting your opponent. Clearly you & the main post are not patient enough to play outside of the 'call of duty' mindset; and considering how sheep-like the rest of the community is, will lead to the majority of champions played in this mode being the high damage variety. Also if you read the description on that laser, it scales with level. If you're behind it's entirely useless, and like I said the game is stilted in favor of snowballers even more-so than the normal game.
> Also if you read the description on that laser, it scales with level. If you're behind it's entirely useless, and like I said the game is stilted in favor of snowballers even more-so than the normal game. There is no such thing as snowballing in this mode... gold and experience are the same for everyone (except for some items or masteries that have been reported). The meta feels different exactly because there is not a single champion behind or ahead, except for the offense bonus from which, in the end, both teams benefit from. > That's not my point; I'm referring to how quickly this game mode will become stale due to an even smaller group of 'viable' champions. I predict marksmen & assassins, though only a portion will end up be played, with little else from any other class. I honestly think you are mistaking and that the pool of great champions for this mode is wider than you think. * Ranged champions (including ADCs) are a great asset when defending by making it easier to destroy objects. * Wave clearers are especially good in the defense team too because of their capability to get waves to the fountain and obtain the obliterator and stalling at the end when super minions make are a thing. * Tanks/Melee with CC/Control mages are __really__ good in offense to prevent enemies from getting close to objects and kill turrets without even touching them. * These same tanks and melee champs are also the ones getting full advantage of the flash zone, allowing them to engage, bypass the eventual defense line and wreck the enemy damage dealers. Assassins have been really strong so far because people only pick squishy champions, when a mix of low-range tanking, crowd control and ranged champions would be better. Assassins aren't strong because they snowball ( which, may I remind you, isn't a thing in this mode) but because they get the lanes empty, making it free push for them. That happens because a lot of people, including yourself, think that only "high damage" champions are viable. Caitlyn, Varus, Zed, aren't played because they are assassins/ADC but because they have a good wave clearing power. > Not interesting? Never played chess have you? It's not about moving as fast as possible, it's about outsmarting your opponent. Yes, as mentioned in the post, there is nothing to outsmart if the enemy is not doing a great, making the game boring. To go on with chess, it's like playing against a 5 year old, but only the kid is allowed to win, having you bored, waiting for the time limit to go off. > Clearly you & the main post are not patient enough to play outside of the 'call of duty' mindset; and considering how sheep-like the rest of the community is, will lead to the majority of champions played in this mode being the high damage variety. As I don't play COD, I have no idea about what you call the 'COD' mindset is, though I don't expect it to be flattering, according to your condescending attitude. You think you outsmart everyone but you were not even capable of getting the rules and principles of this game mode right. Apparently, contrarily to the main post and me, you haven't played in the defense team against a team who couldn't do anything (because of perfect team countering or wrong understanding of the mode or anything...) because you would not be talking about outsmarting the enemy team. This kind of game is alienating and boring because there is no challenge for the defensive team and the other team is struggling as hell, not having fun, forced to watch the timer go down and face their own impotence. Now if what you condescendingly call the sheep-like community only picks assassins or ADCs against you, I am sure you will be clever enough to find a way to counter them. After all, if all they are is sheep, you should easily be able to outsmart them.
: Bandit Mastery in Nexus Siege
Goes along with [this thread](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/wpoJc1Ho-suggestionnexus-siege-remove-gold-income-from-support-items) :)
: Yes but I'm saying it feels obviously stilted. Imagine playing a ranked game where the enemy team starts off with 5k gold per person; that's basically what this game mode is doing at the moment, beginning with one team snowballing noticeably from the start. It takes out the strategy when you can just bulldoze with any significantly strong champion, as those will snowball even faster & harder.
But you don't switch in ranked ? do you ? Because ranked is designed to be symmetrical, this game mode is design to be asymmetrical. I don't see the problem at all. It's not about balanced team fights. It's about how long can you defend the base against a team on steroids. And, as mentioned OP, if the attacking team is not strong enough, it's not interesting because it's just a stall for 20 minutes. You can dislike this mode, but you can't call off the core feature that makes the game possible as a balance issue... And btw, the "weak delayed laser" is the strongest item in early and mid game on most ranged champions.
: [NEXUS SIEGE[ ADCs are more favorable than almost any other champ
So there is a meta ? How unbelievable. Personally I think it's quite balanced role-wise. Of course some champions are great for the game mode, but it's the same for every game mode. If you think some champs are OP, that's why the ban is for.
: You have the Obliterator to even it up. What could work better is if they can give jungle advantage to the defensive team or make the turrets more tougher, or just give the defense team a buff like the attacking team has. So that they could balance the entire game on both ends.
Please read the topic once more. He's talking about games where the **Offense** team is not so good and can't do anything. He says it makes a boring game for every one. Buffing the defensive team is definitely **NOT** a solution to this problem...
: Seriously the attacking party gets both a ward boosting minions in a large area, & a ballista that can attack towers from off screen. However the defending party gets a 1 second slow field, & a weak delayed laser, that only works when placed on living towers. Agreed, the defense items don't seem nearly as strong as the offensive ones; perhaps except the one enabling flash. I was hopeful this mode would be better, just seems like it's incredibly biased in favor of whoever is doing the attacking; and who can attack the best. I bet it'll turn out like ascension, everyone just playing high damage champions and attempt to win by snowballing, again.
You understand that this IS the goal of this mode, right ? The attacking team is intentionally made stronger (they even have an AP/AD buff that scales with time). For the question is how quickly and not if they can get to the nexus.
: Everyone plays both rounds, regardless of not completing the first round. The first round has a hard limit of 20 minutes. If the attacking team has not destroyed the base within 20 minutes, the round still swaps, and then they have to defend for up to 20 minutes. ^^ If the second attacking team fails to defeat the base within 20 minutes (aka fails to beat the first round time), then the second defending team wins! We definitely understand this part of the game is kind of confusing, and we're going to add some messaging in the in-game Chat that will hopefully help clarify this! Thanks for the feedback! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
But it doesn't make any sense... both team managed to defend for the same (and maximum) amount of time. It should be a draw. I don't think any amount of messaging will make our heads wrap around that...
: Nexus Siege - Revive Champion Bug - Unable to leave base
Please refer to this [thread](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/Qr10aTUL-megathread-cant-teleport-stuck-in-fountain). Also please note that bugs should be reported in the **bug** category where you can find a template on HOW-TO report a bug and that next time you should use the **search** function to avoid creating the same thread multiple times. Peace !
: What are your masteries? Bandit can give you additional gold (which you got in your third mastery page - yes i checked), as well as your Spellthief's Edge which you mentioned. It's not a bug in theory, and I don't feel like it's necessary to remove - it's only viable for a few champions.
I didn't say it's a bug, it just seems like an unnecessary advantage
: Taliyah is too underpowered!!
Taliyah's win rate for people who played her more than 30 games has skyrocketed and she's going to get a nerf soon. Sorry to disappoint you, she is actually way too viable ;D You can read these tweets from her designer: https://twitter.com/danielzklein/status/742505141585072128 https://twitter.com/danielzklein/status/744679748219994112 https://twitter.com/danielzklein/status/743589886498766848 And by the way, this had nothing to do on PBE ;D Suggestions about released content should be addressed on the normal boards. Sorry to have disappointed you, have a good day sir.
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: What is Crytsal Generator
There also is a mention of this crystal generator when hovering the icon that counts your crystals, in the buff bar just above the abilities.
http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/Qr10aTUL-megathread-cant-teleport-stuck-in-fountain Please read the board before posting. Post your issue there, thanks.
: [MEGATHREAD] Can't Teleport, stuck in fountain
RonPaul418xD: > Endless game crashing While playing attacking side of nexus siege (jarvan to be exact) i was killed in the last .5s of a recall with my trinket on cooldown (the blue one) in the bush between baron and red buff. upon respawning my teleport was gone and my blue trinket was still useable and in my inventory. when trying to reconnect my game would constantly and endlessly crash no matter how many times i attempted to reconnect
: [MEGATHREAD] Can't Teleport, stuck in fountain
Plomb: > Got stuck inside fountain with the "Seer Stone". It won't let me get the tp trinket to leave fountain
: [MEGATHREAD] Can't Teleport, stuck in fountain
AurelionSolstice: > So I was playing a game of Nexus Siege, I was on the 2nd round and was attacking while playing Jhin, and at one point I died and when I respawned, my trinket was stuck on the ward trinket and I couldn't teleport anywhere. Tried everything including reloading into the match and recalling while in the base, still can't teleport. > >Edit: noticed I have 0 deaths. Maybe also a scoreboard bug? Not sure, I remember clearly dying to the obliterator.
: [MEGATHREAD] Can't Teleport, stuck in fountain
Ferrous Oxide > After dying and getting back on the platform, I bought some items, then clicked undo, and it removed my teleport trinket and I was unable to leave the base for the rest of the game.
: [MEGATHREAD] Can't Teleport, stuck in fountain
Joey Gladstone: > Nexus Siege No TP Bug (Video Attached) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnrbgM9AwNQ I was unable to leave base on the attacking side because I didn't have my teleport trinket, I had the blue trinket in base.
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: Nexus Siege stuck in fountain
You should give way more information than that. What happened just before ? How did you get to the fountain ? Back ? Death ? If you died, how ? What team were you in ? First or second round ? Can you give information to Riot to easily find which game you were in (the champion, your score...) ? Bugs are sometimes so crazy that anything you remember could help Riot fix it. But in its current shape, your post isn't helpful since another person also posted it. Try to do it again if you manage to :)
: /Remake live on PBE! (5/18)
tl;dr : imho, the loading experience isn't reliable enough for this system to be fair. I honestly think you overestimate the reliability of your loading screen... My internet connection can have little drops, which sometimes revolves in a second or two of lag in-game but it almost always stops the loading screen from loading. In this case and many others, the loading screen won't tell you that it's just stuck, and unless you're waiting in front of it, it can take a while for a person to notice. I personally do something else during loading time because it can easily turn into 5 minutes if somebody has a slow machine. When I hear the sound of champions being invoked I switch back. Please don't expect from us to actually constantly check for 5 minutes if the numbers don't stop rising. So before you push something live, please make sure that the loading system becomes smarter and 100% reliable. I'm sure you can find a solution, like contacting the client when the game starts to see if the player is still connected to PVP.NET and if yes, the loading screen has probably frozen.
: > I always like the idea of being able to use the Ohmwrecker on allied OR enemy towers. I think the reason Ohmwrecker isn't very popular is because you get to a point when you're tanky enough not to need to deactivate their tower. The idea of making Ohmwrecker basically have a dual function ran into problems where - by end games - there were no towers. It delayed Ohmwrecker feeling awful to build due to lack of useful targets - but the fact that it was so keyed into just towers made this approach tricky as you tend to get the item late - but you also burn all of its potential. :/
You could have this item passively "revive" fallen towers, or a ghost version of it when an Ohmwrecker is nearby. As crazy and OP as it sounds, with a good balance of the tower's power, this shouldn't be such a problem. You would allow the teams that are being invaded to regroup under fallen towers to gain some strength (map dynamics++). It would also help when defending a lane. But most of all, it would probably feel freaking awesome :D The biggest downside being that Azir's passive wouldn't look that special, even if way more impactful.
: "Definitely Not Dominion" game mode live on the PBE for RGM queue testing.
So I've played this mode and I come back with a feedback sandwich. + First, it really feels great that Dominion isn't truly gone. + I really appreciate the fact that we don't have to sacrifice a teammate to bot lane anymore. ____ - The alter in the middle is so boring. It takes ages to capture, and by capturing, I mean just stand there. [For the next appearance of this mode, can you try to find a more epic thing to do in the middle of the map ? You have so much space there. You could spawn two MEGA SUPER ULTRA MECHA MINIONS, one for each team, fighting each other, and you can help them by killing the other one. Then you earn something. \o/] - The sneaking capture thing doesn't feel sneaky. - The rules really need to be accessible somewhere, either during the loading screen or as in-game tips or a UI button that opens the rules. Anything. ____ + Death times are almost inexistent and it feels good in a fast pace game. + I had a good time playing the game mode :)
: I actually like it as-is; it took a second to get used to, but I think having the option to just knock someone straight up is important to keep.
Then you would just click, release, instead of click, drag, release
: Freljord Taliyah Ultimate just isn't the same
She should be riding a giant ice wall with her passive board :D Like this: http://randomwallpapers.net/ice-wall-winter-snow-fantasy-1920x1200-wallpaper452644.jpg Something square but a nice flat surface for snowboarding
: Taliyah's w should also throw Taliyah like zigg's W.
Putting balancing aside. I also tried this and was so disappointed not to be able to throw myself. -1 for the bender feeling.
: Taliyah's Worked Ground is very difficult to see ingame.
Just played her with the ice skin and I totally agree with this. Is it possible to have them appear when Taliyah is CLOSE to them, not ON them ? I think that would help a lot.
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: Great strategy. Now I know what to do against all ap champions.
Well the goal is exactly to prevent this on live...
: I'm relating so hard, brother.
Me too ! I literally had a guy called _BAN [CHAMP] OR AFK_ and when the enemy team banned the champ, he told us "<--- you're lucky", pointing at his name. So toxic ! I don't know what these people expect when they read _Lottery Pick_.
: We don't really do *PBE only stuff*. It is only one more reason everything could bug out (or for use to miss it and bugs going to the live servers instead), and those 3 seconds you need to look for the item do not matter a whole lot, either x) That being said, don't we already have it that new/undone items have a giant red EXPERIMENTAL somewhere in the description?
However, it would maybe be a good idea to implement such a feature on live as well. A little icon on the item thumbnail so you instantly know the item has changed during the last patch. Something to warn you, because all habits are hard to overcome. ^^
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