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: Please fix the input delay, it's attrocious.
it's not every game so it seems like only some of the servers are dying
: @Riot Jungle XP nerfed again????
If they did change it was an undocumented change and might be accidental
: Server Lag?
yeah servers are on fire again
: Please remove my leaverbuster
alpha client doesn't have the system implemented you have to do the low priority queue games in the legacy client
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: First of all, there are under 135 champ ingame (134 to be exact) so get your facts straight. Second, stop whining. Atleast you get to play urf, better then nothing
I actually find ARURF to be worse than nothing I would rather not play league then play this game mode anymore especially on pbe where regular queue is dead now
: An entire page of complaints can be shown on one thread, while not flooding the rest of the Boards.
the announcement page is filled with complaints and clearly riot doesn't care about that
: ARURF Feedback
yeah I think I'm done this game mode isn't a "well it's not the best mode" it is actively unfun and I'd just rather not play league than play ARURF anymore
: 1 post with 100 upvotes does more than 100 posts with 1 upvote.
an entire page of complaints is pretty loud too
: There has already been multiple posts about this. Please check for similar threads before posting and reply there instead, helps to avoid clutter.
maybe if we got some sort of reply but no one is answering so we're gonna keep talking
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: Why the hell are the pbe servers still on the west coast?
no one ever said the pbe servers would move and why would they? it's not like you need a ping of 17 to test pbe stuff
: He got right. When u loot champions like Evelynn, Hecarim etc. op sh1ts and don't want to exchange with other players then they troll/feed whole game cause waiting for leave lobby is same like play 20 min game. This is little unfair - URF was made for fun not for any ballance or sth. Tryhards exist and will exist anyway . Rito give players what they want ! Give ARURF and normal URF next week with 5 bans for each team.
they've probably got their "metrics" that say ARURF is better in every way just like they said about dynamic queue but the truth is everyone wants urf
: ARURF enabled soon on PBE for testing
I'd just like to reiterate how much disdain I have for ARURF this mode's just not fun when half the games i barely count as a participant most games are 3v3s with 4 extra players that are little better than giant minions to farm I'd rather lose but have fun with my goofy picks or go head to head with S tier champs URF was fun this is not
: It can also work in your favor. When you say, "Now you can get stuck playing a shit champ and then the enemy gets the op shit. " Or you can get the OP shit, and they get the shit stuff. Would you rather play the same game over and over, or play a different game with a different outcome?
thats not fun over back when they did regular urf me and my friends would all be laughing at the top of our lungs at how ridiculous things got but now it's just 1 or 2 people on each side getting to play while the others sit in the corner with ww or something urf is about having fun half the games im just salty b/c i spend half the game sitting a mile behind my turret while s tiers run circles around me
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: Hunt of the Blood Moon game mode available shortly on PBE
the game mode feels a bit too short to me I always feel like i'm just getting into the groove with a champion when suddenly the camera pans to an exploding nexus
: Camille - Problem to fix before release
my issue with her is that her e lets her snowball incredibly hard the massive range when used offensively and the long 1 sec stun lets her force fights on her terms and if she has any sort of lead the range you have to sit back to respect the engage is really far
: Remake is no longer working. We can also now see when the enemy team connects from a DC?
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: Unable to connect to chat
ditto I'm guessing whatever part of the server that handles client chat is busted
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: I think the way is excellent in this way. Since the " old urf " put it this way much abused using extremely annoying and not funny champ . Zed, Gallium , Heca , Evve , Morgana , Lux . Among others. In this way we can see a lot of variety of champions and will be more fun my way. Imagine being able to throw a lot of tornados at once with Jannita xD
you could do that normally on urf anyway all the random does is force you onto champs you don't wanna play while one team gets more broken champs and wins
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: [Gameplay] Discussion regarding AR URF Concerns/Suggestions inside.
Yeah the game mode as is feels like a coin flip half of the time the best part of urf was that even if you were losing you were having fun abusing the mechanics me and all my friends could could barely breathe while 5 people chased a perma pooled vlad across the map b/c it was so silly that's the kind of thing that made urf so much fun I don't know why riot seems so against making Urf a regular rotational game mode instead they want to save it for special occasions
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: We have more than enough people, they're just not online. That's because there's nothing interesting this patch. Allowing more people in won't change that fact: by far most "PBE players" only come when there's interesting content on the PBE. At the other times, they amuse themselves on live. PBE will be as empty as you describe it now no matter how many people you let in to the PBE. We'd just have even longer queue times at times we *do* have interesting content for them.
normally it takes 5-10 min to find a game its b/c they want to test dynamic queue for the Alpha Client which is killing times we are a small population so the same problems challenger has with it effects us as well
: An Update on Chromas
So have the pipeline issues that made chromas just not worth the time been resolved?
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: Racism And Poor Behavior, Does The Tribunal Work For PBE?
I don't know about the tribunal but I have gotten the "a person you reported has been punished message" almost instantly for some particularly vile people so reports do work but whether the system is automated or personally reviewed idk
: "Definitely Not Dominion" game mode live on the PBE for RGM queue testing.
The Super Minion shrines get capped far too easily unless you've got someone actively defending it by the time anyone reacts the shrine is capped and the best you can get in exchange is to kill the perp which also feels pointless with the insanely short death timers
: May i ask, will there be changes to urf this year? If yes will those changes be on PBE before next friday?
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: Jhin Feedback
jhin doesnt really snow that hard because he is also very vulnerable (a weakness jinx gets away with sometimes due to her range) the answer to jhin is to dive him if any champion with decent damage (zed, akali, diana, jax, even a flanking udyr is enough) should force jhin to flash if not die
: I heard some people claiming it to be the new champion that was causing this crash to occur but it seems unlikely because I have played a game after and it worked fine and both people had him.. I may be related to it.. but still not sure.
Try with skin and without it might be just one of them
: Why not remove the damage reduction to minion on Gragas' Q?
during the short time after his rework but before the minion damage reduction gragas was a terror toplane he would just safely shove you into your turret from range with barrels and with his mobility combined with his tankiness was impossible to gank and made toplane completely non interactive he has lost a lot of power since then so maybe getting rid of it is warranted idk but thats the reason he had the damage reduction to minions tack on there to begin with
: The new AD item can't go live
my biggest problem is the amount of flat armor pen currently available with arpen marks u can now hit 48 flat armor pen
: My account is missing all the champions and skins ive had
go to the main board u see the first sticky post? click that and read it
: What is the point in this? Why not just raise the cap to 7 on all champions? The only thing I can think of is so that players will have to choose which to buy so that they will be less likely to get champions, meaning they will be more likely to spend RP on champions. However, if level 6 and 7 unlock really cool stuff like an icon for 6 of your champ and an exclusive chroma for 7, I retract my above statement. But I sincerely doubt this will happen.
It's mostly a way to eat up the extra shards i actually own all champs on live so otherwise the shards are deadweight
: I assume this is a bug, but could be working as intended for all I know. Shen's new W does not prevent Gnar's W passive from procing, even though the auto does not deal damage. Repro steps: 1. Enter a game as Gnar vs. Shen (or vice versa) 2. Have Shen and Gnar level W. 3. Have Shen cast his W while in range, then have Gnar auto attack him. Expected result: Gnar's autos are stopped and W fails to proc, as with Jax W. Actual result: Gnar's autos are dodged, but W procs.
Fiora's passive goes through as well
: Looking for feedback on Poppy E-Q
considering that you want to use poppy's q to slow them in the direction of escape after the stun i can't think of any situation in which i'd want the q pointed directly at the wall .-. just seems noob trappy and learning to aim it after using e should have been another skill to learn when mastering poppy
: Unique Problem: PBE Not starting up for me
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: Runic Echoes feedback/suggestion
Ive personally had no problem are you just spamming your spells off cooldown
: Have to redownload PBE everytime i start it
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