: Login Queue Not picking up Delaying more than 2h in 23 minutes to enter
Soon as I tried to login, my wait time was 45 minutes Checking it 45 minutes later and it says my wait time is an 1hr and 26 minutes {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: PBE has limited server capacity. It has always been this way. I've been stuck at 1h20m ever since the servers came up, nothing we can do about it, just be patient with it.
If it has 'limited server capacity' like you say, Then why the hell is Riot just giving away these damn PBE accounts and cramming the servers?
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: What's wrong with people?
Yahoo messenger? what is this, 2005?
: Weird graphic bug in my profile
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: Can't log in
So how long do you think it will be before they actually fix it
: That isn't even the best part. Then after somehow managing to log in yet again, you still can't ever click him fast enough to play him. And if you do, someone else whines, bitches, then dodges queue because they couldn't play him. =P
This is why they need to bring back team builder
: Yea.. That didn't work. *sigh*
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: Client Stuck at 0 kbps! Riot Help!
Close every league process and make sure you're running as administrator {{champion:17}} Praise the Mushroom
: My Account permanently suspended Please tell me how to do
ooorrrr it could be because you bought your pbe account, thus rito detected that and penalized you accordingly

I dont like Kayn

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