: Hola hay un error en pbe que es cuando entras a una partida te pone la pantalla cargando y no entra
¡Hola mi amigo! De la próxima vez que publique en el foro, recuerde escribir en inglés porque es el idioma más fácil de entender y sobre todo el foro es en inglés. **En fin, ¿el error persiste después de la última actualización? Si es así, lo mejor es enviar un ticket de soporte a Riot.**
: New PBE Account 8000RP 100BE
You can spend your 8000 RP, because **you'll receive** another 8000 RP on the other day. Riot did this, because when it opened the signups on the PBE, people "abused" the store, and this caused a **LOT** of bugs. Anyway, you can still test all the features on the PBE with just a little limitation aiming at the security and stability of the server, Okay?! **You can spend your RP with no worries** {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} I hope that I helped you!
: Client Bug - Client stays open for a few minutes at most then suddenly closes. No bug splat.
Same for me. With me I just can't even update my PBE, when it's on 100% about to finish, it closes with no reason or explanation :/
: and one enemy team said it happened the same, 3 of them picked swain one person picked sona and someone picked yi and yi was chosen...
**3 players picked swain, 1 yi and 1 sona = 60% chance for Swain, 20% for Sona and 20% for Master Yi** Okay?{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: People are taking adventage of PBE
Riot please do something {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: 3k RP and 5 BE it's bullshit. We Can't Test
You would have a lot of RP and BE, if those new players had not overloaded the store ...
Rioter Comments
It's not fair you choose your champion, because you'll always choose the one that is stronger. If you do not want to play ARURF, follow your advice and go play normal
: Store Bug?
Same problem, and all my friends are having the same issue
: More Lux Ults? WTF
Is this cumulative? For example, a Lux level 16 45% cdr 27 secs on Ult. Each kill decreases the cooldown on 50%? In other words, if I kill 2 ~ 3 people with only a ult, can reduce the cooldown on 50% 2 ~ 3 times?
: the new god fist skin - its brand, but lee sin.
Actually I thought this skin looks nothing like Lee Sin (The texture) But, it's still a very beautiful skin I would buy for sure

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