: The only gripes I have with this skin are the few inconsistencies with his torso and the ult animation (not as important, It just looks goofy compared to the hellish aesthetic of the rest of the skin, some barbwire should do the job). This was brought to my attention by a friend who mains {{champion:412}} , and I think it at least needs to be addressed before release. The most important thing, I believe, is the way the torso of the skin is displayed differently in the splash art, in game model, animated trailer and teaser image. The announcement was first made with three teaser images, one for each skin. In the teaser, Thresh is a skeletal figure covered by a dark cloak that reveals his ribs and a metallic hand holding a chain/rope. In the animated trailer we clearly see hellfire seeping through the outline of ribs.These led me to believe that the skin was going to have more skeletal features. What threw me off after seeing these was the splash art and in game model, which featured some sort of metal plating covered in (most likely) bullet holes. In addition to that, the splash also has an ammo belt filled with a few shells, which is not present on the actual model. This would not be much of a problem if the metal plating wasn't also a different colour. In game it looks like some sort of bug's exoskeleton that is also at melting point for some reason, completely different from the splash. I believe that the skin team overlooked certain details when making the skin since the teaser image and trailer look much better than the finished product. The most probable answer to the difference between the teasers and final product is that the prior began production before the skin team fully decided on how Thresh would look like. Even so, the skin that is currently on the PBE still has major differences from the splash art, from the weird shape of the chest plate in game, to the awful brightness difference, all the way to the missing ammo belt. While I believe that the skin team will stick to the metal plating, I really hope they go back to the open ribs idea. If not, at least fix the damn one you made. Thanks for taking the time to read.{{item:2009}}
Thanks for the feedback. Let me try to answer your concerns to the best of my ability, as one of the producers in the skins team. We do allow for certain differences between splash, promo assets like the animated trailer, and what is in game for a number of reasons. The main reason being the differences in the medium in which each has to live. The splash is a painted 2d image that has a lot of detail and sometimes artistic liberties are taken with both color palettes and added details that just don't work as well in game, but create a more artistic and fantasized representation of the skin that what we can put in the game. The promo in this case was a high resolution 3d asset model that needed to be detailed more realistically (and less painterly than the splash) for aesthetic and impact purposes than what we can put in the game. Meanwhile the asset that goes in game has a number of restrictions and limitations: colors that fit well with the rest of the in-game content, clarity necessary for gameplay, limitations on max resolution of our models, character readability, and the amount of detail we can add without introducing visual noise for most people's monitor resolutions, just to name a few. Still, we are used to working within those constrains and always want to bring you guys the coolest representation of the skin as possible. I agree having more skeletal features could have been interesting for the skin as well, but beyond practical reasons for the model there were also some legal concerns for how skeletal we could take him that are specific to the game rating around the world and certain restrictions around showing exposed bones. We'll take the feedback to the team of course, and apologies if you felt mislead from the different representations of this skin. We always take some liberties because of what works well for each place we are showing a League character, but we also are always striving to keep it close enough so that is recognizable and representative of what the in-game asset is. It is a balancing act and not a perfect science, we'll keep trying to improve!
: 2 weeks to test it and then said it's releasing in 7.19. I'd expect it to be bug free if it's been stated it's coming out in 7.19 rather than bullshit lies.
I apologize, it was one of those weird ones that we couldn't really see until it was live, it's actually the same issue that is making some of Singed skins walk cycle look off, we have a fix verified and it will be live next patch. I personally feel your pain, I am a Singed main and I need Beekeeper Snooged in my life.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Jezus,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=REPY7nR9,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-09-12T19:33:43.056+0000) > > Sorry, but this skin is pretty fucking epic, learn to be grateful. I mean {{champion:83}} is for sure. Jezus. "Grateful?" I'm sorry, I'm not a puppy looking for a bit of attention. I am someone who had high expectations from this team after six years of waiting. I am also someone who has had numerous conversations about Yorick with Rioters, in person and on social media, over these six years, all of whom told me that I "need to be patient and the wait would be worth it." What they gave was, at best, an average effort with an overused concept. If you like this skin, by all means like it. But don't tell me to be "grateful" when I was told by Riot that the skin would be worth the wait and they failed to deliver on that.
Hi TerraRaising, Thanks for the feedback and sorry this skin didn't hit the mark for you. I am the main Producer for this skin. We felt internally after looking at multiple concepts and explorations that this was the coolest idea for Yorick we could execute on right now. Particularly because the thematic pushed into the more 'angelic' and godly particles in the arc-light thematic feel so different from base Yorick. A lot of times when we make skins, we look for making something unique for players of that champion. Our goal was never to make a skin that was worth '6 years of wait time' I think that would be impossible for us to do. I mean I think we have maybe one person left in the skins team that has been around for that long. Instead we did our best to give Yorick players something different from what they have in the skins catalog and that was a unique fantasy for Yorick vs base and his other skins, so we tried our best. Now that we have the champ-up team full force updating champions that either have outdated abilities or visuals I feel more confident that we won't go another 6 years without a Yorick skin or leaving any champion forgotten for that long. Which skin idea would you have liked to see instead? I love the cat lady Yorick fan concept, but we felt going with a more serious skin was the right approach for his first skin in so long. Thanks! Carlos
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Beekeeper Singed!
Singed mains can finally bee all that we can bee.
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: This is big change, that I do view as a positive change for them, however, I do have _**a couple of ideas**_ I would like to suggest to you guys. **1. Seasonal/Event chromas:** This would include Pool Party, Arcade, Bilgewater and Snowdown. These chromas (individual or packs) could be sold as IP and RP, to celebrate patches. During the Pool Party patch, you could release special chromas with colors based on the event (such as a "water" set or a "sand" set.) These could, but are not limited to textures aswell. For skin patches, such as the arcade patch, you could release a set of arcade textured chromas. **2. Mastery and Ranked chromas:** This chroma would be focused on reaching mastery ranks 5, 6 and 7 on a champion, and would be included in the end of ranked rewards. Red (5), Purple (6), and Blue (7) chroma would be created for the **BASE** skin (rank 7 could possibly bring chroma for skins as well). For Ranked, your top played champion(s) could receive a chroma based on your rank, this would most likely be only for the **BASE** skin and could be available for all ranks. **3. Champion chromas:** With this update to chromas, you have pushed only skin chromas, this could change when the next PBE Cycle begins, but if you have not thought or made any more base chromas, adding roughly 3 for each base skin could create diversity in game appearances, and be an option for less frugal buyers or the lower income players. Eventually you could expand to a full palette of chromas for each champion, with one per base color on the color wheel, and altered or non base color versions for things such as champion mastery, ranked and seasonal events. **4. Ability chromas:** These chroma would be aimed at changing abilities as well as the model for a champion. This could be for a base skin or skin, and would alter the effects slightly to create a color variant (for example PROJECT skins could have their main color (ie. Ashe's blue) and have it changed to match the Chroma's color.) **5. Skin transfers:** Some of the older skins in League of Legends were only recolors, by making these skins legacy and permanently vaulted, you could transfer them over to the chroma program. This is just an additional side note, and does not have to happen. The main ideas and suggestions that I and probably a large part of the community would like to see are numbers 1-4. Thanks for reading this if you do, riot! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Interesting ideas! We are looking forward to see how you guys all receive these new Chromas and potentially evolve what we do with them based on any trends that we see and we are also listening to your ideas/ feedback to try to improve! As far as each of your suggestions: 1-Event Chromas: Arcade Miss Fortune is our first attempt to see how a Chroma set that is part of a thematic that includes new skins is received. I expect we'll explore more variations around Chromas with each thematic in the future. 2-Currently not being planned, but I dig the ranked idea and we are always looking at new ways to reward mastery and ranked accomplishments. Personally I think loot drops was a good step into giving mastery rewards and give you guys access to a broad content catalog for free, but we'll see what else we can put together in the future with the competitive team. 3- We actually saw from the first group of Chromas that you guys seem to prefer skin Chromas, I was actually surprised when we looked at who buys Chromas, it looks to us that the biggest portion is players that actually want to deepen their choices with a skin that they already love. Actually this makes sense, when I think of Chromas the first thing that comes to mind is how sweet it would be to have a set of Surfer Singed Chromas as that is my favorite champion and skin in the game! :) 4- Cool idea! the challenge there is our VFX resources are always stretched between new skins, champions and other projects and it would be hard to prioritize for Chromas, but we are always hiring awesome artist and who knows maybe some day in the future there is an opportunity for Chromas 2.0? We are not working on this currently but I could see it being something we try if we find Chromas are really successful. 5-This would actually be a little more complicated than it sounds because of the way the tech works. We are also initially trying to cover a lot of the skins that are played a lot, that way we cover a bigger number of players that want to have a new way of playing with their favorite skins, but thanks for letting us know about this idea. Thanks again for the great ideas!
: Wait, didnt Riot say before that chromas were put on hold, since the current shop didnt allow to a comfortable purchase of them and that they always had a technically difficulties to implement them? Did that change or is it still the same issues?
Store will be updated in the next patch to allow for individual Chromas being sold.
: Is the IP sale for the full bundle or is it for a specific chroma variant? (eg. If I spent it on Zac Sweet, would I get the full pack of 3 or do I have to choose between orange pink and yellow?)
The IP sale will be for individual chromas.
: So have the pipeline issues that made chromas just not worth the time been resolved?
We are still optimizing that pipeline, but we are pretty confident at this point we can deliver them on a good cadence without affecting production of skins and at really good quality bar. It was a longer road than we expected, but we are pretty happy where we ended up and really hope you guys enjoy them!
: Will Chromas be regular additions in each patch cycle (like skins)? Or will they only be added occasionally (like ward skins)?
Currently we are not planning to have new ones every single patch, but they will be coming a lot more often than ward skins.

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