: Lissandra Passive Feedback :: Are non-Coven skins not complete yet?
Right now it's ruining the skins. But it HAS to be WIP when even Bloodstone got his own color.
: Coven Camille and Lissandra Icons?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Coven Lissandra
What a beautiful surprise. I was literally screaming when I first saw the PBE teaser. Coven is the perfect choice for Lissandra, I still can't believe it tbh! Can't wait to see the chromas! I love the Bats and flowers from her recall. Can you add them into other parts of her kit, too? Maybe some bats when she uses her W and her Ult? They look a little too clean right now, especially her Ult. And sometimes it's hard to track her passive, please make it more visible. :)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Evelynn
I really hope you'll change the **sound effects** for her spikes. It's not really satisfying to use. I'm missing some fancy sound effects (like Kai'Sas Q) Right know it sounds underwhelming.

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