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: [Poro King] Rerolls are bugged and do not recharge.
You know what would help? No random champ select. Let's have the ability to choose our champions in fun game modes.
: Night & Dawn Poro King coming in 9.24!
Let me pick my champion for God's sake. You guys "balanced" the broken champions of ARAM so what's the point of making it random. Also it's a fun game mode like nexus blitz. WHY CAN'T I JUST CHOOSE MY CHAMPION? The decisions you are making are ruining this game and you will have to pay for these bad decisions in the future.
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: Next time, please report these abusable types of bugs with the [Report A Bug]( tool, to prevent as many people as possible from abusing it (and ruining other peoples' games) unit Riot fixes it.
Oh. I didn't think of that. My Bad.
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: Urgot has been one of the most oppressive top laners for multiple patches. Urgot is going to be counterbalanced with Conq changes. He needed to be nerfed and these nerfs are what top lane needed.
I agree, but the reason why he is oppressive top lane is because of his safe laning early. Which is why I suggested the changes above because they target his laning and early game, why nerf his mid-late game when they aren't the biggest problem?
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: High Noon Urgot!
A very small complaint. In his skin lore, his name is Jerimiah Jones. I don’t think this name should be there. I feel like you guys should just call him Urgot, or leave the name out entirely. The Lucian and Thresh skins don’t use different names.
: Patching Issue
Bump. Me too as well.
: 10/24 PBE Thread - Current State of PBE & My Learnings
Hey man, I'm really enjoying my experience on PBE, thank you for all your hard work, you and the rest of the PBE team. I try to report as many bugs as I see (Now I check PBE boards before, so that I don't spam it). I will do my best to test. Thanks again for all the hard work.
: Champion Capsule bug
BUMP. Also, sometimes the picture actually reveals what's inside, such as blue essence, champions, or icons.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battlecast Urgot Chromas!
I really like the chromas, however, there is a small thing thats bugging me. The heads don't match the bodies for some of the chromas. For example obsedian has a yellow head, I want it to be black like the rest of his body. But they're all very nice though. Thank you.
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: New Press the Attack
So I just tested it out. and from the damage it's recording, it seems pretty strong. Now that I have tested it I feel like it's okay. Only problem I have with it is the proc 30-120 dmg. It seems a bit low. If it dealt true damage that would be cool. Also I feel like Urgot should deal full 30-120 damage while he's in W, not 33%.
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