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: You might wanna go back and reread I know it doesnt work. The discussion is for Should it work........
But it shouldn't. It's on attack, not on hit.
: how do i ping the pbe server using cmd
You can go in to a custom game and it'll show you
: Can back this up. Noticed a few days after the patch before last.
: Can Quinn's ult AOE radius increase with Rapid Firecannon?
Is her ult an auto attack? Nope. Therefore, it should NOT be increased.
: Rough 1st clear
If anything it's been massively easier. You just back when you can buy hunter's potion and you can suddenly jungle as nearly anyone...
: I have no clue what the nerfs to Morde on PBE are trying to achieve, his solo lane is even worse.
: Bugsplat all over the place
Same thing here. Happened to me with thresh's Q on the raptors and Leona's Q on krugs.
: Infernal Nasus Q Animation fail.
: Face of Mountain bug
That happens occasionally on any champion
: Riven's Q/A animation is not supposed to be able to be canceled too. It's totally a bug. However it's a healthy bug which makes the game more interesting. So it stayed. My point is that Zed's QW is healthy too. {{champion:92}} even has more skins than {{champion:238}} :D
See, but riven's makes sense. You can cancel multiple abilities, where as zed, if he can aim well, can use it to poke without the ability to do anything about it.
: Zed's Q+W combo CANNOT be casted. It's a Zed-nerf-bug.
: Zed Shadow Bug, stays forever, stays usable all game and becomes like a ward
: Heyo ^__^ You need to load in with at least 2 PROJECT skins on the same team on Summoner's Rift to see the PROJECT minions. Hope this clears things up!
Ah! That makes loads of sense! Thank you!
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: Project skins not saving to client?
: When will the PBE update be?
My guess is about 5 hours from now, as last time was about that time too
: Can't buy additional rune pages
: Ekko's Q Should Hit A 3rd Time If You Ult In The Middle Of It
Why would it? It met up with him already if he ulted while it was on it's way to him.
: Bugs in garen's ult!!!
It has the most recent kills, but it won't change until you kill them.
: Skarner One-shots towers???
It may have been that the tower's health bar was glitched
: Rito plss back URF
Don't **ever** post anything like this on the pbe boards again.
: Riot Should disable her asap ! its unplayable for people who play adc T_T people just play sup and keeps killing u
: Elise Q (human) 1 shotting anyone
I've just been reporting the people for bug abuse. What more can you do after you ask them to stop?
: [Skarner] Passive subject is disappear in the map when there is Skarner in other team.
: Thanks for your answers guys. But right now. From what i saw. I see morde as a duo.... and duo means bot only.... + item proposal support item starter...... This are the sigh of support Morde........
No. It's apc morde. You just start with the support item because it is honestly the best option in a duolane if both are melee.
: Thanks for the report. This is occurring on both Pentakill and Lord Morde. We should be able to push a solution to PBE soon. In the mean time, perhaps consider another skin? Those are my favs as well, so it hurts me to say that.
: We wanted to give something to Skarner to optimize around other than just run at a guy. Adding potent zones of threat was our take on that for him. Also, I think there's a misunderstanding about how much potential gold these things give out as well, but I'll look into that to make sure they're not giving out too much.
That is what we like about him. We play him to just run in, stun a bunch of people, and pick people off. You also removed all of the high skillcap separators such as using your ult with the venom applied and using q to ramp up ms before a gank. You also destroyed Skarner top and support, which were my favorite places for him.
: While nagas_ are_ pretty cool, I don't think Ladon gets enough limelight in popular culture.
Fair enough. It also sounds hella cool
: > The changes on PBE in testing are to make it less dependent on latency. We tweaked the cast range of Conquering Sands (Q) to be more consistent during Shifting Sands (E). Could you elaborate the tweak or the change here? The move seems sick, true shuriman shuffle
It's saying that now, the range on your q adapts better while using e.
: I like the idea of giving ommage to Atmas but since it does aoe instead of single target damage I think "Atma's Cleaver" sounds good
The problem with this is that there is already "Black **Cleaver**", which would have the same problem.
: @Riot, could we rename the Titanic Hydra?
I'd like to see something with a "naga" or, as you said, "ladon"
: Academy Ahri destroyed my game
Not a bug with Academy Ahri. Like the dude below me said, sometimes your connection to the game isn't completed when the game starts, so you're still there even though you aren't.
: First of all the last place Morde belongs is bot lane, even less as a support, it doesnt fit his character at all. But yeah they should find a way to put him back in a solo lane.
What they are doing is lore, though, and him being in a duo lane makes much more sense in his theme of "misery loves company"
: Morde Q
Just like Irelia's W, it is a different kind of reset, so it puts it back to the beginning of his animation **regardless of where his last aa was**.
: Titanic Hydra & Sterak's Gage bugs
This is all normal stuff. They just simply haven't put it in yet.
: Academy Ekko
How'd you get academy ekko?
: Battlecast Skarner Crystal Spires Bug
: Regarding the Garen Changes..
This made him even better for beginners, dude! He now shows that farming is extremely important and that you should focus the most fed person.
: Green numbers in the old HUD?
They're yellow now instead of green.
: Srry i was just really pissed off yesterday after i played against an ezreal who went pulsefire skin and when he ulted it didnt show his r getting near me but it still damaged me also another game was with nami when she ulted as well and casted her bubble it showed that it was away form the range but yet again it still hit me i want riot to fix this so nobody else should rage at this
I've literally **never** had a problem with it. It's probably because you're lagging.
: Heimer
Can confirm. It only happens occasionally, though.
: [bug] when refunding items you lose hp.
: zed chroma
Please don't post this type of stuff on the boards. All it does is clunk it up. You'll find out eventually what they'll do with his chromas.
: i've done that didn't do anything
Clearly not, as it would've worked. Make sure your pbe client is 100% deleted, then redownload it.
: PBE ranks don't give lp points
: InGame Client Doesn't Open
Then reinstall. Common sense, bud.
: Gangplanks Gangplank Skin's Name in champion loading screen
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