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: Idea new champ yoh'nil
Man good idea i knwo they all hating when soemone post on PBE and i know we dotn need to post there but it is funny how some stupid fishes go and complain :D You are lucky that "Catman" will not follow you watch out that guy is spaming all time and get report all time :D at least from me. :D i would love to see this hero hope some admin will see :D got my like
: lmfao the rage is real get out kid
: Too bad Catman is correct. You can keep your opinion about zed rework and your toxicity to yourself. No one wants them.
wtf word "Fuckk you"" is that toxic?
: Discussions for future reworks should be on the [NA]( and [EUW]( boards or [Reddit]( The PBE is for content **currently** in testing.
Mate. . . fuck you :) If you wont to reply something betther then do that.
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: i dont think its a glitch but rather intended. to my knowledge, the damage doesn't increase just the aoe
i know :/ but it will be betther the more dmg :D it will be broken
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: Even so; that discussion is being held on the live boards, so feedback should go there :>
no man it dont need to go on live borad this nee to be on PBE becaseu this mage is going to rework and this is my oppinion to help them becasue they first come on PBE not on live
: He's talking about the upcoming Mage Update, but I agree that until it actually hits PBE it belongs on live.
You are right man but stil this is opinnion to help riot maybe to change cassiopein because we cant wait on PBE for that it is like they rework her then she is on PBE and i psot this like what is betther for her. It is like i hate riot what they do. Because that i make my oppinion for reworking her. They dont need to take all of this what i say maybe they see taht her Q is betther for skillshoot or something like that and i thinked about taht only to know.
: Cassiopeia currently doesn't have any changes on PBE. This belongs on the Live boards.
Hey man long time no see when you downgrade me xd i am talking about upcoming 5 or 6 mage change and i just set this because Riot maybe see and think about new Casssiopein even thought they going to change her and Vel Koz, and Vladimir? and dont know who else.
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: Firstly, Jhin is hitting live tomorrow. Secondly, the Q's main purpose is waveclear due to Jhin's poor att spd, any harass is bonus. at least that's what I go out of his kit.
Umm even thought that he is going to live tomorow stil lcan be changed, And i think about that buff becasue in late game he can be jsut boring to use auto attack on minion then save last 4th hit and his ulty is good in late game nothing else and maybe W for long range.
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Just to add i wathc Redmarcy video and soo that Q bouncing can't bounc from first 3 minion to the 3 marskman minion its kidne stupid becuase see what bouncing on Katarina Q jsut imagine that on Jhin that would be greate :D
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: The DeadEye Theory : What is Deadeye doing ??
What if "Jhin" is new champ and ulty is maybe take soul and can copy champion ulty that would be awesome and almost broken :D
: Well, there are a few Snowdown Shop bug reports on the first page alone ._. 1: 2: 3: Also you could use the search option :') Duplicate threads make it hard keeping track of the boards, that's why I said it~
You really have plenty of time
: PBE-only issue, won't be fixed~ Also, please first look through the forum to see if your problem has already been reported.
I think i post i was too long afk on this forum when i scrool down i didnt see this post and i post it too. If you have any question ask?
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: Soon(tm). Riot doesn't publish deadline and stuff like that unless they're really certain.
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: Poppy's Ult Fires the target to his base location, so even if she flashed-ult they whould go to their side not to our's.
Did you even read what i write? If you not then dont comment please and dislike something that you can't even undrestand what you read.
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: I guess we post at similar times? It's not a bad thing :3 I just like to post if I see something with a lot of views that has no comments; too many creepers on the forum not enough discussions.
u are right :D i love your thinking :D
: How about make an animation where the ground goes up a bit to really show that the entire area within her circle has a CC effect to it.
Yea it would be nice too tnx for suggestion.
: I made a mockup of what Noxus Poppy's particles could look like to better fit the skin
: That would be a bug. I have it too.
You love to reply on all my posts :D
: Where does she swing if two dashes are stopped :3
Improvise :D I dunno maybe it's bad idea for her W but her Q is most important
: Hi, as far as i know, you can't add pictures directly from your pc, you have to upload them somewhere first and then link it in your post. I usually use [Imgur](, as it is really straght forward (just click on "upload images", create an album and then copy the link here).
tnx man i make 2 pic :D and post it
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: Illaoi W can't hit inhibitors.
Man you are too late to say that why didnt you first see if someone psot that? First i was post that and i see 2 or 3 more people who say about that bug.
: I'm a Darius main and I've played Illaoi a couple of games. They are no where near comparable in playstyles. For Darius, you can go Juggernaut or Full AD and you goal is to damage them enough for a dunk, then proceed to chase their team into a PentaDunk. Where as Illaoi, you are focusing your positioning for your passive, trying to spawn tentiCOOLs wherever you plan on using them. Then in a teamfight you proceed to jump in the middle of everyone one, ULT, and spam Q and W onto their poor souls. E those that try to escape.
Can you stop following me and comment something stupid like "this is not for PBE" or just be soo dark? I gonna report you man.
: That would be a massive nerf on Yasuo, which shouldn't be intended.
man that champ need nerf are you taht despair and odnt know to play any other regular champ? When Ekko came all of you Yasuo amin say nerf ekko because he easy kill you. Yasuo need NERF
: New Yasuo Passive
I think just maybe his passive still can 2x for crit but its stay only when he have passive block attack with that little shield. When his passive is off then crit is normal like he have statick with 30% crit and when he have passive 100 stack then 60% when his passive is off his crit is normal
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: Yasuo's W cannot block Illaoi's Q
Why do you think he can block? Illaoi Q is not trowing like skill shot its like ummm Thresh E i think because of that it's time for some champ that can counter Yasuo. It's time for DArius woman version :D
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