: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Heartseeker Yuumi!
Interesting idea, but I expected more from the skin. When I heard that there will be a Heartbreaker Yumi was happy that there will be a small cat angel in the game. When I tested the skin in the game and saw everything myself, I was disappointed. **1. Wings.** I don't see them well in the game. They are really too small for the idea. **2. The main color of the skin.** Too much pink... No variety. I think not only pink would be good:\ Amaranth-purple, slate-blue, Scarlet, and Vanilla would also look good on her. And not only white\pink. Only thanks to the schemes you can not go crazy with pink. The feeling that the schemes worked better than the main skin. **3. Eyebrows and makeup.** Tell rito, aren't you surprised by her eyebrows? Why should others tell you this? Eyebrows too angry, strange shapes. Makeup is too bright. And generally, first and foremost, she is a CAT. **4. The effect of the shield.** Too much like the basic one. **5. The heal effect.** A little strange. Of all the effects, only, lo and behold, e is green and not pink. But I think it needs more effects. **6. The effect of the blow.** I expected like the other person that it would be a nice arrow. And I don't notice the impact. In BA, this is clearly visible. **7. Tail.** If you look at the front, the tail merges with the decoration on the head. EVERYTHING IS PINK. It's also oddly shaped. You can't see that it's collapsed. ____ Little girls and Yumi mainers don't kill me. This is my _opinion_.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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