: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Death Sworn Viktor!
Is there any plan or possibility of getting VO Processing on the skin? Holy cow the visuals are insane but I do feel that VO processing would just make this skin that much better rather than the mechanical VO.
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: Okay, why is there no voice over processing ala varus and thresh? It's part of this skin lines identity imo to have the echoing voice and the creepy filters.
Varus just happens to have a voice that fits closer to the theme. Orianna and Kha'Zix however I think could really benefit from a little filtering of the voice to add that creepy Dark Star feel.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Star Kha'Zix!
Is it possible to get some voice processing on this amazing skin? Something to give his voice a little more of an echoing feel would be awesome!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Cosmic Blade Master Yi!
The skin is fantastic but I do think many feel that the Q 'feels' slower than it should from the visual side of things. Maybe something to make it feel like the constellation forms quicker or add some "punch" to the star forming effect.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Worldbreaker Hecarim!
I think it would be beneficial to add a little bit of blue or a blue glow to the edge of his blade just to spruce it up. The green as is feels a little to bland on its own.
: So, about those SKT skins...
I really understand the feel you guys were going for with the skins being commemorative, but if you guys are excited in the potential with the same level of passion as many of us, then AWESOME! I'm really excited, and I know you will deliver something great, and thank you so much for acknowledging our feedback, I appreciate it :)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: SKT T1!
Overall, I don't think these skins capture any of the personality of the players. I like to think that riot set a new standard with the SSW Skins by adding personality or features related to players that were on the team in the SSW Skin Line. To be honest, myself and many of my friends feel that this is a step backward. After talking to my devote SKT fan roommate, he was very disappointed in all of the skins. He admitted to having perhaps too large of expectations, as did I, but the skins in their current state are way to low and in his words (not mine) "a tad disrespectful" to all the fans and the players themselves. _____ Some of the things we talked about: 1. Color Scheme. The color theme is very generic, and feels like just copies of the first SKT skin line, rather than reflect the uniform change the team had for Season 5. Utilize the newer colors they had a bit more and maybe feature their logo prominently to show that the skins are still SKT. The prominence of the SKT Crest among the skins is very nice and well done in Alistar's horns, Sivir and Renekton's weapon, and Elise's spider form, but the scheme overall is very similar to the Season 3 skins. If the decision to make the skins this way came from the team itself, then fine, its what they wanted. Overall just revisit the overall theme of the skins, as there is something off about them slightly. Color is lower on the list of priority change. 2. Pricing. By including 975rp into the price range for team skins in the SSW line was great, it allowed for some expression of the player's personality. Twitch captures Imp's popularized goofy personality in his recall animation, and Mata received a special recall for earning MVP, and the recall captured that reward. Marin was awarded MVP and should receive a special recall for his Renekton skin, and have the price increased to 975 to compensate. Those that would buy the skins don't care about the price, they want to capture the awesome feelings that worlds gave them. Faker is clearly the face of SKT and exhibited alot of personality that couldve and was expected to be shown in his Ryze skin, that too being increased to 975rp. A special recall for Ryze that would involve a very simple somersault that Faker performed in the finals would suffice, and end with Ryze eating some broccoli. ______ Some other tidbits: - Faker and Bengi being 2-time world champions could be very subtly included onto their skins in some way to mark the achievement - Easyhoon. Easyhoon was a valued member of SKT and did his part to help bring SKT to worlds throughout Season 5. He was just as much a part of SKT as any other member and it isn't fair that he wasnt rewarded a skin. A 6th skin is a tad off, but the 6 man roster means that 6 valued players were brought to Worlds by many teams. IF the member was a constant contributor AND played several competitive matches, then the player should be included in the consideration. An SKT Azir Skin (750) for example would acknowledge Easyhoon and his contribution. To not include him is just another hit on him feeling like he was stuck in Faker's shadow. - In regards to the Faker/Ryze skin, we can understand if the limitations of Ryze's old model played a roll in the lack of a recall animation of this sort, and would be understanding if we had to wait until a Ryze VU to receive that animation, but it doesnt exclude the lack of an animation from Renekton for MVP Marin. _____ Its a lot of complaints for sure, but we feel they are justified and we want it to be taken in a constructive way. The SSW skin line felt like it should be the new standard for prize Worlds team skins, and it was done so in a small and very interesting way. It should be this way in some fashion for future skin lines, SKT included. Capturing the personality of the players is what is crucial to these team skins in the future, even if it is small ways. We were given a taste of this in the SSW skin line, and I think we are justified in wanting the same level of time and care shown in the SKT skins, and future team skins. We know you do great work Riot, and we enjoy and appreciate all that you do, but when we know you can do better, and SHOULD do better rather than just appease childish wants, we want to voice that to you. We hope that you see this, and maybe implement some changes to the skins while their on the PBE, or at the very least, acknowledge some complaints, and try and confirm some action will be taken (no need on definitive time tables, just acknowledgement).
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
If I could suggest something from the art side of things, Valor is now much bigger when in the ult form (which makes sense to be that big to carry Quinn). I really enjoy this larger Valor, and I think that it would be nice if Valor's model could be bigger when he applies the Passive and fly's out for Q. The first thing that came to mind was potential clarity issues, so of course Valor could not be AS big as he is in the ulted form, but as is he seems really small, or the difference in size is too great. Valor in the splash art also looks ALOT bigger than he does when resting on Quinn's arm in game. Would be pretty cool to get some thoughts on that. I personally enjoy Quinn's gameplay so far but am interested in what the feedback from everyone else may change. I like her ult being a form of utility but its damage may just be a little bit low.
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: Gatekeeper Galio - Updated Spell Effects
As a loving Galio player i feel that this is rather unfair to the skin. What made him so appealing was: His voice, and his green particles that were vastly different from his base This unfortunately is just a recolor of the base effects they added, which is why he turns to stone and no longer has his eyes glow and roaring, the ground no longer cracks. this isnt an old 1820 that never got particle changes, it HAD different effects and it should stay that way. Its Gatekeeper Galio, not infernal, He deserves the ghostly particles he had before, updated, larger looking, spookier, souls rushing from his E in the direction it was cast, souls taunting champions as he roars, the very ground around him being destroyed by the power he possesses!!! Dont let this be a missed opportunity. I think that Gatekeeper deserves a little more love and work.
: Update: We toggled off the code changes for input and we are fairly confident it's going to resolve the issues you're seeing. We will turn our code back on once we have a fix. Thanks for the reports everyone!!
Hi, this bug has made it onto live for me, idk if that was intentional or not (Mac Client)
: Game crash (Mac user, no Bard in my game)
My game also continues to crash after being in game for under a minute. (Mac Client)


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