: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sugar Rush Evelynn
Model: I love the model and really love the chromas too. She's really beautiful and each of the chromas offers a cool and new take on this skin which I think is great. VFX: I think the candy effects need to be toned up. For example, I initially thought the chocolate on her Q and W abilities was blood. I get that the overlap between chocolate and blood effects makes sense because it's evelynn but currently I have to squint and look really closely to see that it's meant to be chocolate when I feel like it should be the other way around (mostly chocolate with hints of blood). I don't feel the same satisfaction from this skin that I do on the Zilean, Braum, or Ziggs skins which is a shame because Evelynn is the only champion in the candy lineup I play and I would really like to support this skin line. SFX: Similar criticism to the VFX, the candy effects and sounds are cool but get drowned out by her base noises. For example with her ult I mostly hear the ear piercing clawing, it's cool, but it drowns out any new sounds this skin adds (contrast Candy Eve with KDA eve, I feel like KDA retains the power and threat of her ultimate, while simultaneously being a cool and new sound). I feel similarly about her Q and E. Also I think her Shadow Form should have creepy candy music. Ultimately, the draw of the Candy skin line for me is the ASMR sounds and satisfying visuals of candy and chocolate goop, and chocolate cracking. I feel like this Eve skin is not delivering on this for me in the same way Ziggs, Zilean, and Braum are. I really like her model on this but on its own the model is not enough to sell this skin for me. I had similar feelings on this with the Bewitching MF skin.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Bewitching Miss Fortune
I think the model is gorgeous and is my favorite thing about this skin, this is probably my favorite outfit for MF. For VFX: I think the colours and everything are really pretty. My only issue with this skin is by hinging on pretty colours instead of adding interesting features (i.e. pumpkins or other interesting thematics if pumpkins look ugly on E, Q, R) I'm not sure what the draw this skin's orange/purple VFX has over the Star Guardian MF I already own. The SFX on Love Tap and Q Bounce are nice but I don't find them as satisfying as procing lovetap on Arcade MF or Pool Party (Which have more of a deep, powerful noise), as you spend most of the game on MF procing love tap this is pretty important to me. Whatever Sound effect is placed there ends up being the major thing you hear throughout the game and tends to be what I first associate with an MF skin. Overall I like this skin and its design but I don't feel like it's providing MF enough new/satisfying things that match the thematic when compared with the skins that have been previously released for her. I'd like cool thematic stuff on her abilities to match the concept.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT:Akali
Great skin, love the rain VFX on w, I hope it can get rain SFX to match. Chromas are amazing too.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT Chromas!
I love that Akali's chromas have the chroma colouring on her Q and E. These are some of the best chromas in a while imo.


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