: That will never happen..Because it benefits us. The last thing riot will ever do is LISTEN.
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: There's maintenance, gotta wait 'till Riot finishes that.
they have been doing a maintenance for 3 days what the heck is going on{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: I'll use this thread for some vis into server status. Sorry for the long downtime! We're making a fair number of backend changes this patch cycle and so this first PBE maintenance is a particularly painful one. Unfortunately there's a bug with how the new server status site and the new launcher behave with our old automation for sending out status updates where nothing is displayed, so providing updates is difficult until we get that fixed. At this point in maintenance we're resolving the last kink before we can effectively QA sweep and then open PBE back to you all. Can't give a solid ETA though since this last issue has taken us over an hour already without a confirmed fix. Keep watching the top right status bubble to see if maintenance has ended! Update: PBE is now open.
is arurf going to be removed? I hope not , and also get the old server status update the new one is bad. :/
: League endgame screen disables windows blue light shield
: Issue seems to be fixed! I'll leave this pinned for the next couple days for visibility or in case it's still affecting someone. If you're still affected by this issue please reply here or in the Reddit link above to let me know!
what about the game crashing my pc entirely around the 10 min mark no matter what game mode it is? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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: If you were playing on PBE, in the Official Discord it's clearly explained that the high ping and disconnection issues weren't due to Urf itself. The Rioters were bug testing different maps, allegedly. There are a few minor bugs, like getting stuck in the cannon. But the worst part is Jhin, the dragon buff, and being able to buy 5 infinity edges that stack crit.
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: Sorry, but they are doing maintenance to UPDATE game stuff for players to TEST on PUBLIC BETA ENVIRONMENT. Are you testing something or just want to play URF?
I reported multiple times about a error message making players unable to connect to the game so....
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: cannot connect to game
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