: Welllllllll, sorry. I didn't know....sheesh =w=
: Jan 22 PBE crash issues
Thanks for the patch!
: Jan 22 PBE crash issues
I haven't played a single game today ;_; {{summoner:9}}
: Team Buider - Skin Bug
This happened to me with an already bought skin :S
: Same thing for me. I just played a custom in Crystal Scar and the Upper left and Right speed shrine wasn't working. I thought it was only for Leblanc but my teammate Nocturne walked over it and it didn't work for him. It could be because I used my Ethereal Chains on it...which was weird as hell.
You can CC and damage heal shrines and the same for speed shrines to make them not work...
: [Crystal Scar] - Rammus unable to "roll" (Q) over heal or speed shrines
We tested and discovered that you can "kill" speed and heal shrines by using skillshots or AOE skills
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