: Nexus Siege changes now up for testing on PBE!
: Why is Taliyah getting massive nerfs?
Massive nerfs? Not really, the e damage is just beyond insane when triggering the max rocks, not to mention that Taliyah is just very strong when mastered.
: I don't see them sorry I must be blind but could you link them?
If you haven't found them yet: http://www.surrenderat20.net/2016/06/627-pbe-update.html#bal1 Just under the Malzahar changes.
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: I feel like this is really to target {{champion:41}} {{champion:78}} Which whom I'm perfectly fine with if they change it.
Neither of them are ranged, Poppy is at 46% WR (6.10) and GPs WR will probably drop since TF got changed.
: I don't think that Grasp changes to the ranged version on champions which have a ranged ability that applies on-hit effects. It's possible that there is a special case, but most of the time it's only actually changing the character's attack range number (Mostly transforming champions, plus Kayle) that causes them to actually be considered ranged or not. For example, Tiamat and upgrades are "melee only" in that their passive only works on melee champions, but it still applies on the ranged attacks from GP and Trist. Dead Man's Plate also has a "melee only" part of its effect, which I believe also applies even on the ranged attacks from those champions.
Ye the slow from DMP is melee only.
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: Mordekaiser's w targeting is bugged?
Did you set w to selfcast in the settings?
: Aurelion Sol is nerfed to much
If Riot were to revert him to his release's state he would probably have a win rate of easily 60%
: assuming 2.5 attack speed it will take a minimum of 3 seconds for any champion to get the passive ---------------------------------------- {{champion:96}} Hi
: Guinsoo's and Vayne (and other champions)
Well, guinsoos gives VERY poor stats, as the ap is completely useless. It costs 3.6k gold, and the build path is mehish. It doesn't even give attack speed at 0 stacks, and to get the phantom hit, you have to attack 6 times first.
: {{item:3124}} Should be giving two stacks. Twin bite applies on-hit effects twice, such as {{item:3153}} , Shyvana's Flame Breath, or even {{item:2015}}
: Air Dragon to weak?!
I wish it also gave 5/10/15 ms in combat.
: Seems like not a bug. They removed "all debuffs" and it seems to only remove cc right now. Happens against zed ult too, no removal.
Well, Supresses are still CC right?
: Well lifesteal doesn't apply to on hit effects unless specified, since Titanic Hydra for example doesnt work with lifesteal
Ye, though {{item:3812}} and {{item:3146}} work, as they heal from all (physical for DD) damage.
: I concur, an increased rate would help.
Yeh maybe he could get 1 coin/ second like it Twisted Deadline.
: This is actually a bug and there should be a fix for it on PBE today :3 Sorry :D it is fun though, haha!
: Someone told me that people with shields get this debuff, yet of the champions that I've played that do (Ekko, Riven and Karma) none of them have any sort of debuff that I could find that indicates they are infact getting a reduced shield. Am I stupid or am I missing something? Not even in the Healing Embargo is it mentioned. Is it just an invisible debuff then?
There is an Icon in your buff/debuff bar that says that "In order to make more just at the eye of our Lord Urf Urf, shields are tuned down to compensate the now spammable spell to which they belong." I think, for Karma and Riven it should show up (for riven it does) and Ekko's will probably be nerfed too, soon.
: I feel doubtful in that statement, but willing to look further into it. However it doesn't even seem like it is since some times it feels like it's the shield's fulls strength. I guess it could just be due to the shields being spammed so much that it's hard to notice, but even things even with damage to shield strength that if this is the case seems to not happen.
Many shields (Udyr, Karma, Riven and others) have their scaling cut in half.
: Can't login to PBE
I don't see a bug there.
: Not sure if this is a bug, but how come some passives and item effects don't have 80% cdr?
Banshee's isn't affected, because it's passive, Voli Passive is not affected because it's a passive aswell. Aatrox is only affected because it got changed to the reduced cd for urf.
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: Are you a bronze? Learn to counterplay. Cleanse against Malzahar. Exhaust against Zed. Red scanner against Wu Kong. If you know they're planning to pick a certain champ like Sona, play an obvious counter champion against her. (Assassins)
Duh. Cleanse is uselesss vs. Malzahar. Sweeping Lens/Oracle Alteration only roughly show where he is.
: That's been there since the first version of U.R.F, I can't recall what Riot said about it but i think it was left there to gate champions like kassadin and kog'maw early so they aren't super spammy with their ults until around lvl 11
I think they fixed it with the 2nd version of U.R.F.
: Probably cause we already got Championship Kalista, would've been a bit too soon for another skin off the bat.
Victorious Sivir was released around that time aswell.
: They should, old items used to do, so maybe they didnt change the newest
It didn't and the U.R.F. buff even says "activated items" xd
: [URF] Duskblade has a full 2 minute cooldown
Passives don't benefit from the URF Buff.
: ‘Ultra Rapid Fire’ game mode live on PBE for Rotating Game Mode queue testing.
Why aren't some champs like Shen, Fiora or GP included in the Champ Testing? :p
: Aurelion Sol NERFS? WTF
How is a 61% win rate at 15-50 games considered low?
: ​ ​PBE Bugs (heh.. bug.. Kha'Zix) & Feedback Thread: Death Blossom Kha'Zix​
Bottom one (Ult evolved I guess?) looks too much like Guardian of the Sands, also the first Kha' Skin where I prefer the non evolved. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: [Hextech Crafting] Keep getting champion loots even though I have all champs unlocked
It's not a bug, but yeah I think that it'd be nice if you could like maybe craft 3 Champion Shards into 1 Skin Shard or maybe just 150 Cosmetic Essence for people that already have every champion. EDIT: Or maybe have icons or something use champion essence and have champion essence renamed.
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: Legacy Icons,Skins and wards on Hextech Crafting
I'm pretty sure that you can only get skins/icons you could also get from mystery icons/skins, so no skins like Pax Twisted Fate or icons like the Rammus Beta Icon.
: Fizz balance propostion
* Post it on the live boards, not here x) * Fizz is fine imo, they should nerf Lee though * I would be fine with him having a minimum cd of _13/11.5/10/7.5/6_ seconds on his E though.
: Yeah I lost my Riven both the dragon and Championship (long with other Legacy and Limited), I understand this is for testing but, it those that are unattainable are even unattainable even in pbe should be returned whether by selling them in the shop or any other way, it would be stupendous. Thank you.
Hmm, I lost CS Riven aswell, but I still have Dragonblade
: Pretty sure they said the legacy/limited skins were not going to get reset, but I lost my championship riven too. I know it's pbe but while im waiting for it to be re-released on NA I like to play a game with cs riven from time to time.
R.I.P. CS Riven for me too ;-;
: Wondering: is the rare gem only there to get an extra roll? give it another small) use we choose
: Stength of the ages
No, large monsters grant 10, siege minions 20.
: can equalize not be a thing? or be changed to requiring 5 votes?
So, I guess surrender needs 5 votes too then, because of 4 man premades?
: I don't think that would be wise. Lets assume some champion gets changed in a patch and suddenly has a 65% win rate. In ranked, everyone wants to play said champion, but no one wants to let said champion fall into the enemy teams hands. If your team isn't first pick or can't pick them first, then you're going to need to ban that champion, regardless of if a teammate wants them. That's not being rude, selfish, or negative, that's being smart.
And pre-selecting a champ is kinda just the same as saying "Please don't ban x/Going to plax x" in normal ranked queue.
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: Yeah cause all of you wants to buy their champions again ._.
I just bought like 1 per role and my mains {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: All Champions and summoner icons reset?
: Yeah I noticed that too, thought it was lag at first.
Welp, for whatever reason the most bottom line is "cut off" from the chatbox, I suggest you to use say /w with nothing after that every time so that it shows the message, that the friend was not found.
: A Suggestion to Balance Thunderlord's Decree
So like that it procs, when you deal 35% of ones hp in the time of 3 seconds it procs?
: Restricted Keyboard Language
German letters: Ä, Ö, Ü, ß, work perfectly fine for me, but idk how it is with other languages.
: From my understanding, deathfire touch has half effectiveness with DoT's, and with 3 procs before the damage type adjustment, it resulted in .8 (regular scaling of e) + .3 scaling (.6 from the 3 procs/2) and so forth. With the damage type adjustment it went to .4 scaling, and now .5 scaling with 25% for each proc/2.
So, I'll just keep the Malz e damage away to make it clearer, but I will still take the 4 sec duration into a count. 1st DFT: Since 4 seconds (e duration, so permanent deathfire proc) + 1.5 sec (dot/aoe duration of deathfire at the last tick) make 5.5 seconds together. The scaling was 20% over 3 (10% over 1.5 (aoe/dot)) seconds at that point you have to multiply the 20% with 11/6 (5,5 : 3 = 11/6) resulting in 36.6666......% 2nd DFT: Dft now deals the same damage but over 4 seconds resulting in a decrease of dps, additionally dots only make dft last for 1 second now. 4 seconds + 1 second = 5 seconds Since deathfire touch gets all it's damage of once and a fourth of it's damage, 20% multiplied with 5/4 = 25% ap. 3rd DFT: Ap ratio 20%->25%. So now: 25% multiplied with 5/4 again = 31,25%
: Deathfire Touch x Malzahar
Isn't it: Release: ~116% AP Damage Type Adjustment: 105% AP Current: 111,25% AP ??
: I havent tried it yet, but i think replacing this new item with runeglaive is a bad idea.. there are many ap on-hit junglers like (diana, ekko, fizz, nidalee) that works fine with runeglaive. for example: with nidalee jungle, i would build > runeglaive, RoA, boots, and 3 defensive items (the build doesnt contain ludens).. now i have to builds somethin like (runic echoes, RoA, boots, LICH BANE, and 2 defensive items (the itemization forces me to buy extra 1 ap item instead of a defensive item. tl:dr, champion that i play works fine with runeglaive, but doesnt work fine with echo.. this kinda thing happened months ago with fiddlesticks when runeglaive released.. so instead of making these 2 types of ap junglers (ap on hit ones --- directly spell casters) suffer from this itemization, why dont they simply just keep both items available, so every ap jungler can have own item that works fine ? thats the main question i believe.
Yeah and maybe have Runeglaive's AP increased to 50 so that it's at it's deserved power state and maybe even reduce the combine cost to 15 or atleast 65.
: Having all 3 of those changes seems pretty damn broken. Though it seems appropriate for a way to receive mana after the fight, rather than it being wasted at the start when you have a full bar.
My bad should've said it as: 1. or 2. and 3. together
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