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: New account refill issues
BE doesn't refill , you get it like in live - through lvl up's or loot. This has been stated a long time ago. Use the search bar please.
: Practice Tool bug?
Well. That's not a bug if there's a logical explanation for why you can't start a game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Elysial,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=nOAgzzLI,comment-id=0023,timestamp=2017-11-08T07:14:35.024+0000) > > I am still hearing Project Vayne's random quotes globally. Even when she's on the enemy team she's whispering sinister things in my ear that make me tilt. Hahaha, sorry for the tilt-inducing! This is definitely a bug and should be fixed.
Her ultimate unlocking sound is also global , as I've heard.
: best bot lane wins?
Well there's the new problem with runes reforged. It's based around adc's now. Lethal tempo and Press the attack are too strong. Of course the mages are also good but not the best
: Skins Tab not showing total number of skins
Same. It also duplicates purchased stuff and doesn't show newly created/bought skins (New projects).
: Yes... because server have delay problem... Think that one it is not a main server that can handle a lot of players who make requests shortly.
It shouldn't be a problem with delay. It's that there's a bug showing the RP after playing a game. You don't gain RP after playing a game so it shouldn't update.
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: Mana bar not showing
Don't know what runes I had , but I also had this problem one time. It sometimes even flickered.
: Can't use EMOTES
: Can you give me a bit more details? Resolution at least would be nice. :)
Well my res is 1366x768. Also I didn't mean that to be a bug ,rather than a suggestion that the HP bars are oversized (champs only) and they're just a simple rectangles. The art department could implement more detail to them. Make them more rounded for example. But that's just my personal opinion.
: Hey Hoquen, Can you provide your computer specs?
CPU: Intel I5-5200U RAM: 8GB GPU: Intel HD graphics 5500 I know it's not a very good laptop ,but on SR it runs smoothly. In this state I've seen that people are reporting FPS reduction on SR too.
: The bugs that appeared on Tuesday were due to HBs being partially in, and partially not. This caused a few weird issues (as a few have pointed out). When Wednesday PBE comes up, the new health bars will be fully on (barring issues), so you won't need to do anything to access them.
On my resolution the new health bars seem to be too big and too bulky.
: When will the new champion (Teaser) be updated?
: Ascension returns for testing!
Just played a game of ascension. Let's put it that I don't know if it's my computer's problem or what ,but yesterday everything was smooth. In the summoner's rift I had about 80fps. In ascension I have around 35fps it's so unplayable that sometimes it doesn't even proc my spells, even though I was spamming Q several times. Just when I updated the client (an hour ago) it was sooo slow that I though I wouldn't even get in a game. The loot system sometimes even went black and didn't load at all.
: Numbers of item slots are not appearing
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: Rather have teambuilder back to be frank; I didn't mind waiting an extra minute or two, to have a team that was willing to work together.
Yes!!! I've completely forgot about that. Such a shame it didn't work out just because everyone's so lazy to wait a few minutes more.
: RP and BE
Because PBE is not mean't for fun. It's completely enough to buy the new skins or new champs to test out.
: Not a bug. RP reses at 11:30am PDT, but Riot no longer gives BE. You get this using the loot system.
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: Victorious Graves taunt and joke visual issue Please search for an issue before posting it.
: Some Problems in the new skin Graves Please search for an issue before posting it.
: can not connect to game
Had this issue on the PBE some time ago ,but this also happens on LIVE and that's the most annoying part. The usual fix for me was restarting the client. But well. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: **DEAR RITO**: if you think to bring chaos and eliminate accounts, please do as you want players who have **honor 4** and **5**, think that that helps the community and there are less_ AFK_ & _FLAMMERS_ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ General Things Please remember that this is a test environment. We're going to do some wacky stuff on this. Things will break. I'm imagining a time where we wipe accounts and have folks sign up again, so that we can test the load. CHAOS, let's bring on the CHAOS. We promise we won't do this without warning, though. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ {{sticker:galio-happy}}
Remember about the AFK's. It's the PBE and the server's located in NA. So us Europeans have a hard time having a decent connection. Sometimes it doesn't even allow to join a game because of connectivity issues.
: Now toxicity is a big problem on the PBE. How about testing out some new report features? Some ideas: * Chat & Ping Mute data is stored in the system. This gives no indication if that muted player shows any toxic behavior. Their are plenty of people that just mute all before the game starts. However for most of us their is a reason why we mute players. I have seen many games I forgot to report someone because we just mute his as add the start of the game. So if a player has an unusual high mutes for the games he played this are players that should be flagged for further investigation. Not directly to ban him. The system should just take more time to check how many times this guy is reported. * A cool idea would be something like a replay system to a player that is muted many times by his teammates like: "We noticed an unusual high chat mutes." or something like that. * Give an indication on the report afk option if the leaver buster detected the afk. What often happens is that players report someone that is probally already detected by the system. In that case a report can only be used to add additional information to the case. So something like a recoloring on the option could show if the system has detected it. * Change the report system: I would like to see a change to the available report options: * **Unsportmanship:** This section will include: * **Negative Attitude:** * **Verbal Abuse:** * **Intentional Feeding:** * **Leaving the Game/AFK:** * **Hate speech:** * **Inappropriate Name:** * **Cheating:** Changing this up to 4 main report options would clear things up a lot. Generally players click on must report options if unsportmanship does apear and often their is no reason to explane each option individually. Than again if it's needed you don't have room for it. So why not split it so you get something like this in json: > case1 = { > reportedFor: ["Unsportmanship", "HateSpeech"], > description: "toxic player ....." > descriptionNA: "", > descriptionVA: "", > descriptionIF: "", > descriptionAFK: "", > leaverBusterDetected: true, > playerFlagged: false, > unusualMutes: true, > multiplayReports: true, > premadeReports: false, > reporterHonorLv: 5, > honorLv: 2 > } * Report time stamps: Something that could be intressting is that players are able to post timestamps allong with a popup menu to indicate lines where toxic behaviour apeared. Timestamps can also be used to make reporting intentional feeding easyier. You can become the system with the replay system so the teams that are on the case can find and punish cases a lot easyier. * Report rank: Players that are consistently reporting players correctly could gain a hidden rank (bit like mmr but for reporting) that would make their reports stronger for the system. * Honnor rewards: Additional rewards could be intressting. Something I was thinking about is a open replay site where players are able to give feedback on other people games. The requirement to comment on those cases would be level 3 honnor.
Awesome ideas. The unusual amount of mutes is a must. There are calm people who don't report anyone ,because they don't participate in the chat. They just mute the annoying one and keep on playing. I don't know if it's allowed to mention other games on the board ,but I hope to have a chance to apologize if so. I agree about the Report rank. It would be just like CS:GO's overwatch. You could watch replays and flag people if they disobeyed the rules. Thumbs up so the (hopefully) understanding banfhamer could see.


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