: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lunar Eclipse Leona!
The skin is awesome but look, it definitely lack something at the center of the circle when she finishes her W compared to Solar Eclipse : https://i.imgur.com/AUdgMqx.jpg http://imgur.com/gallery/mcjKfWY
: Hi, Ori's VFX artist here. Thanks for you feedback. I went back and compared Victorious Ori's BA to her base and other skins. You are correct that it look a little smaller and weaker. I have increased the brightness of the blue trail that follows the projectile to compensate. It should go live on the PBE tomorrow. Please try it out and let me know if you still feel it's too weak. https://imgur.com/a/Mv6GnQT
Hey ! Sorry for the late answer. I have tested plenty of things for the autoattack. So I really love the fact that you keep following our advices for the skins ! That's what's the AA looks like for the moment : https://imgur.com/NWnSKz9 Its definitely better but I wanted to compare with her last skin, Dark Star Orianna : https://imgur.com/8L5djGA I feel like the trainee of the AA is much more visible than Victorious.. I would have imagined for the AA of victorious, something more blue, and more visible... Furthermore, this is when Dark Star Ori strikes the target : https://imgur.com/QaJzP5j There is a real effect on the strike, which, as a player of Dark Star Orianna, is very satisfying in game and very important. I think there must be something like this in Victorious ! Now I wanted to talk about the W : https://imgur.com/KxbacbW It is quite beautiful at the moment, and to me, better than her others skins. however, i still think it should be more visible, with more gold and blue. The general feeling I have is that the blue on her hair(which is beautiful), should be more present and the colors in general has to be amplified. This is what I mean when I talk about amplifying colors : https://imgur.com/ENUQu3j The E is just awesome, and I feel like there is a REAL contrast between the bright and beautiful color of the E and the VFX of W and Autoattack. I wanted to tell you aswekk that the Q and R effects are simply perfect ! Nothing to change ! Thanks ! :)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Victorious Orianna!
Hi ! Actually I feel like this skin is absolutely gorgeous ! However, I find that the auto attack animation is definitely not enough... I think there must be more like a blue trail or something... It would be hardly better cause this is quite disapointing at the moment... Please try to fix it if you can ! Thanks ;)
: **Edit:** **One of the most agreed upon posts and it's completely ignored, you won't even provide us some numbers as an example or say anything to alleviate any worries. When mage items were initially dumpstered in price and stats the post wrote that you guys were more than willing to change or go back on anything, yet you're just compounding it with more nerfs, after despite near all the feedback saying the nerfs were far too much. Near every topic about it was ignored. Why aren't the hundreds of thousands of games of statistics enough to make you change your minds?!** **Why am I not surprised? The typical Riot "We are always right and we know what is healthy for the game and good for you" attitude continues. Because this game is so much more healthy and fun than it was in Season 4 right? No, it's not. Your model of what efficiency is fair for a mage is absurd and your stubbornness to acknowledge that or your mistakes is best described as disgusting.** **In any other industry this attitude Riot has would lead to instant company failure, but because of the foothold you have and relative lack of competition you just carry on doing whatever you want regardless of the opinions of the customer base; which at best you just get offended at and ignore unless it's something you can easily dismiss in a few lines based on your ideas rather than anything real or proven through thorough testing. Even if your ideas are statistically proven wrong you continue with them and call yourselves "overly correct" or similar insanity instead of ever admitting a mistake.** Original post: Why is AP being so heavily reduced after it was already heavily reduced while the crazy costs are still beyond unreasonable for what they provide? Mana regen removed in exchange for a negligible amount of mana? Why are you guys nerfing mages AGAIN so heavily? None of the mage ratios make sense anymore, they'd have to be dramatically increased at this point to compare to what other classes do. At the cost of 2400 gold for Banshee's tanks now really can ignore mages even if they have no resources. YOUR PRESEASON 6 CHANGES WHICH STAYED MADE LANING SLOWER AND MORE BORING while simultaneously ensuring that ~~tanks~~ any class with Banshee's/Visage can easily 1v1 any mage essentially gimping them. THESE CHANGES ARE GOING TO MAKE LANING EVEN MORE BORING/PASSIVE and make mages worse than trash later in the game. Whatever your intentions might be, which appears to be yet another all-encompassing nerf to mages, you're going to definitely make the laning phase a lot more passive. There's NOTHING in any of those items that's a net gain for mages, those mana amounts cannot possibly compensate for losing mana regen entirely and mage ratios are now a relic of the past which make no sense. CAN WE PLEASE SEE SOME MATH BEHIND THIS?! IN THE PRESEASON YOU GUYS CLAIMED YOU DID A MATH PASS WHEN DUMPSTERING MAGES, SHOW US THAT MATH! I honestly don't believe for a moment that you play mages otherwise you'd know how horrible they feel to play right now, and you'd find out very quickly they're chump change compared to all other classes in the game. I started playing sometime in 2011, with these changes I think I'm actually done after ~5 years, I think that's a wrap, I quit. If you showed anyone the Season 6 changes in S5, which was a disaster itself, they'd think it's a joke. Look up the stats of how many old accounts are going inactive this season, especially after these nerfs go through.
Log On just to up this ! I'm tired of this meta when i see AP ASSASINS BECOME TANK (WTF EKKO ?!) And that's so op ! Please ! An assasin is an assasin AP not a freaking tank who dominate toplane, this item changes are going to ruin the AP Mid and i would be so annoyed cause i main ap mid, Lux mid, lissandra mid, leblanc mid, orianna mid, and even if i can play some on toplane, i don't want. I loved the game when i was in s3/ s4 cause that was more fair. Now, buy HP, buy Armor+Magic resist and take ANY CHAMP NO ONE CARES, Take teemo for example, and GG You won your game ! No, seriously it can't be like this all seson 6, that's just unbelivable. And now, Ekko is going to be nerfed cause he carries toplane, but this champ is pretty fine on mid, just nerf TANK ITEMS or something, not champs, that's not going to change anything in the meta, just destroy a champ. Well, i'm happy that those changes are reverted and i hope it will never appear again ! :)
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Pls... 23 000 and still nothing
: Let it scan, or it will scan even more files when you quit~
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: Yo DwarvenGiant! Unfortunately for clarity reasons adding a particle overlay during her ult isn't an option since the confusion between Bard ult would be a real concern. For context we generally try and keep things very clear on champions that have minimal particles, for Sivir her biggest and most common particles are her auto attacks and her (Q) so we focused our time there. That being said I'll be sure to send your feedback to the skins team to see what's possible.
Just make the ultimate become blue ( the same blue as victorious morg's Q ) that would be awesome ! :D
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Ranked Rewards - Victorious Sivir!
Hey ! Im disapointed about this skin.. To me that's not the best victorious skin at all... There MUST be more effects, more changes compared to her basic skin. Take her E, nothing change exept a bit yellow... This skin is bland, compared to victorious morgana. Please, i saw the feedbacks and a huge majority agree with me, this skin doesn't deserve the title of "Vicotrious" for Gold+, sorry for that. You mush change things, and add very more effects, to me this skin is like a 975RP, and nothing different than other skins. We need to see that it's a gold + skin ! That must be the best skin of Sivir ! The best skin of the year ! Please, make something ! And btw : You MUST add particles on her ultimate, that's very bland :) Thanks :) !
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Slayer Jinx!
Hey ! Really amazing skin ! But please, just ONE thing... Change the ultimate's particles, it does looks like so much to her basic skin... When i see Firecracker jinx, the particles are changed very hard but not on Slayer Jinx, and it's too bad :/ That's the only thing i can ctiricize on this skin, the ultimate's EXPLOSION looks like basic skin with a bit a of pink ^^ Thank you ! Good Job anyway :)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Championship Kalista!
Hey ! I wanna send a feedback to Riot. Please, i hope you will see this comment, i wanna make you a suggestion for Championship Kalista. I would like that you change the particles of the "link" between Championship Kalista and her support ( her passive ). To me, there is many things which looks like to the Classic Kalista skin, for example, her W passive and her "link" . When i see bloodmoon kalista, i find that this skin have really different particles, compared to Championship Kalista who looks too much to her Classic skin. So i hope you will put new particles on the link, something like, blue and golden colors, something beautiful ! And same as her W passive, i saw that you recolored it, but it would be way better with new particles (again just like bloodmoon Kalista). As you can see [here](http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/36/1441298014-kalista-w.png), i made a picture of her 3 W passives. To stay in the championship theme, it would be good to see something like a championship blue cup for her w passive ! :D Well, i hope someone saw my comment and will answer to it ! And by the way, sorry for my english, i'm not english Kappa :) Bye ! A random Kalista main ♥ {{champion:429}}
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Elderwood Bard!
Wtf ? Why no blue ult ? Riot why you do this ? Blue ult is so much better than yellow ult... Riot please, bring back blue ult :c ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=115huoS7p4Q )
: Katarina's new splash art
I agree. The new splash is cool but HER FACE PLEASE ! I hope Riot will see it and will fix it... She looks like a man pls... So bad :/
: BF sword changes
I agree 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% with you but it should be only ONE long sword. :)
: Hey there! It's not that her particles need to stay the same for clarity. Her Heartseeker skin, for example, has a lot of sparkly pink particles, and a pink arrow. A similar discussion regarding 750 RP skins was brought up when we released Sweetheart Annie. We realize that not everyone can afford to (or wants to!) spend 975 RP, 1350 RP, etc., on a new skin for their favorite champion. Some players want all the bells and whistles for a new skin, and others just want them in a different outfit/armor. Creating 750 RP skins is a way for more players to have an opportunity to get a skin for their favorite champion.
You say this but for example; i was really really really sad when i saw Sweetheart annie will not get new particles, she have already some skins at 520 RP and ashe have THREE skins who cost 520 AND her skins who cost 520 have particles changed; look woad ashe, she have green particles ! 3 skins wich cost 520RP have new particles and one skin which cost 750 dont have ... Rito please, just change it ! You miss one big opportunity ! I hope you read this and sorry for my bad english x)
: Yeah but that doesn't mean they will be available *today*, when 5.2 is released. They will be released somewhere during patch 5.2, which is a date closer to Lunar Revel, but not yet 5.3
Oh you think ? :) It's could be very nice to see Firecracker jinx on my Login screen *_______________________*
: Not really. The skin *files* may be on Live, but they are not available yet. That moment will be somewhere way closer to Chinese new year.
It's wrote in the patch notes than the Kata's Nidalee's and Jinx's skins will be avaliable during the patch 5.2 ^^
: Probably because it hasn't started yet? Some google searching tells me that the Chinese new year is on Feb 19th this year. Should start around then, be patient.
It will start in this Patch because there will be Jinx skins and this is for Lunar revel ( with kata and nida )
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: Thanks for the report! We're looking into a fix!
Hey ! There is someting about her CRITICAL Q with rockets ! When i played her, the projectile was exatly the same that the projectile of her critical rocket of her basic skin... Do you understand ? xD I hope you did read this and you will answer :) This skin is so much beautiful, but i just dont understand why her first part of her zap is the same that the basic skin, i hope you'll change it ! :/ Anyway, great job again ! {{champion:222}} Btw, i'm a unicorn


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