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: Just a random thought on Ryze's update.
He really needs his tattoos to stand out more.
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: Gromp can fill in some of the gaps, but Bami's Cinder is the first item to build after the machete upgrade.
I tried it out in a custom with nautilus and It is DEFINITELY helping with clear speeds and how much health I lose to camps. This item is crucial on tank jungle champions.
: I have the same problem, but for me it happens to every champ (fixes itself sometimes). When i choose a long path the line dont show. If a turret is "in the way" of my path the line get shorter or if my path goes through fog of war.
It seems to twitch out a lot too, Randomly changing from showing the line to all the sudden cutting out a huge piece of it.
: Yo Prime Tempest, Not all 975 skins get a full particle set. Particle and sound changes are generally added to 975rp skins if the theme requires them to fulfill the fantasy. That being said I'll be sure to pass your feedback on to the skins team.
Personally, If I was a Xin player, I'd think I'd pony up the 975 for the ultimate BM of making my weapon a briefcase and backing.
: Champion Select Bug
Hasn't happened to me yet, but I'll try it. If anything weird happens, I'll come back. If not just expect that nothing happened from me.
: What are good times to use Bard's R?
I find it really useful to hit it on carries and let the whole team get in position to completely 100-0 them once they come out of stasis.
: Playing Bard is an experience, not just a game.
He looks so fun. I haven't had the pleasure of playing him yet in games against others, but looking at him when I'm playing against him makes me want to buy him. His kit looks extremely well rounded and introduces a brand new mechanic that looks hard to master but very rewarding into the game. Good Job Riot.

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