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: Pool Party Zoe
Hi, my PBE is updating, but does portal jump change colours with chromas? The current colours are a bit ugly for me, and also the part of the pool you use to blow up feels a bit big. Besides those, I love the skin so much, thank you for making this.
: Mana changes coming to PBE today
My only complaint about mana is presence of mind being in precision when mages don't need the additional attack speed... Even it being in domination would feel better.
: [ZOE] Ultimate is weird with indicator :)
Cassiopeia has a range indicator on her W that should be what Zoe's indicator is.
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: Should be playable tomorrow
Is there a specific time that's considered tomorrow? I'm on OCE and I always get confused by this;; {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: We're launching an experimental, PBE-only, modified version of Draft Pick!
Would you consider making a variant of this where it's the same as blind pick but you state your role? I would think that would be best overall imo. Plus if its received well, it could go on live because lagging clients and shouting over roles is such a painful experience and draft takes too long. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}


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