: So the change is that she doesn't provide a **damage reducing** effect on them - not that she can't place Pix on them.
Right, that's better than removing, I've read it wrong then. However, it's a huge part of her kit. Providing a damage reducing effect is crucial to support Lulu as it can deny farm to the enemy carry (make the tower/opposing minions kill the minion instead) and important in fast push compositions like paired with Caitlyn or Sivir. Again, and referring to other game modes, shielding the minions is also very big in the Dominion meta, where they are a huge part of deactivating opposing points. I still think you guys should take a look at her ultimate. Mid lane Lulu can be very frustrating to play against because it's very hard to kill her post-6. Making her ultimate be affected by healing reduction can bring way more counterplay. This is of course ignoring other changes to her, so it might not be necessary at all, as that alone is a huge nerf to her support position to (maybe only count as a healing if it targets herself, something along those lines). Removing the double Q in one E if you have less than 40% CDR would also be a step in the right direction, as it's rare to midlaners invest in more CDR than Chalice. Forcing to consistently take CDR runes or build another item with CDR will tone down her laning phase.
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: According to the Reign of Gaming patch notes, which I haven't been able to confirm myself yet since I'm in class, they've gone and reduced the duration of Help, Pix on enemy cast to 4 seconds. This change destroys Lulu mid to the point that it effectively cannot be played anymore, because it will then be impossible to get that second Glitterlance off (maximum CDR Glitterlance is 4.2 seconds, 1/5 of a second too long for the second cast). This second Glitterlance is a lot of what puts Lulu's damage output on par with other mid laners, especially after the Lich Bane nerfs. The thing is, it's not Help, Pix that's broken. It's Whimsey. The ratio is much too high at 10% AP, and the duration of Polymorph is too long for what it is. I would suggest reducing the ratio to perhaps, say, 3% AP, and making the base movement speed 30/35/40/45/50% to compensate. That way mid Lulu does not get that oppressive movement speed in the mid game (as mid Lulu levels Whimsey last), but it wouldn't hurt her as much if she puts a couple points into it earlier, which a support might be more willing to do. Reducing the polymorph duration on Whimsey to 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2.0 seconds would make it less oppressive as well. I think we can also make Lulu's E a bit more predictable for both Lulu and her opponent. If we make Pix fly to the enemy instead of instantly appearing there, and if we position Pix so that he is always between the enemy and Lulu, then it becomes easier to both dodge and aim Glitterlance, because you know where it's going to be coming from. Also, if Pix had a travel time, then he would not immediately reveal the enemy and it would be possible to predict rather than getting hit with an instant burst of unseen Pix and Glitterlance. Also, Pix could be allowed to cast Glitterlance during the travel for some cool angles and stuff. **W: Whimsey** On ally cast, reduce the AP ratio from10% to, say, 3 or 4%. Make the base movement speed scale to 30/35/40/45/50%, based on spell rank. On enemy cast, reduce the duration of Polymorph to 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds. It could be reduced more if necessary, but this would reduce Lulu's oppressive utility in the mid lane. **E: Help, Pix** Return the duration to either 5 or 6 seconds, so that Lulu is still viable in the mid lane. Give Pix a travel time, and position him so that he is always between Lulu and her target, so that he can be predicted. In short, Riot is attempting to force Lulu out of the mid lane with massive damage nerfs by reducing Help, Pix's duration, which now prevents the casting of a second Glitterlance. What we could do to bring Lulu more in line is nerf her W and change the way that Pix works on her E so that it has more counterplay.
I've posted on another thread, but here are my thoughts. I main Lulu support and Dominion (800+ games), and removing one of her most iconic and useful abilities is just downright bad. If you want to remove her from midline that's fine. Lower her AP ratios, buff base damage to compensate a little, remove the ability to do a double Q with only one E, make her ult count as a heal so Ignite and such can reduce it, etc. Any combination of these, carefully put together, are way better than removing the ability to shield minions, which is essential in her kit since the beginning. I hope it's restored, or else it's just another knee jerk reaction to a problem that doesn't even exist in that regard of her kit.


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