: Xayah and Rakan Feedback Thread
So I just wanted to outline some of my thoughts about Rakan after playing some games on him. Kit: I'll start off by saying, Riot, I think you did a fantastic job on making his kit really fun to play. The mobility combined with the unique feeling of the champion is awesome. Well done! But I want to break it down a bit further. Q: This ability at times, feels similar to bard's q. You feel like the range should be a tad longer, but when it hits it is very satisfying to heal your ally and deal some damage. Overall I like the ability but I feel like it doesn't fit with his kit super well for one reason. He is meant to be a diver from what I understand and it seems like his E ability (the shield) is his bread and butter - and naturally what you'd want to max first - but cant because it makes way more sense to max Q during lane phase for poke and healing but then doesnt transition well into what he really wants to do which is dive the enemies. W: Over all this ability is a lot of fun to use. Good knockup duration, appropriate cooldown, appropriate mana cost. It also adds a lot to his mobility and ability to dive those juicy ADC's. E: Again this ability is great, excellent mobility and peel potential. I really like that the cool down starts ticking after you cast it and before the second cast timer runs out. It allows the cool down to sit ~20 seconds early on and not feel like you never have it available to use. Also mana costs again feel appropriate. This is the ability you'd want to naturally max first, but honestly, you cant because of what the Q provides early on. Which sucks because the Q doesnt add to the Rakan's main strength of diving. My only real negative feedback on this ability is that the range in which you can dash to allies (who aren't his feathery companion) feels pretty small sometimes. I understand this ability could get out of control if you allow a lot of extra range, but it just feels bad to play a champion who is supposed to dash around yet has to get pretty close to allies in order to do it. R: As a support main I love that his ulti can disrupt entire teams and when you successful charm 3 or 4 champs into a small area then cast W to knock them all up; you really feel the power Rakan has. That being said, I'm worried that more often than not, Rakan is going to quickly get killed by charging face first into the enemy team. If he was a top-laner or even a jungler I wouldn't be worried because he could build items to give him that tanky playstyle he needs. The reality is; he is a support. He is going to have Sightstone, control wards, locket, redemption etc in his inventory. Unfortunately he is going to get blown up so often if he tries to dive teams. The other dive heavy support is our cow-friend Alistar. His ulti provides him the utility he needs to w-q onto carries and survive. Rakan simply does not have that provided. I would rather his ult do much less damage, yet gives him added tank stats or giant shield to be able to dive without dying so quickly. Overall, he is SO much fun to play. His utility, his personality, his visuals are all fantastic. I simply believe a few tweaks or changes here and there to make him a little more durable would improve the health of his kit so so much. Let me know what you think and thank you again Riot for such a great champ.
: Post it [here](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/iZB4AK4J-xayah-and-rakan-feedback-thread) instead. Every new champion, skin and other big content has their own bug and/or feedback thread in one of the subboards. It is recommended to place bugs and feedback there.
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: PBE launcher -> upper right corner of the launcher -> "Upgrade now."
I click on "Upgrade Now" and it tells me "youve joined the client upgrade" but nothing happens...
: [Suggestion] Balancing URF Change
I totally agree. The enemy kat got a few kills and just took over the game. Spawn camped us for 10ish minutes until the enemy team decided to end. This made that particular game very un-fun. If everybody scaled with levels/gold at the same rate the game will still be 24/7 action but without the one enemy zed/kat or whoever completely taking over the game. More games will be evenly paced and A LOT more fun. This will also give people more willingness to play other champs than the handful "super op" champs ({{champion:114}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:55}}.
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