: d/c'd in a game during the last server close. Can't rejoin. :(
you guys dont need to delete any files to fix this. Just open your task manager and end everything related to league. That fixes it for me every time this happens
: The reason why it's bad to get XP is that it lowers the amount of rounds that you are level 3 & 4 so it is even harder to get 1gold 3star units (that was already harder after the increased drop rate of 2/3golds, and decrease of 1golds). It also makes it more random what round you need to roll and you can almost never wait for after krugs (to see what items you get that might influence your decision on what 1golds to go for). (One trick that has been pointed out to me is that sometime you can just leave the loot boxes on the ground, but from my limited experience sometimes that doesn't work as you LL flies past them when moving to another arena and picks them up...)
Didn't think to leave the loot on the ground. Good idea! You normally only see exp in the first few drops anyway... so skipping the first one might be a good idea
: PBE Game still in progress but not starting
Just got the same issue trying to get into a TFT Match. Multiple attempts in restarting the client don't help
: Bloodthirster not working
Can confirm. Saw this issue as well
: It's the dragon buff, it only happens if you have aurelion sol and shyvanna, and only this units.
reading perk descriptions of game mechanics is overpowered
: [Force Of Nature] - Dupes items and itself, Allows multiple placed units
And yet... get into a game, and the ONLY way to “compete” right now is by using it. To me, this “bug” seems somewhat intentional from the devs so they can do a “freelo” climb into a secluded ranked bracket. The “duped” BF swords have a different item description and appearance. I see this... and I think about the “mew glitch” from Pokémon Red/Blue. It cries out “deliberate process”
: cant join in game error conection
: I'm not sure about it being that limited, I've seen quite a lot of champions but there are some that I don't think I've seen at all (anyone seen {{champion:518}}or{{champion:34}} ?)
seen em both multiple times. It's all about what people want to use after they've RR'd
: Chests for 1 BE
Maybe boosts can be worth some amount of BE... since we continue to earn.
: PBE down?
yup, i can't even log in. Got stuck on a "skip waiting for stats" and then it didn't let me start another game. Then when i restarted, it was like "you've reverted to an older version" EDIT: i'm back in now
: [BUG] After One for All game, client still says "In a game"
I got this too. But it's not just happening in All For One, it was happened to me for a normal game yesterday
: His splash and new character icon are too similar looking to WW, instead of going for a blue tint and feral look: use green and soften some of the facial looks.
I agree. Nasus is lookin waaay too purple. Riot, put the green back into Nasus, please.
: Nasus is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
The Nasus Selection Queue VO isn't enunciated well at all. At least clean up the word "cycle".......cuz that doesn't sound like it should at all.
: New Vision Changes on the PBE (10/31/2013)
The selection queue voice for Nasus sounds like its either saying "The Thycle of Lythe and Death Continue" or "The Fycle of Life and Death Continue". It should be enunciated better


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