: Update: You should be able to queue up now. LMK if you still aren't able to! Make sure you jump out of lobby to refresh or even relog if that doesn't work first try.
We love you so much porosite ;* {{champion:28}}
: can i add u and play together?
we have a full lobby, sorry :/
: Taking a look
: We would appreciate if any rioter can say some info about this problem or just how much time we have to wait until is fixed.{{sticker:sg-janna}}
Actually a Rioter reply that he is taking a look into this problem, just hang on for a little ;)
: I have noticed that too!
It actually means you, it's on all servers, go try it :D
: When I first joined, the honor system wasn't even implemented. And I'm sure there are _tons_ of accounts that joined prior to that. Regardless, there's flaming and afk's every single game. I've made tons of reports for people flaming and being toxic, and I've never gotten a notification about anyone being banned. So, unless that feature is broken on PBE, nothing has ever been done about it, and since it's consistently an ongoing and noticeable issue its easy to assume the latter. ALSO, the general mentality appears to be "this is PBE, no one cares" and that definitely seems to be the case. where did you get the information about people losing pbe accounts? *could also just be an urf thing. random people here just for the gamemode, and random chinese people
Well, isn't it kind of.. self-explanatory? If you need honor 3 to get onto PBE (aka not be toxic) then to stay on PBE you also can't be toxic. I dont know, sounds correct in my opinion.
: Queue not starting (players not ready)
Guys, we were just talking in lobby chat, on how Riot should add a new game mode, even more terrific than URF is. How about the sound of One for All: URF? Make this post big, lets discuss this. Riot Porosite, you better reply to this thought aswell!
: pbe community is especially awful. Frequently flamed for saying anything in chat the bug community is pretty cool tho
Actually, you cant be toxic on PBE, you literally need honor 3 to get into PBE in the first place and pretty sure if you flame, you wont get chat restricts, you will immediately lose your pbe account.
: And they say League community is bad haha
Nah, in fact it is probably one of the most nice communities, it's just that people doing amateur mistakes, makes people angry. And people being angry, makes people to amateur mistakes.
: {{sticker:sg-lulu}} you said fixed in a couple of minutes. and im just having a bit of fun with you. no disrespect intended
I know you ain't disrespecting, we good bro ;) I'll add you on PBE, let's play together.
: Is Senna Lucians wife? Sister? and will she be in que as if it were xayah and rakan duo?
Wife. Actually that would be an amazing idea, if they had a unique thing with Lucian, like Rakan and Xayah, possibly even add Thresh to the equation maybe?
: Taking a look
See, what did I tell you all, a couple of minutes ;)
: True, especially with the new game modes they already released. This is probably not their priority {{summoner:52}}
PBE is always Riot's top priority. We are like mice, we can be used in their favor but we get nothing in return, or maybe I should say.. we get 3000RP a day in return :)
: {{sticker:sg-shisa}} or the next couple of hours
In fact, knowing Riot and how they do stuff, it will most likely be really quick, especially in PBE. After all they want us to test things before it gets out on live servers, so I doubt they will push this problem away and possibly fail at something. Also I am kindof predicting that Senna is gonna come on PBE, because of the random update that came out of nowhere and made everyone disconnect from the game and crashed the client. This in return means that they wanted to apply the update to everyone, like in case of a patch update or possibly a new champ, that they are teasing so furiously ;). {{champion:236}}
: Queue not starting (players not ready)
At this point, I am pretty sure it's a global problem. I guess we just have to wait, Riot will probably fix this in the next couple of minutes.


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