: Yuumi changes are bad, don't encourage defensive play on her.
Its completely insane they think removing her mana back on her passive is good for her/the game. Just insane...
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Prestige Edition!
Oh boy that hair in the splash does... not look good idk it may just be me but I liked the longer hair WAAAAY more
: Hello again everyone! After considering your feedback and talking together as a team, we have decided to make a price adjustment to the Variants. PBE is always a forum for us to respond to your feedback. This is especially important when we’re trying out new products. We put a lot of thought into the 30% discount: including running player labs, number-crunching, and looking at the effort our artists put into the skins. We still believe in the value of these skins. That said, we hear you: 30% feels bad. So we’re changing it. Both Eclipse Leonas and Pajama Guardian Variants will be discounted now at 45% if you own the other one. So, if you own one Eclipse Leona, the other will cost 1001 RP (2821 RP for both). If you own one Star/Pajama Guardian, you’ll get its counterpart for 742 RP (2092 RP for both) Again, thanks for your feedback on this one. It matters, and we appreciate it.
: Rengar Changes Feedback Thread
Is the bonus for winning the hunt still lame?
: We discussed it again, and will be leaving them as is.
Please reconsider, they’re really the only big thing wrong with the skin at this point.
: Comparing Riven's and Yassuo's skins I noticed Yasuo's particles and their textures are already flashy from the start and don't build up to anything like Riven's does,Riven builds up the epic feeling of transforming and going super saiyan or something and earns even better particles suiting her transformation better. Basically I am saying Yasuo needs an actual transformation that lasts longer and looks better and builds up the flashy particles. Here is my proposal: He should have a permanent transformation progression based on what LV his ult is to end up looking epic like when he is in his recall,and less flashy particles based on what form he is in to ramp up to his original ones. I know he has some kind of effect or glow after he presses r on someone and gets the pen passive with crits but it doesn't look nearly good enough as the recall form and it doesn't last long at all. So yea I have a feel most people will like this and I strongly endorse you do this change. I don't know how you rate skins on rarity but I think this can still be called a legendary after these changes since you need to ramp up the good look,think of it as starting with a 975 skin,then a 1350 skin,finally the 1820 legendary skin with the epic recall transformation and all the flashiness of particles. This might be some extra work of designing and making the new assets but PLEASE think about it. Its totally gonna be worth it at the end. If you endorse this idea as well then please give dis comment a like so we get noticed. Edit: It just came to me...this skin would be amazing as a chroma project! Imagine all the verities of colored flames(blue and white plz) and transformations along side my suggestion it would have...I bet if you made this skin with my suggestion and made chromas for it...it would sell better then...dare I say it? PROJECT:Yasuo Edit 2: I checked and Rivens R form also lasts 15 seconds so I might be wrong on it being short but the final form needs to be the one from the recall.
Totally logged in just to upvote this! You can't have something as cool and absolutely badass as the final form when you recall and then not let us use it end game! PLEASE RIOT take this idea and use it! My suggestion would be during the armor pen part is active from the ult (after you ult on the base skin it glows blue) make the blade on fire or glowing a real firey red to not confuse it with a q or something like that. Please figure out a way to do this though Riot we NEED that final form to be playable!
: To follow up with your feedback; * Which specific attack animation in Yasuo's basic attack cycle do you feel is different? * What specifically do you think we changed in those animations?
actually was my bad, i had no AS in my runes on PBE vs what im used to on live so that's why it felt slow.
: [Assassins] Rengar Feedback Thread
any plan on giving the rest of rengar's spells new icons to match his new q
: Feedback Wanted! - Changes to Base Yasuo's Attack Animations
just played, feels way slower and clunky. pls change back.
: I'm not a Yasuo main by any means, but I thought the general consensus amongst players was that PROJECT: Yasuo WAS the problem with animation rather than the other ones. Speaking from personal experiences playing him, I avoid PROJECT: Yasuo like the plague despite his awesome visuals due to having what I feel are by far the clunkiest animations, ESPECIALLY in the base attack animation. The amount of times I have accidentally cancelled the attack animation too early and effectively cancelled the whole AA drove me insane and I decided instead to use other skins who have faster animations. While I understand having a blade deal damage when it's midway to its target doesn't make much sense, it does allow for a relatively easy way to see whether your cancelling animation worked or not. However, I'll withhold my judgement of this change until I get a chance to play it for myself when the patch comes out. I'll add an EDIT: below once I try it.
yup it's atrocious, i hate PROJECT and refuse to use it. it's far too clunky.
: I'm pretty scared of these changes if I'm honest... I'm pretty sure that the general consensus amongst avid Yasuo players is that PROJECT: Yasuo skin is the **worst** skin in terms of how it feels. I don't play Yasuo too often, but when I do I think he's really fun and enjoyable. He's swift and feels crisp in his movements, however with the PROJECT skin something just feels 'wrong'. It feels clunky in it's animations, and for me personally my performance plummets when using it. Even if the other skins are a lot more incorrect in their animations, they still **feel** a lot more smooth and actually feel good to use. The thought of having everything adjusted to PROJECT is... scary... Of course, can't make final judgments just yet since the changes haven't been pushed and aren't testable yet, but since you want feedback, I thought I'd already express my concerns ahead of time. I have faith in you guys, but please do pay attention to (useful) feedback in this case. The whole situation with PROJECT Yasuo vs his other skins has always been a tricky subject imo. Animations are such a precise thing that a lot of people might not even care, but for fast paced champions like Yasuo & players who enjoy fully optimizing their champs it can make all the difference. If things don't work out, even if it's just some slight animation changes, it might be incredibly off-putting to a lot of Yasuo players, so please be wary of that. Either way, let's see how they turn out. Looking forward to it!
PROJECT is awful i have something like 180k mastery on yas and i can say i avoid PROJECT at all costs, shit animations on it and clunky as hell
: Feedback Wanted! - Changes to Base Yasuo's Attack Animations
oh no no no no no no no no no no. make PROJECT: Yasuo's animations the same as Base, not the other way around guys cmon. PROJECT feels TERRIBLE i refuse to use the skin because it's clunky feeling. DONT KILL YASUO
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Championship Riven 2016!
: seems maybe dumb but, to me the crown and particle in game are enough for that, while the border could be a line thing. I like consistency, like when they add the first strike border for yasuo so he isn't alone in that line, border to all "first strike" championship skin sounds good to me
: If we got the Championship skin at worlds 2 years ago would those that got it there as well get the Loading screen and Crown?
id imagine anyone who owns her now will
: I see what your getting at but i think riot decided that the 5 champion splash was enough because there is one for every lane adding Yasuo would look a bit weird as where would he go in game unless they added Hexa Kill back. I think they more based the splash on the in game lanes so Yasuo would be out of place. Also i'm sure they will most likely do something with him and the rest later just not for now.
they could just give yas something, he's getting nothing from this whole project thing. you can also switch zed with yas in the team comp.
: Initializing PROJECT First Strike & PROJECT Sync
This is real cool and all but does the skin team basically say "F*** Yasuo he may share the theme and price as the others but he gets nothing" kinda bs to be honest first he gets left out of the icons and now this. You guys are basically tossing him to the side like a peice of trash. Yasuo is the original member I get it but look at the pentakill skins, you updated those with release of the album. I feel you guys should give yas some love. I love the Yasuo skin but he feels so out of place.
: We don't have plans to change the colors in regards to particles for these skins. Green is actually a really difficult color to work with in terms of particles due to colorblind issues.
true.... hmm blue for yasuo/lucian then? :D
: Project Yasuo
i think they should change his particles to blue, to better match yasuo.
: Is it possible to have the World Order dance for every new PROJECT skin?
this is the only time i'd rather them leave yasuo alone, i love his flute in his skin.
: Color of PROJECT Master Yi and Lucian
yi has to be blue unless they change meditate vfx for clarity reasons
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: First Impressions: - The model looks really good, I love the contrast between the teal jacket and the orange particle effects. - It feels like Lucian and the PROJECT skin works extremely well with him. - Every abilities feels impactful, including the sound effects. - The recall and spawn animation is sooo smooth and it has Lucian's personality into it. - Nothing feels buggy at the moment. Quick question, what made the team decide that Lucian should represent the color orange? Since there is Yasuo and Yi, should Lucian have different color particles like teal or blue? Just wondering!
Was just about to say this give either yasuo or Lucian blue and yi green or something
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Yi
I think his color should be changed, yasuo already has orange... Yi should get green and Lucian blue or something.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Optic Enhancer Ward
You guys should make it change color dependent on what PROJECT skin you're using :D
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Gentleman Gnar!
: I agree that it looks odd, but I disagree that they should change it. I think it is cute.
his big form has a second so i don't see why his mini does not
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Gentleman Gnar!
give him his second tooth in little form please, it looks odd without it
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: SSW Championship Skins!
: Ravager Nocturne is too bright after Texture Update
: Aahhh, can't do that cause that's Mario's :D
> Aahhh, can't do that cause that's Mario's :D Aww okie :c I just thought red fit mf better due to her hair on her classic
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Miss Fortune!
: Skins splash small update coming to PBE
please give nightmare {{champion:31}} his chinese splash :D and classic {{champion:19}} his chinese splash :D
: RIOT can you leave old Pharaoh {{champion:75}} splash art and change his Galactic {{champion:75}} splash art, that is only art that realy need's to change in this list, everything else is good
> RIOT can you leave old Pharaoh {{champion:75}} splash art and change his Galactic {{champion:75}} splash art, that is only art that realy need's to change in this list, everything else is good i agree the reason i bought his pharoh for his splash mostly
: Night Hunter Rengar
yay, i hope you give him his beard and mane back too, and i agree if you gotta upgrade it to 1350, do it.
: If hes stroking the air then he probably needs updated animations for that model. Otherwise he would definitely need it back.
he does the same thing in headhunter, go check it out
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