: it even could have the same particles before the bomb apears, like a flirring in the air.
Seems Riot doesn't really care one way or the other what fits a character since they're going through with the lobbing particle effect anyways. Can't say I'm surprised, just disappointed.
: Zilean 5.4 changes (discussion and known bugs)
My only real complaint here is that Zilean shouldn't be *lobbing* bombs anywhere. He's a *time mage* not some mundane noobtuber. He should be ***conjuring*** these things, bending time itself into unstable constructs meant only to blow his enemies away! My suggestion is to get rid of the lobbing animation and have the location in which he places his bombs warp and distort before the bomb actually appears, somewhat similar to the way Syndras Q functions. Though make sure said distortion still maintains a time motif, so that it still feels purely Zilean.


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