: Long queue time(can't find a match)
: blue facing backwards
: Shop - Manamune Appears twice
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: Ekko
Ekko's way is tank not anything like ap so they cant nerf any of his abilities if they nerfed one of them no one will play the champ anymore!
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: Logging in on another pc
you can just send a ticket to riot that you have changed your pc thats it but i think u need to tell them more!!
: Even with the download link, you won't be able to log in unless we've sent you an email invite directly.
u mean just with your link i can download it right? sorry about this post ok im very sorry riot
: Sorry to hear that. I wonder if anyone else has the same problem.
i just deleted pbe and redownloaded everything looks fine
: [League client update] Briefly visiting the PBE for a pre-alpha tech test *Ended Mar 22*
: thanks for helping i will try !!
: It seems that some assets are missing. Try repairing your client. Open the LoL launcher -> Click [?] -> Click Repair.
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: Not a bug. Your client is on 6.5, otherwise you would not be able to launch. That "6.4 patch notes" is just news stuff you can ignore. 6.5 patch notes are not out yet. You can check the actual patch you're on in one of the left corners of the login screen or the client home screen.
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: You can't. Everything that needs testing will be available for IP.
but there are the hextech and many others just with rp like i cant just buy them/////and i just saw some pbe streamers they have like 999999 ip and 999999 rp how that could be?? and btw thanks for ur comment man
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: Can't get into a game
pbe is for testing and many others like fun{{item:3001}}
: How Can i get a low ping in na pbe servers please help fast[PLEASE HELP ME RIOT]
is there any file like wtffast can lower my ping tried wtffast it dont work for pbe so i cant do anything ?? im so sad{{item:3070}} thanks by the way :(
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