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: Bug When kill Someone and he Shutdown take 0 Gold.
I think this is a chat bug, though feel free to prove me wrong with some sort of video clip of the kill not granting Shutdown gold. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: New Player Profile Overview Bug Thread
Reposting this here for visibility, since I didn't notice there was a thread for the new profile as a whole > A lot of people are distasteful at the new profile for a variety of reasons, and there are various ways on how to fix this or improve on it to make everyone happy > > 1) Make it so if you don't have certain things (like a rank, Clash trophy or banner) that they aren't visible slots until you have one. > > Having an empty slot on a profile that is supposed to recognize your achievements sucks. People like having a look and seeing all their slots fill in and Clash isn't going to be easy to play for everyone. I can put together a team of 5 if need be with some extra digging but some people either don't have access/the want to access these communities or they don't have the interest to play Clash as a mode. This means that a large portion, if not the majority of the playerbase will not have "complete" looking profiles once this change comes out, even when Clash becomes an available mode on live servers. To combat this, make it so that instead of it being blacked out, that it should be hidden from the profile and replaced with character mastery. Heck, even scattering them out if you don't want to make multiple layouts would be more than enough to combat this change > > 2) Allow the banner on the left to represent equipped banner/other factors. > > The banner on the left side of the profile seems to be a way to take up space on the profile, when this isn't necessary and takes a large portion of the profile away from actual custom options. I don't have a source but I believe the person who designed this new profile said that the left banner is completely unrelated to the equippable clash banner. When compared to the old profile (where the banner would display underneath the player icon/level border) this seems like a weird change, and the banner on the left should change with the banner that is currently equipped. While some people would like the banner gone completely, especially those who won't be able to customize them, a good compromise would be for the banner to take up less space and make it match the primary colour of the background the person has selected. Having a green banner when using a skin like Vandal Brand doesn't exactly fit too well, so having it possibly be a red/orange colour instead of the green would make the most sense. > > 3) Give the option to show honor level > > Having that blank space for so long is a distraction from the profile and seems like a useless feature outside of reminding people which honor they have. There should be at least the option to show or hide the honor level on the profile instead of it being hidden for everyone. I don't mind if people know I'm honor level 1 on live, and I think a majority of players who have gotten a ban like that won't really care either, but if you fear this may be a problem for trolling or other discrimination based on honor rank, allow the player to show or hide their honor as they choose. > > These are only some tentative changes that could be made to improve the profile that I can think of, but keeping these in mind would help benefit the player consensus of the new profile layout.
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