: Swain's Portuguese VO
I agree; the teaser voice sounds much darker with a more calculated and slow cadence while the ingame voice just sounds like it's rushing through the lines. Still enough "gravel" in the voice that I'd think it wouldn't seem out of place though.
: wich lane is zoe ?
I'll give you riot's answer straight from the bio... Zoe is.
: Adaptive Stats vs Dark Seal
Katarina and akali mains, come! We need your testing!
: The Problem with Zoe's W
I actually like that she is forced to burn the spell. It forces her to think whether a shard is a good pickup. It makes it easy for you to see when she is at her weakest, like if she picks up a shard she can't reliably use on you (regular smite being an example). If she picks up the wrong shard, she has to make potentially suboptimal decisions so she can restore the w. I honestly see this as her strongest counterplay.
: Project Vayne - Make the HUD alteration during her ult a(n) (switchable) option
I agree with the ability to toggle hud alterations. I've felt this same way with eve when she's in camo; it throws me off when the hud "closes in" and sounds become dulled. I like how it fits the assassin thematic, but I can see how it could be distracting for some players.
: PROJECT//: Overcharge game mode - coming soon to PBE!
But... But... Botlane Ziggs...{{champion:115}} JK, it sounds like an awesome game mode. Lucian is going to dominate. Also sounds like draven gets a project skin. Because what's more futuristic than throwing axes at people?
: Nope could u tell me please xD?
https://discord.gg/s5qR8Kt Welcome friend! :)
Yeah, the more I look at this thread the more I agree. I'm sad too that I didn't get to test her yet, but I'm totally on board with why she might need to be disabled for so long.
: Creating a Home for the Community. :)
Are you aware of our already existing PBE discord?
: ***
Please Leave. Viper is excited to share Zoe with others. There is no rank shaming here.
: [PSA] about ZOE being disabled and people crying "How much time it takes to fix a bug"
Wow this thread... This is possibly the most complex champion to implement that riot has ever taken on. She has to pass a distance check to see whether item drops are enabled, scan for summs and item uses then spawn a new unit (and each item and summoner spell would have to be a distinct unit in the game...) and then test to make sure that the units are actually granting the intended effect. There's literally hundreds of possible interactions and use sequences to consider. I'll personally be amazed if she's fixed this morning.
: Zoe and star guardians
Even so, I think it's a natural place to go when looking at future skins. Another obvious one would be the super galaxy skin line.

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