: Played a couple of games in Practice tool and have a couple of comments: Overall I love the Aphelios' kit, easy to pick up, but a lot of potential to learn combos/interactions between weapons to use them more effectively. 1) I agree with a lot of people here that the model does not resemble the splash. Shoulders feel too wide, Aphelios looks a lot younger/thinner on the splash than the actual model suggests. I would suggest to tone down the bright turquoise of the clothes, maybe make it a more blueish hue to resemble the colours in the splash. Would also change the Severum model to a more aggressive red, when off-hand on the back of the model the tip looks like a weird pink glowing tentacle... 2) My main question/feedback is this: Any weapon's Q will consume mana/10 ammo according to the description, however, currently you can use the Q with less than 10 ammo left for the main weapon. This leads to you being able to use off-hand weapon Q, switch to main weapon and use the Q with less than 10 ammo left, gain a new main weapon and use the third Q consecutively. Is this expected behavior? I would disable the Q if the weapon has less than 10 ammo left, forcing the player to pay close attention to ammo and use it strategically. It just seems weird that you can use a skill without meeting the resource numbers for it. 3) Severum Q animation when moving is a bit clunky and with high attack speed.
I have to disagree with your second point. Currently all weapons exept for Gravitum can be cycled by Q, restricting that removes a lot of agency and reliablility. Sound really frustrating to count every shot and makes the marker on the side completley useless.
: AR Poroking ruins the fun
The game mode currently feels like ARAM with extra steps. Being able to pick your champions was what set them apart ever since Riot implemented Snowball in ARAM. However with the only difference being your summoner spells it will not draw enough interest.
: Hello! Glad to hear he isn't too unapproachable, we've been worried about that :P Which abilities did you notice not proc'ing rageblade?
No secondary fire from Q or Ult stack Rageblade. This is especially notable on Calibrum, since its follow up attacks interrupt the normal auto-attack chain. On-hit effects are working fine, except for Calibrum follow up attacks, those proc on-hit effects twice.
: Aphelios PBE Thread
Interresting champion for sure, however his entry level seems to be fairly low, since he plays similar to other adcs. As for bugs: Additional attacks from abilities do not proc Rageblade. High amounts of Chakram stacks leed to performance issues.
: Nimbus cloak interaction with teleport and the inhibitor
Furthermore Nimbus Cloak triggers on a canceled Hexflash
: Visual and Sound Effect updates to Jarvan, Lee Sin, Veigar and Vi
On those Veigar VFX, i really like the Form and Impact they have. The only complain lies in the colour palette, the purple somehow does not fit the blue of base Veigar. I hope you can turn it more in to a blue-black colour scheme.
: Newnu Feedback From A Nunu Main
Snowball seems to calculate every speedboost you gain during the entire Duration on top of the maximum speed. (Skuttle, Shurelya's, Righteous Glory, etc.)
: W glitch
Not a glitch afaik, if your close to the snowball collision you're knocked back.
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: Alright, this bug seems quite awesome. I was able to get 2 flashes, however i was not able to bug out both slots. Can you please add me on discord (@Grabi/Fandiril#0420)? Have a nice day! :)
To bug both slots, replace the second one when Flash in the first one is off cd, then use the Flash of the first Slot. Sadly i don't have discord set up. Have fun with it.
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: Some more Open Spellbook bugs
Update on the new iteration of Open Spellbook Everything has been fixed exept for: Replacing Smite at one charge grants a charge. new: A replaced Hexflash alway goes on 20 seconds Cooldown. Hexflash works with Unsealed Spellbook without having Flash and weird things happen: After using a replaced Flash the Slot become Hexflash. This Hexflsh is not interrupted by combat (or damage). Hexflash will stay until Flash recharges, to be replaced by it! Replacing Hexflash and using that Summoner will enable the original Summoner , until Flash is of cd again.
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: Doesn't seem like rageblade stack properly with blade surge, though it should proc on-hits
Rageblade does not proc her passive either
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: Oh hey these are helpful - do you know which wrong texts they were? EDIT: Yup super helpful, we didnt have the Aery/Zeke's one yet.
I made a report regarding the texts via the tool days ago, just put it in here as i encountered it wednesday once again. I wasn't able to reproduce it today, so i seems to be fixed already.
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
During my time on pbe with runes, most Bugs i have found have already been fixed, probs to that. 2 still remain: 1. Tethering Zeke's Convergens to a new target triggers Aery. 2. When playing in different game modes, sometimes wrong Rune-Switch-Texts are displayed.
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: RIOT may I have your attention please. Dark Harvest keystone gonna ruin the game !
If you think it's busted in normal games, play a Aram game. I went to 700 stacks once on Irelia, fun times.
: Perfectionist confuses me- who exactly is it for?
Master Yi, Yasuo, Jax all those meele dps can use it. It's okay on adc's, while lethal Tempo is pretty much adc only, so more of a Generalist.
: I REALLY need some answers about Aery xD Aery seems to have NOT a fixed cooldown, but is based on her...him? It?!...whatever....going back to you, but, can you explain this better pls. I didn't used Aery actually but when i saw her ( i will suppose is a famale) being used it felt so strange. Se has not a cooldown, but you can't go back to her and pick her up like Orianna's ball when you want, so actually, she has a sort of internal cooldown, also she seems pretty slow sometimes, and it's....i dunno, it seems all so random, can i have some better description of how it works (im gonna try it out soon anayway... this patch is just taking years for some reasons xD). The ida of having this sort of companion and playing around it seems really cool (like, going back to where she is to pick her up and "refund the coodown" and stuff like that), but actually, it's just seems another way to add a fixed cooldown in a pretty cluncky way instead. I repeat, i just saw someone playing Aery (and like, some weeks ago, so...) so i'm here to have asnwers about how that keystone works.
When you trigger her, she stays on target for 2 seconds, then returns. I think her basic MS is 350 or so, but it inceases over time.You can pick her up if she is moving.
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Dark Harvest Needs to be nerfed in aram. I just played a game with kayn, dark harvest dealt 9k damage to Champions, thats about 1/3 of my total damage done.
: Except they can't proc it multiple times, what are you on about? When you proc PtA, it has a downtime for 6 seconds. After you get 3 autos on an enemy champion, you deal a relatively small amount of damage and that enemy champion takes 12% more dmg from all sources for 6 seconds. **DURING THOSE 6 SECONDS PTA STACKS CANNOT BE APPLIED AGAIN.** They can be applied again only after 6 seconds or on a new target, which is kinda dumb {{champion:81}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:236}} and {{champion:6}} are cucked by this change. This rune is much worse in a 1v1 or a 2v2 (adc+support) situation most of the time, it's better in teamfights, but ADC role was NEVER about buffing your team and leading them into battle with more damage. I don't want to buff my maokai to deal 12% more damage. As an egoistic ADC, I want everything to myself, that's how this role has always worked. Sure, ADCs have Lethal Tempo. But you're basically forced to pick it then, when Riot said that they want to achieve strategic approach to picking your playstyle and runes every game. Yeah, guess I'll be picking Lethal Tempo every game, what a strategic approach. My only strategic approach will be choosing between Coup De Grace and that tank killing one rune, depending on the enemy comp, that's it. You did explain your point and did some math, and I can respect that, but ultimately you didn't take into account that PtA has a downtime, which makes it worse than it was in your opinion. Much worse. As I already said, just revert the change and make it so stacking that rune with each stack is harder. Or add a cap...
PtA might seem a bit boring, but even with the downtime it's not that bad. Let's take an adc with 1000 dps, 1.66 attacks, 600 damage on average Over a 7.5 second window we have: PtA: 6000 x 0.12 + 120 = 840 damage LT: 0.5 x 600 x 6 = 1800 damage Now Lethal Tempo will go on cooldown, PtA will not. Over 17.5 sec PtA will deal about 840 x 2.4=2016 damage and buff your allies. Of course the teamfight might be over at that Point, but usually teamfights last about 15 seconds.
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
About Kleptomancy, would it be possible to store vision items in the trinket slot? Kleptomancy's use later in the game is questionable, but placing a ward at your Enemy's feet is just stupid.


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