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: Snow ARURF: Not a fan of limited champions.
Limited champions to choose from, and of those champions, you can't pick / ban which ones you want, VERY fun. /s
: Snow AR URF
I thought to myself, "How can Riot manage to ruin urf more than they already have?" Then this comes out.
: > RIOT BANFHAMMER: I'm opposed to going in and changing draft pick so that you can't ban AND you can choose mirror champions, because that's a lot of code and configuration changes exclusive to PBE, and code changes on PBE get shipped to live. It would be a mess. [Source](
Well it looks like riot liked that idea cause that's how it is. No bans, just roles and picks. Not that hard apparently.
: thank you for bringing draft pick back
I had to make sure I was on the PBE when I clicked play, wasn't sure if I was dreaming or not lmao.
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