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I think that Aphelios' current channel time he has when switching weapons feels clunky and is not optimal for a character like him that's got no mobility. It's a nuisance when you're trying to make plays as you have to keep an eye out since if you're low on ammo (10 or less), after using your main weapon's ability and wanting to make a quick switch to the off-hand one, Aphelios instead will take his time creating a new gun while you're probably spamming your 'switch weapons' button only ending up with the new summoned one when you think he should have switched it already, and it disrupts the flow and probably messes up your combo. Very often I ended up being confused and after eventually switching to the weapon I wanted I would go back to the new weapon and switch back to the desirable one, losing time and missing out on the kill, or potentially getting myself killed. Eventually I've learnt to keep an eye out so I know that when my ammo is low and if I'm about to switch to the off-hand weapon I have to press 'switch weapon' after the new weapon has been summoned already, so I don't lose the track and control of what I'm about to do. My suggestions are: 1) make the channel time scale with his auto-attack speed, if possible. I think the main problem is that currently it's taking too much time and all you can do during that is to move around, and it's taking longer than his AA window (the time between his AAs) so it feels like a disadvantage. I found it frustrating and unnecessary to have to look at my ammo and after that look at channel duration, so when I press 'switch weapons' he actually does it, because if you press it during the channel, he won't; 2) make it so when you press 'switch weapons' during the channel, you automatically switch them when the channel ends (so there's a little queue) I hope I explained well, but here's an example: I have Severum in my main hand and Crescendum is my off-hand weapon. I have 10 or less ammo left on Severum, so I decide to use Severum's ability so it buffs Crescendum and then I want to switch to Crescendum and keep attacking with it. That's my plan. So what I want to do is to press Severum's ability and then press 'switch weapons', so I have Crescendum as my main weapon, but what happens instead is that after using up all of Severum's ammo Aphelios starts to summon a new weapon, and during that time I press 'switch weapons' because I want to attack using Crescendum. What used to happen very often is that I would just start attacking with the new summoned weapon, being confused, then press 'switch weapons' and press it again and then having to press it again, due to being lost. After I've realised what kept on happening I've learnt to wait for Aphelios to summon the new weapon first, and then switch to the weapon I wanted, but, as I said, it feels like a nuisance and something that could be tweaked to make fighting with Aphelios more fluid and intuitive, something I think this and probably every champion needs. He doesn't have much mobility or an ability that would allow him to easily escape so of course I'd want to try to keep my attention on the battlefield instead of the channel time. Thank you for your attention!

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